A California Reader Says That Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Acts As An Illegal Alien Agent
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From: Angie Saxon (e-mail her)

On June 22, KSFO-AM (650 am, San Francisco) talk show host Brian Sussman ran a public service announcement featuring Labor Secretary illegal alien lover Hilda Solis saying that whether "documented or not" workers will be assisted by her department to ensure they are paid fairly "according to the law."

Promising anonymity, Solis provides an 866 number for illegal aliens reminding them that their call is "free and confidential" (Watch it here.)

Solis asks aliens to snitch on their employers at which point she will use the power of her office to get them a raise.

Good God! Everything related to Solis' program is taxpayer funded. "According to the law," the correct action is to deport the aliens and fine the employers.

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