Trayvon Martin was Barack Obama’s Son, and Kiki Gray was Jumaane Williams’ Son, but Why Will No Politician Adopt Bailey O’Neill?
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“NYPD/KKK, how many kids did you kill today?”

Chant by black East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY rioter/looter/robbers, in support of the late Kimani Gray, alias (according to various reports) Kiki, alias Sha-Pow:

Young Kimani


Kimani Gray was 16 when he was shot and killed, yet the Main Stream Media [MSM] have refused to publish any photographs of him taken less than four or five years ago.

On Saturday night, March 6, two decorated undercover cops, one Egyptian immigrant (this is a job Americans won’t do?), Sgt. Mourad Mourad (who was initially identified as black), and one Hispanic, Officer Jovaniel Cordova, saw Kiki/Shapow/Kimani (K/S/K)  on the sidewalk, fussing with the front waist of his pants—a dead giveaway that he was packing heat. The cops called out to him, at which point he pulled a .38 revolver and pointed it at them. They blew him away, firing 11 rounds, hitting him seven times, four in the front and/or side, and three in the back.

Blacks rioted, looted, and robbed, and tried to kill policemen with bricks and bottles for three straight nights, demanding “Justice!”  Controversy continues, as evidenced by these telling comments on a YouTube post by HipHopWired: NYPD Shooting of 16-year-old Causes Brooklyn Riot, March 12, 2013

Fruedenshade 1 day ago

Did the community think that this bright young kid really had his whole wonderful life ahead of him? He was Bloods member; this is the happy ending he signed up for. He even gets martyr status. That's a pretty good deal considering he pulled out a gun and started shooting at policemen.

Comment at Youtube

“...this is an 11 year old baby. they said that he shot at the police but he is the 1 that shot dead. SMH Have some sensitivity.”

Another YouTube commenter

"As a mother... I want to speak of Kimani. Kimani Gray is my son. My baby. My 16-year-old baby... He’s not the public’s angel, but he’s my angel and he’s my baby and he was slaughtered and I want to know why."

Carol Gray, on March 14

K/S/K’s mother, Carol Gray, and partisans assert that the cops fired too many shots.

First, 41 shots were too many (Amadou Diallo, in 1999). Then 50 shots were too many (Sean Bell, in 2005). Now, 11 shots are too many. The truth is that for too many blacks, a policeman firing one shot at a black man, in defense of his life, is one too many.

According to the Bizarro World propaganda of the MSM and Gray’s white high school principal, which is indistinguishable from gangbanger propaganda, K/S/K was a dear little lamb who, unarmed and without provocation, was murdered by two racist New York City policemen. [Kimani Gray, 16, student killed by police in East Flatbush, remembered by school principal in heartfelt letter, By Corinne Lestch,  New York Daily News,  March 16, 2013 ]

Note that Gray’s supporters can’t keep their lies straight. “He had no gun” (purported eyewitness who later changed her story). “He begged for his life” (purported earwitness and his mother). “He never would have had a gun” (family). “He was trying to alert police that he was carrying a gun for someone else when they shot him” (family). “He might have pointed a gun at police, but he never would have fired it’ (friend).”

Back in the real world, K/S/K was, like at least one older brother (there are conflicting reports as to whether he is alive), a member of the racist Bloods gang, had been arrested four times prior to his death (including larceny, inciting a riot, and grand theft auto), and at the advanced age of 16, was a career criminal. [Cops shoot teen gunman dead in Brooklyn,    By Kenneth Garger and Larry Celona, New York Post, March 10, 2013]

Kimani’s supporters assert that the NYPD is racist, and is hunting and murdering black angels. And what is true of blacks is equally true of the MSM.

NBC New York calls the riots “protest marches.” We repeatedly hear that the demonstrations were “peaceful,” but that “splinter groups” rioted. (Using that sort of sophistry, there has never been a riot in history. It’s all “splinter groups.”) They insist on calling the rioters “protestors” and “demonstrators.” Oh, and “teens”—“Angry teens.”

The MSM have used the Trayvon Martin Method: showing pictures of the deceased when he was only 10-12 years old. He was a cute kid, but he already had an air of menace about him. But that’s what passes for an “angel” today “in the community.”

Comment threads show that Americans are on to this MSM manipulation:


Hey Daily News.......why are you showing these photos [of the cops who killed Gray].....shouldn't you be showing their baby photos...... (what's fair is fair)

Daily News reader comment

After the first three nights of rioting, Daily News propaganda operatives Chelsia Rose Marcius and Shane Dixon Kavanaugh made this claim:

Many in the community contest police allegations that Gray pointed a gun at cops when he was shot during a confrontation with two plainclothes officers on E. 52nd St. Saturday night. Those suspicions on the street intensified Wednesday when an autopsy report revealed Gray was hit by seven bullets — three to the back.

[Enraged protesters battle cops in Brooklyn streets during third night of rioting after it's revealed that 16-year-old Kimani Gray was shot in the backby Chelsia Rose Marcius and Shane Dixon Kavanaugh, New York Daily News, Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 2:29 p.m., updated Thursday, March 14, 2013, 9:31 a.m.]

Note the News’ headline editor’s pathetic attempt to rationalize the third night of rioting—they were in response to the report that K/S/K had been shot in the back. So, what was the excuse for the first two nights?

Gray was shot three times in the back—but four times in the front. What does his also being shot in the back have to do with the price of tea in China? This is not a case of blandly “reporting” what lunatics on the street are saying, but of acting as if the lunatics were reasonable.

In its campaign to keep hoax alive, the MSM is now trumpeting the fact that five “civil rights” lawsuits were initiated—four by the same ambulance-chaser—against the two hero cops over an indeterminate period.  The city settled all five suits for a total of $215,000, including attorney’s fees. [Both cops involved in shooting death of Kimani Gray, 16, in East Flatbush named in federal lawsuits, By John Marzulli, New York Daily News, March 15, 2013]

Chump change. It’s the cost of doing business in a “diverse” city, especially given the NYPD’s aggressive “stop-and-frisk” policy which is widely credited with reducing crime.

It takes years of hard work to create a good, spontaneous race riot.

Councilman and former community organizer Jumaane Williams had worked for these riots for years. After the 2011 Labor Day weekend West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn had already deteriorated into a bloodbath, instead of seeking to calm things down, Williams went out of his way to instigate a confrontation with police, get himself arrested, and then condemn the cops. He has done everything possible to disarm the NYPD, and to empower the black gangs for whom he speaks.

Williams also lied, in asserting that the rioting was done by “outsiders.” Yeah, like K/S/K’s sister, Mahnefeh, who was one of the 46 people arrested on Wednesday night.

Black supremacist Councilman Charles Barron has also jumped on the K/S/K bandwagon. In 2002, Barron announced at a black reparations rally, that he wanted to walk up to the nearest white and say: “You can’t understand this, it’s a black thing, and then slap him just for my mental health.”

Participating in riots is such a communal sacrament among blacks today, that even a pregnant woman made a point of “representing.”

Pregnant rioter

The Daily News caption reads, “A pregnant protester who was knocked to the ground gets help from other protesters.” A more accurate caption would probably be, “A pregnant rioter who was knocked to the ground by other rioters gets help from still other rioters.

James Fulford’s insight is apropos here: Blacks have not been rioting in East Flatbush against injustice, but “against justice.” This is what “diversity” means at the street level.

Two factors explain a lot of what’s going on here:  the black/ Leftist orchestrated backlash against “stop and frisk”; and the news that “The Gray family’s lawyer says he plans to file notice of claim soon, the first step in a lawsuit.” [Officers in Kimani Gray Shooting Part of Growing Trend, by Stephen Nessen,, March 18 2013)

But while the MSM and blacks agitators demand that America focus on mythologized murders of black teenagers, they ignore or spin beyond recognition real racist murders—because they involve the “wrong kind” of victims and perpetrators.

Bailey O'Neill was recently murdered in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, for attending school while white.

O’Neill was hurt during a school fight on January 10. His family says the sixth grader was jumped by two other students at Darby Township School. Bailey was taken to the hospital after the fight and treated for a broken nose and concussion. More than a week later, Bailey began having concussions, was hospitalized and put into a medically-induced coma. He died Sunday, one day after his birthday, when the O’Neill family took him off life support...

[Father of Boy Accused of Bullying Bailey: My Son is Not a Monster, By Karen Araiza, March 5, 2013]

Surprisingly, rode to the rescue with a much stronger story:

The boy was allegedly jumped by two classmates, one of whom hit him in the face several times fracturing his nose, his father Rob O'Neill told

“It was an altercation in the schoolyard where kid wanted to fight my son, and my son wanted to walk away,” Rob O’Neill said. “One boy pushed Bailey into the kid [ABC News: who wanted to fight him]. That kid then hit him in the face, then he hit his head on the ground.”

Bailey was knocked on his head in the incident, his father said, which caused a concussion. From then on, something with the 6th grader wasn't right, his father said.

“He was a perfectly healthy boy before any of this. He was a healthy, funny, goofy boy. There was nothing wrong with him,” his dad said….

O'Neill added that Bailey was sent back to class with an icepack after the incident.

He said the two boys were briefly suspended from school after the incident….

"He wasn't feeling good, he was tired and irritable, and then we had him checked in. They found out he had a concussion," he said.

A week and a half later, Bailey began having seizures, his dad said. A friend of his parents told that Bailey was having refractory status epilepsies, a condition in which the brain is in a state of persistent seizure. O'Neill said they'd happen about every three seconds.

Bailey had to have a blood transfusion after getting pneumonia, the family friend confirmed, and doctors at A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children put Bailey in a medically induced coma. [Bailey O'Neill, 12, Dead Weeks After School Bullyingby Kevin Dolak (@kdolak),, March 4, 2013.]

The MSM have not exactly suppressed this story  (1,330 mentions on Google  News vs. 17,300 for Kimani Gray], most outlets have spun it, with no mention of race, as a case of “bullying”—just as cases of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome are  often spun as gun control stories—and have also used their tried-and-true moral equivalence method, saying that Bailey had been “involved in a schoolyard fight,” cf. Justin Barker in the Jena Hoax.

Unlike career criminal K/S/K, Bailey O’Neill really was a good kid—friendly, honor student, boy scout:

Bailey ONeill

“Bailey made a big impression in his few short years. A Facebook page in his honor is testimony to that. A neighbor remembered Bailey as the kind of boy she would want as her own son. "He was always polite, the kindest little boy you would ever want to know," Joyce Neroni told Fox 29. Neroni remembered hearing Bailey say his favorite expression to anyone he encountered. "He loved to say Joy to the World everybody," Neroni said. "He was so sweet and so kind. He never hurt anybody."

[Flag Flown at Half-Staff at School in Honor of Bailey O'Neill by Claudia Gomez, Fox29, March 4, 2013.]

The racist black killer’s father protested,

My son is not the monster that everybody trying to make him out to be. My son is being depicted as the bad guy.

[Father of Boy Accused of Bullying Bailey: My Son is Not a Monster by Karen Araiza, NBC Philadelphia, March 5, 2013.]

Yeah, people are funny that way, when you beat someone to death.

In simple English, “bullying” is when a big kid shoves around smaller kids. However, that’s not the MSM, activists, alleged educators and “experts” mean.

The “anti-bullying,” aka “safe school” movement is a front founded by militant homosexualist White House gay czar, Kevin Jennings, the founder of GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, originally called the “Gay and Lesbian Independent School Teachers Network”), and our old friends the SPLC ($PLC, at to groom school children as young as five for homosexuality, and to privilege kids who identify (or whose parents identify them) as gay, bisexual, “transgendered,” etc.

Thus, if a kid who claims to be gay/whatever says he is being bullied, the world will stop for him. And in practice, black kids—the majority of the worst thugs in America’s public schools—also have such privileges. The anti-bullying mobilization seeking to exploit Bailey’s death will do nothing to prevent another white boy from being murdered by black kids.

The real story behind the murder of Bailey O’Neill, which the media refuse to tell, is the story of black misoleukanthropy in the America’s schools— a story that is as old as school integration. Millions of black kids treat white kids variously as punching bags, ATMs, and worse, while thousands of black “educators” and staffers enthusiastically encourage the violence.

There have been no riots on behalf of Bailey O’Neill, no looting, no robberies, no demands for “justice.”

Bailey O’Neill’s killer got a two-day suspension

How much is a white boy’s life worth today?

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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