Finland Follows Sweden To Immigration Restriction: Inspiration For U.S. Patriots
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Last Friday France24 posted Finland's new government announces 'paradigm shift' with immigration crackdown, June 16, 2023. This reported that the Finns Party, the primary immigration restraint vehicle in Finnish politics, had forced the ruling coalition to accept strong restrictive measures in return for joining the government. The “paradigm shift” comment is a quote from Finns Party leader Riikka Purra.

As we reported in Sanna Marin Out—Immigration Patriot Finns Party Real Winners In Finnish Elections

The National Coalition took 20.8% and 48 seats in the 200-seat parliament. The Finns took 20.1% and 46 seats while Sanna Marin’s Social Democrats got 19.9% and 43 seats.

So the Finns Party got more votes than the leader of the previous coalition. They are going to be difficult to ignore.

Hearteningly, this came on the heels of similar news earlier this month from Sweden: Rapefugee-Ruined Sweden Announces Reversal Of Immigration Policy. US MSM Totally Represses.

In this case the Finns Party equivalent, the Sweden Democrats, did not join the government but did get the new Prime Minister to say

Massive immigration and poor integration just doesn’t work. That is why we are now changing Sweden’s migration policy and making it the strictest in the EU, [VDARE emphasis.]

Without the support of the Sweden Democrats, the government would fall.

Skeptics of course rush to disparage these news stories, correctly pointing out that promises like this have frequently been broken.

Developments like these are “necessary but not sufficient.” If the countries are to save themselves, this stage has to be passed through. Maybe these are more lies. Maybe not. Undeniably, they are positive moves.

Furthermore, Scandinavia has the Danish example discussed in Denmark Produces Immigration Patriot Leftist (!) Female (!!) Prime Minister. What Can U.S. Learn?. After an election surge in 2015, the restrictionist Danish Peoples Party saw the main leftist party, the Social Democrats, steal their policies and when coming to power in 2019 actually implement them!

The contrast with the GOP Leadership is painful: Pelosi Stated Obamacrat Immigration Policy: Not Open Borders: NO Borders. GOP/AdelZuck response: Zzzzz. This story is almost 9 years old. Has anything changed?

Unlike the Swedish news, Finnish events did attract a little American MSM coverage. But the focus was exclusively on the fact that the Finns Party is actually in the government. This triggered the “New Hitler” reflex. Immigration’s role was virtually ignored: Conservatives Poised to Lead Finland in Coalition with Hard Right, by Emma Bubola and Johanna Lemola,  New York Times, June 16, 2023.

With remarkable unanimity, almost all accounts blamed the political shift on conditions in neighboring Sweden, which immivasion has indeed rendered desperateHow Sweden Became a Gangster's Paradise, by Peder Jensen, Gatestone Institute, June 2, 2023.

This glosses over the reality that Finland has a plentiful supply of immivasion atrocities of its own: U.S.-Style Gang Culture Arrives In Snowy Northern Finland, Police In Shock  written for us in March by our friend Harri Honkanen, who has supplied us with quite an archive on this subject.

Apart from being peaceful, prosperous and generous, Scandinavia could be said to have been Woke long before the term was thought of—Roland Huntford’s The New Totalitarians warning of this was published in 1971!

That patriotic forces should have come so far should be an inspiration to their American friends.


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