A California Reader Says FactCheck.org Uses Only Liberal "Facts" In Arizona Law Coverage
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06/22/10 - A California Teacher Says To Improve Education, Eliminate Immigration

From: R. C. Stevens (e-mail him)

The so-called reliable, non-partisan source FactCheck.org  is anything but when it comes to Arizona's S.B. 1070.

Several of its articles support the politically correct claim that S.B. 1070 is flawed and discriminatory.

FactCheck also erroneously claims that illegal aliens create jobs and improve the economy.

In California's gubernatorial primary, it gave Meg Whitman the benefit of every doubt while coming down hard on immigration restrictionist Steve Poizner.

"Fact checking" is one of the newest, most insidious Democratic propaganda strategies to lure the uninformed. Sites claim their information comes from unbiased sources. But dig deeply and you'll find that liberal think tanks and other open borders advocates provide the "facts".  

It pains me to think I spent so much time doing research for my university dissertations when I could have simply asked someone at the Pew Hispanic Center what the facts are.

My sarcasm is fully intended. 

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