Ann Coulter On "Homegrown" Terrorists And Domestic Spying
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Ann Coulter notes her column today what we’ve noted here about  “Homegrown terrorism”—it’s not really homegrown, it’s mostly imported.

“There's "American citizen" David Coleman Headley, who conspired with Pakistani military officers to commit the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, that left more than 160 people dead.

Headley's ancestors served under Gen. George Washington—no, I'm sorry, Headley was born "Daood Sayed Gilani" in Washington, D.C., to a Pakistani father. Like your typical American boy, he enjoyed TV's "Happy Days" and murdering innocent people in terrorist attacks.

There were the 20 "American" men from the Minneapolis area who joined a terrorist group in Somalia in 2008. I knew the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party would cause trouble one of these days!

No, wait—wrong again. We invited these foreign terrorists to immigrate here after the collapse of Somalia's government in 1991. (And what a great deal for America that was! I'm so glad Obama's doing it again with Syrian rebels.)

These hardworking Somali immigrants produced—in the words of The New York Times"the first known American suicide bomber"! Go U.S.A.! Who could have guessed that Shirwa Ahmed would be America's first suicide bomber?

Coulter quotes  “Sen. Bob Casey, the mentally disabled Democratic senator from Pennsylvania: "It's really disturbing—Americans becoming radicalized."

Of course, what Casey doesn’t  get  is that these guys were never American in the first place. “Americans being radicalized” is Ayers and Dohrn.  Daood Sayed Gilani,  Anwar al-Awlaki, the Fort Dix Six, and Major Hasan are people who were brought up radical in Muslim colonies in America.

Her point is that if the government was looking out for dangerous immigrants, it wouldn’t need to be spying on actual Americans: the column is titled Avoid The Need For Spying Using One Not-So-Weird Trick. [June 19, 2013]

Read the whole thing.

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