Tottenham and Rioting Against Justice
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The rioting going on in Tottenham, England isn’t a flash mob, it’s an old-school race riot. See coverage on Lawrence Auster’s blog, where he says

A week ago the first black flash mob attack took place in civil, serene, restrained, and oh-so-friendly-to-minorities Canada, suggesting that there are common patterns of black behavior that transcend borders. And yesterday there was a devastating black riot in Britain, in a part of London called Tottenham:

Riot blaze: North London in flames as police cars, bus and shops burn over police shooting of ‘gangster’

The Daily Mail has full coverage, including astounding photos of the street scene and of a block-sized building being destroyed by fire. Of course the Mail doesn’t say it was a black riot. The only way you can know for sure that the riot had anything to do with race is from the photo of a man named Mark Duggan, whose death at the hands of police set off the riot. It’s the usual script that we know so well in this country. Police are dealing with some violent Negro criminal, and are forced to kill him, and the black community rises up in violence.[More]

This is something that I mentioned a while back about modern Civil Rights activism

“[A] lot of it involves fighting not for justice, but against it. Did you know that the man whose arrest sparked the Watts riot was guilty of what he was arrested for?”

This also applies to the Rodney King arrest, and many of the  “15 Black Men” who were killed by Cincinnati police in the years before the 2001 riots and who were a rallying cry for the rioters.

The rioters weren’t rioting for justice, but against it. Auster says that since the British press, while making coded references to the “community” that’s outraged and burning things,  doesn’t say that it’s a black riot,  and Auster couldn’t really be sure that it was a black riot…until he saw a  picture of a looted TV shop.

This excerpt from the Daily Mail coverage also tells the story: “The Metropolitan Police meanwhile, has described Mr Duggan’s death as ‘regrettable’ and blamed the violent anarchy that flared on a ‘criminal minority’”

A criminal minority!  I thought it was illegal to say that in England.

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