A Reader “Dares” Us To Check Out Virgil Goode—We Dare, But Don’t Believe In Miracles
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From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

VDare.com needs to check out the really good guys: Goode/Clymer 2012-Constitution Party Nominees. He's your man on immigration.  Check out the link here: Goode For President—Issues.

Surely VDare.com will report on Goode.

I double dare you.

James Fulford writes: VDare.com is a nonpartisan tax-exempt foundation, so no one is actually our man on immigration. However, we (in reverse chronological order)

That being said, the Constitution Party gets less than one fifth of one percent of the vote, so it’s not going to be the focus of our journalism. However, the reader is right that Virgil Goode’s position on immigration is better than either major party. It’s rock solid on illegal immigration, and even mentions a possible reduction in legal immigration!


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