A California Teacher Says To Improve Education, Eliminate Immigration
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From: Kristen Kroll (e-mail her)

Re: Steve Sailer's Blog: "The Right Way To Assess Teachers' Performance"

Sailer wrote: "The more adults the better (hopefully), but not all adults are of equal value to the teacher."

Sailer's observation that "not all adults are of equal value to the teacher" is an understatement.

Primary school teachers may have several adults in their classroom whose contributions are minimal, if that. In the end, all of them need constant teacher supervision. That takes time away from our task at hand—educating the children.

Parent volunteers need painstaking direction and the bilingual teaching aide may require that the lesson be explained several times. Why, you ask? He might not speak English all that well.

The ideal solution would be to have fewer non-English speaking immigrant children so teachers would not require as much additional assistance to get through their day.

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