A Military Reader Says America Doesn't Need Immigrants To Fill The Armed Forces
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Re: Washington Watcher II’s Article Democrats Want To Legalize Illegals To Serve In The Military

From: Spirit of the Fighting 69th [Email him]

The ”parliament of whores” is at it again,  and it’s just as insane as it was ten years ago when they tried it.  With few veterans in Congress most of the members have no idea of how, or even why, the armed forces operate, and their personal staffs are mostly twenty-somethings hired for low wages and lower judgment. Having had to interact with them I found talking to the wall more useful. While wrapping themselves in the flag, they were abysmally ignorant of defense matters. Sad to say the top levels of the services are ”woke” sycophants who care more about their posteriors than patriotism. Trump’s mistake was not firing the whole lot of Obama’s appointees to flag rank, including those he later elevated to even more senior positions and who then objected to defending the border or suppressing riots with troops.

Having lowered the educational standard for enlisting, the services now want to bring in illiterate foreigners to fill the ranks Army Drops Requirement for High School Diploma Amid Recruiting Crisis, by Steve Beynon, Military.com, June 2022].

The border jumpers have limited or no English proficiency nor do they have the skills needed to operate sophisticated equipment. How on earth can they be vetted for security clearances when there’s no means of tracking where they came from?  Back in 2012 I wrote:

When your own citizens won’t sign up it’s a sign your policy is wrong. Hiring foreigners to do the job citizens won’t is a sign of decadence. Recruits with zero or limited English [has] ”the making of an Italian cruise ship disaster

[A Military Reader Points Out That Giving Dream Act Citizenship To Illegal Soldiers Just Takes More Jobs Away From Americans]

One of the keys to Rome’s downfall was replacing citizens with foreigners. Americans aren’t joining because of the feminization of the military, its celebration of homosexuality, and Critical Race Theory, i.e., hate whitey. Why defend a country hated by its own leadership?

Foreigners can, however, with no real loyalty to the nation, be used against Americans. Is that the Biden plan when Americans wake to their own displacement?

Of course, if you need bodies, there’s always the draft, but that might bring in real Americans.

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