A Talk Radio Listener Counts The 22 [!] Lies In The Third Zuckerberg Radio Ad
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From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

Here are the 22 [!] lies in the Third Zuckerberg radio ad—first heard on the Rush Limbaugh Show, Tuesday, May 28th. [FWD.us Immigration Ad Targets Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity Fans, Huffington Post, May 30, 2013] I listened to less than half an hour of talk radio today and heard the Zuckerberg ad three  times. They must have polling feedback showing that it's working.

M = Man’s voice

W = Woman’s voice

M: Our immigration system is a joke, and the whole world knows it.

W: Our borders aren’t secure; our laws aren’t enforced. We don’t know who is here, what they’re doing, or even why.

M: What we have now is a national security nightmare waiting to happen.

W: But conservatives [Lie No. 1] like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan ...

M: They’re working on plans to change that. [Lie No. 2]

W: It all starts with real border security [Lie No. 3]: more fencing [Lie No. 4], more manpower [Lie No. 5], and high tech surveillance. [Lie No. 6]

M: Next, deport any illegal immigrant guilty of a serious crime [Lie No. 7], and the rest, no amnesty. [Lie No. 8]

W: IF they have a job [Lie No. 9], IF they pay a fine [Lie No. 10], and IF they learn English. [Lie No. 11]

M: They can go to the back of the line [Lie No. 12], with no federal benefits. [Lie No. 13] That means no welfare [Lie No. 14], no Obamacare [Lie No. 15], nothing. [Lie No. 16]

W: It’s a tough approach. [Lie No. 17]

M: And conservatives are working to make it tougher. [Lie No. 18 – “conservatives” defined above as Rubio and Ryan.]

W: But it’s fair [Lie No. 19] and enforceable. [Lie No. 20]

M: And that’s the opposite of what we have now. [Lie No. 21]

W: Call Congress. Tell them to fix our broken immigration system. Paid for by Americans for a Conservative [Lie No. 22] Direction.

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