A Reader Would Thinks Democrat Ed Markey Will Do Less Harm Than GOP's Gomez Would
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Re: Matthew Richer’s article The Marco Rubio Of Massachusetts: Will The GOP Establishment And Its Token Hispanic Gabriel Gomez Blow This Election Too?

From: MrStentorianCommentator  [Email him]

I prefer that Democrat Ed Markey win the special U.S. Senate election than “Hispanic Republican” Gabriel Gomez.  Markey is a lightweight who will add little to nothing to the Democratic caucus.  If Gomez wins, we'll never hear the end of how the GOP has to favor amnesty and gay  marriage to win elections, a path to political suicide. 

Plus, the guy wants Amnesty but claims to be fiscally responsible.  In light of the welfare costs of amnesty, such a claim is fraudulent. As Fidel Castro said when he dumped the Marielitos on the US: No lo queremos, no lo necesitamos.

 We “do not want and do not need” Gabriel Gomez and his ilk.

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