A Florida Reader Writes From The Pinellas County—The “Black Youths Stealing Cars” Capital Of America
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From: Florida Observer [Email him]

On August 7, 2017, the Tampa Bay Times actually published photos of three male teens who had died in a car they had stolen and driven at speeds in excess of 100mph. [Three more teens die in plague of car theft] This took place in infamous Pinellas County, Florida, where in 2015 a total of 499 arrests were made of teens driving stolen vehicles. These auto thefts are almost entirely a black problem. Even black females have been involved in this epidemic, for in 2015 three teen girls drove a stolen car into a local pond and all three drowned.

Black apologists complained about police indifference to such thefts because they don’t always give chase to wild speeders. Pinellas police often notice the many long rap sheets of criminal black teens but the local courts usually release teens who’ve been arrested for car theft pending trial, allowing them to do it again.[3 teen ‘prolific offenders’ dead after crashing stolen car in Pinellas County WFLA , August 6, 2017]

Black parents often claim that they must get help from law enforcement, but black apologists always defend the criminals by finding excuses and avoiding responsibility. Progressive values usually include the need for softer sentences and more humanistic efforts to redirect law breakers. Harsh punishments are usually rejected by liberals as a reasonable option.

The Tampa Bay Times said in an editorial that:

Times reporters found that the rise in juvenile car theft arrests can be traced to primarily African-American kids. The mother of one prolific thief acknowledged she hadn't seen her son, 13, in a week. Other parents practically begged for harsher penalties for their kids, who have no fear or respect for the legal system.

 Editorial: Keep seeking solutions to reducing car thefts ,May 17, 2017

Since a second car was racing with the Ford Explorer that was demolished Sheriff Bob Gualtieri is contemplating murder charges against the three black survivors in the second vehicle. On the other hand, Black Lives Matter types are blaming the police for chasing them. [Rest in power: Jimmie Goshey, Dejarae Thomas, and Keontae Brown The Weekly Challenger,  August 10, 2017]

I wonder if anyone saw the common thread of evidence showing massive dysfunction in the black community that breeds such brazen teen criminality. Public officials and the media are hamstrung by PC madness so they just move in circles and repeat their liberal errors. Liberals are focused on “redirecting” teen passions without punishment so wayward teens see no real reason not to steal nice cars. The very fact that hundreds of black teens roam the streets with rap sheets loaded with felonies is proof of social pathology on an epic scale

Remember, this same black community that is demanding that schools revise their discipline so that black and white children get the same punishments in equal amounts—in spite of different levels of offenses.

Maybe stricter discipline might work far better than liberal wrist slapping. Social justice ideology may just be the worst kind of solution given the anti-social attitudes of many black teens.

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