A Florida Reader Gives Advice On Writing To The Main Stream Media
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Re: A Former Capitol Hill Staffer Replies To Paul Nachman On Constituent Mail

From: Delmar Jackson [Send him mail]

I have had some success in getting replies from journalists by sending them calm and diplomatic comments about immigration articles they have written. I doubt many journalists read the comment section of their articles, but I think nearly all read their emails, if only briefly.

I agree with the former staffer that moral or personal and emotional arguments may fare better than plain immigration facts.

I have received replies from the wonderful Neil Munro of the Daily Caller, who is a foreign journalist doing the work our American journalists will not do, which is report both sides of the immigration argument.

I have also received a reply from Ms. Eleanor “they enrich our culture “Clift, and a nice immigration letter from Obama that made me, a nice Florida Democrat, vote for Virgil Goode.

I think letters to journalists would be an excellent use of our time. It would be good to see if there was a list of journalists snail mail addresses that we could use.

We also need to send thank-you letters to the tiny few that have run articles in favor of our position.

Thanks for fighting.

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