Latest Tirade by "White Woman in the Barrio"
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The self proclaimed "writer, journalist, and White Woman in the Barrio" published a new tirade against immigration patriots in general and Arizonans in particular. The entire hit piece was authored by Terry Greene Sterling — a writer-in-residence at one of the training headquarters for the next generation of liberal propagandists: the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.

It's a long and rambling editorial published in the free uber-liberal rag called the Phoenix New Times . Her self explanatory title reveals the intent: "Russell Pearce and Other Illegal-Immigration Populists Rely on Misleading, Right-Wing Reports to Scapegoat Immigrants and to Terrify Penny-Pinched Americans," by Terry Greene Sterling, Dec 2 2010.

Her rambling diatribe is so long and scattershot I don't have the time, energy, or web space to dispute all of it, but a few things she wrote are worthy of special attention.

Sterling opens the article with a vivid description of the June 5th rally to support SB 1070. Much of what she says, minus the putdowns of the patriots who attended the rally, corroborates two articles in that describe the same event (Arizona Immigration Rallies and Yesterday We Called, Today We March: Immigration Patriots Rally in Phoenix).

For one thing Sterling gives FAIR far more credit than they deserve when it comes to organizing people and getting things done. Most immigration activists in Arizona have never heard of FAIR — and a good portion of those that know about FAIR don't have much good to say about them. Sterling can at least be thanked for her backhanded recognition of FAIR's activism in Arizona and the impact it has had on the national immigration debate. Personally I don't think FAIR has received enough credit for their support of Proposition 200 or SB 1070.

A few other things:

The amendment gives citizenship to most babies born in the United States, and FAIR wants to change that so babies born to undocumented immigrant parents will be denied citizenship. Such children are derided as "jackpot babies" or "anchor babies."
So, she even admits that most babies born in the U.S. are jackpot babies. Actually that's probably only true in California. Sterling's admission of the growing population of babies that don't belong in the U.S. discredits her attacks to the point that I was reminded of the biblical story in Mark 6:17-29, where the head of John the Baptist was served on a silver platter.
The numbers are ambiguous, at best. The feds who warehouse criminal aliens don't tally who is legal (green card, visa) and who isn't, so it's impossible to get true "law enforcement costs of illegal immigration."

The Arizona Department of Corrections, like the federal Bureau of Prisons, doesn't break down data by inmates who are in the country legally and inmates who aren't.

Sterling spends a lot of space blasting SB1070 — Arizona's tough immigration law. She and her ilk want to leave enforcement to the federal government, who by her own admission can't even count. If 1070 had its way we would know how many inmates are illegal, and that's just another reason to support it.
John Tanton's ties to white nationalists have been questioned repeatedly.
Yes, the $outhern Poverty Law Center keeps questioning it, and idiotic journalists continue repeating the allegations against Tanton until they sound like facts. It's a classic propaganda technique that was perfected by Stalin, Lenin, and Hitler. To read more about Tanton and the $PLC, be sure to read: John Tanton is an environmentalist that was once adored by liberals in the 1970's when he was a leader in an organization called Zero Population Growth, presided over the Sierra Club, and when he was a major player in the movement to establish the first "Earth Day". Now he is content to grow giant kales and other vegetables in his home garden. This is a picture of the John Tanton that the mainstream media never tires of demonizing:

I'm not convinced Sterling knows what a "white nationalist" is because she uses the term interchangeably with "white supremacist" and "white separatist". Liberals purposely blur the terms because they want everyone to think all immigration restrictionists are Nazis, another term they use to slander immigration activists.

The orators included black activist Ted Hayes ...
Oops! How inconvenient that a black "activist" is on our side. To be logically consistent she should call Ted Hayes a "black nationalist", but that would be a complete misnomer because he certainly would never advocate for a separate black nation, although he is a big advocate of black people in America and an ardent supporter of strong enforcement of immigration laws. So why the double standard?

I don't want anyone reading this to think I'm 100% critical of Sterling's article. She got one thing right:, named after Virginia Dare, the first white baby born in the New World...
She went on to attack a select few writers such as Sam Francis, Jared Taylor, and Kevin MacDonald. The fact that she didn't mention me either proves that my stature doesn't measure up to those famous authors, or it could be used as proof that the mentors at the school of Walter Cronkite journalism aren't very thorough about their research considering I not only write and get paid by, I'm almost within rock-throwing distance of ASU!
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