The Fulford File: MARKETWATCH “Ten Deadliest” Shootings Include Four Immigrant Mass Murders—In “Zones” Where Americans Were Banned From Having Guns
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MARKETWATCH’s Ciara Linnane has compiled a list of the ten deadliest shootings in the US to date: These are the 10 deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history, October 4, 2017. Not noted in this list, needless to say: the Immigrant Mass Murder factor. This interest appears to be unique to And, of course, to Americans who actually want to see fewer killings, as opposed to banning guns.

In the top ten mass individual shootings listed, no less than four (involving five shooters) are a result of mass immigration, done by either immigrants or their “absimilated” sons. (Hillary Clinton thought she was scoring a point in a debate when she said in the Third Presidential Debate that Omar Mateen “was born in Queens, the same place Donald was born.” The ballot box proved her wrong. )

Three were Islamic attacks—by which I mean not just committed by Muslims, but motivated by Islam. Four were caused by some form of insanity. The motive of the Las Vegas shooter is listed as “unknown” and the Edmond Okla. shooter as “revenge after a workplace supervisory reprimand.” (This is the incident that inspired the phrase “going postal”)

One, and only one, of the white shooters is even alleged to have been motivated by ethnic animosity— George Hennard, the 1991 Luby’s killer. And in fact, his victims were mostly white women—the hatred of “ethnic minorities” attributed to him by MarketWatch really had nothing to do with his crime.

MarketWatch’s list is rather peculiar in that it doesn’t lead with either the standard names for the incidents (Orlando Pulse, Virginia Tech) or the names of the shooters (Omar Mateen, Seung-Hui Cho) but give the city names instead. Also, no photographs—added by me.

The four immigration-related shootings:

  1. Orlando, Fla.: June 12, 2016.
49 people killed and more than 58 wounded.

Shooter: 29-year-old Omar Mateen.

Motive: Terror, hate crime. [VDARE:Terror” means “because he’s a Muslim”, hate crime means “because Muslims hate gays.”]

  1. Blacksburg, Va.: April 16, 2007.

33 killed (including the shooter) and 17 wounded on the campus of Virginia Tech.

Shooter: 23-year-old Seung-Hui Cho.

Motive: Mental-health issues. [VDARE: “Mental-health issues” means schizophrenic—the language is used to avoid complaints from mental health groups i.e. the organized insane. ]

  1. San Bernardino, Calif.: Dec. 2, 2015.

16 killed (including 2 shooters) and 24 wounded.

Shooters: 28-year-old Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, his wife.

Motive: Terror after shooters were radicalized online and committed to jihadism. [VDARE: Both shooters were Pakistani Muslims, one born in California, which has been colonized by Pakistani Muslims, and one imported from Pakistan. “Radicalized” and “jihadism” here mean “Because they’re Muslims”.]

  1. Fort Hood, Texas: Nov. 5, 2009.

13 killed and 33 wounded.

Shooter: Nidal Hasan.

Motive: Uncertain, although the shooter and his family have described it as terror inspired by radical Islam. [VDARE: “Uncertain” means “because he’s a Muslim, we’re not going to believe him when he himself—and his Muslim family—say it’s because he’s a Muslim. That would make Muslims look bad."].

As we’ve seen, the Main Stream Media’s anti-white racial obsession allows it to fasten on white crime as evidence of white malice, while pointing to any reaction to Muslim or Immigrant Mass Murder as…also evidence of white malice.

Two further quotes from MarketWatch's Linnane to indicate the whole anti-white media theme:

It should be noted that, in a 2016 news release [after Orlando] cautioning journalists to exercise care in choosing words while writing about mass shootings, the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists point to a mass-scale killing in East St. Louis, Ill., in 1917 and another in Colfax, La., in 1873 as involving minority victims and deserving of consideration in any effort to rank mass shootings by magnitude. Those incidents, according to the journalism organizations, each left more than 100 dead.

It's true that the both the East St. Louis Riot of 1917 and the Colfax Riot/Massacre of 1873 were very bloody (although size estimates vary—a 1918 Congressional Committee said that the St. Louis Riots definitely killed 8 whites and 39 blacks, but may have been more) but they were no more individual mass murders than the Rodney King Riots (63 dead) or the Detroit Riots (43 dead) were.

The black and Hispanic journalists just hate the idea of talking about “the worst ever” crimes without mentioning them—as victims. [NABJ, NAHJ clarify use of 'mass shooting' language, by April Turner, NABJ, June 16, 2016].

It’s just more of the syndrome of blacks refusing to admit how much of American history is not about them.

Ms. Linnane also adds

Massacres perpetrated against Native American populations also typically escape mention in such listings as they are commonly viewed as part of longer-running campaigns — whether of a military or even genocidal nature — and additionally occurred prior to what would typically be considered modern U.S. history. [Emphasis added]

1622 slaughter in Wolstenholme Towne, 1975 artists conceptionMassacres perpetrated against Native American populations? What about massacres perpetrated by Native American populations? A recent letter from a reader reminded us that the 1622 slaughter in Wolstenholme Towne is still the largest mass murder ever committed in Virginia. [The Skulls Tell the Tale, By Hank Burchard April 25, Washington Post, 1980]. In the Minnesota Massacre of 1862, as pointed out by anthropologist John Greenway in the pre-purge National Review,  at least 800 whites were killed and 10,000 square miles of Minnesota cleared of settlers.” [Will The Indians Get Whitey, March 11, 1969, PDF]

Also, of course, not the same kind of thing—they weren’t committed by individuals, but by what the Declaration of Independence called “the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”

It's too bad that MarketWatch doesn’t have anyone on staff to point this out. You know, an expert on immigration, a man familiar with the concept of Immigrant Mass Murder and “merciless Indian savages”, possibly author of best-selling influential book on immigration…. well, they did have Peter Brimelow on staff, doing financial journalism of the ordinary kind, but they eventually fired him after concentrated agitation from the Left, which feels that white people shouldn’t have jobs. [Why Do White Nationalist Writers Have a Home at MarketWatch? By Matthew Fleischer, AdWeek, April 13, 2012]

And even when MarketWatch did have him, they didn’t want to use him. In a speech to the John Randolph Society, Peter noted

I used to write a column for MarketWatch about highly technical financial issues. I never wrote about politics. But when the Census Bureau issued one of its periodic reports predicting when whites were going to be a minority (because it’s not clear exactly when that is), the editor told me that a dozen people—my colleagues—approached him, came into his office or sent him an email, saying I must on no account be allowed to write about this. Because, although I never wrote about politics at MarketWatch, they knew about me because of the SPLC. And their immediate reaction was: repression.

Since the object of MSM reports of Mass Murders is never to change any policy about letting in immigrants from Madkillerstan, or any policy about letting loonies roam the streets, but only to deprive white Americans of guns that can be used for self-defense, I’ll mention one final factor in many of the killings—they happened in “Gun-Free Zones” where even people who would have had firearms were specifically forbidden to do so:

  1. Las Vegas: Oct. 1, 2017. Stephen Paddock: Gun-Free Zone, Mandalay Bay, Concert Rules (Paddock was banned from having those guns in his room, too)
  2. Orlando, Fla.: June 12, 2016. Omar Mateen, Gun-Free Zone, Nightclub
  3. Blacksburg, Va.: April 16, 2007. Cho, Virginia Tech, Gun-Free Zone, University Policy
  4. Newtown, Conn.: Dec. 14, 2012. Adam Lanza, Gun-Free Zone, (for teachers and staff) Federal Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990
  5. Killeen, Texas: Oct. 16, 1991. Luby’s Cafeteria, Gun-Free Zone, Texas Concealed Carry Law, no guns in places serving beer even at lunch (since changed)
  6. Edmond, Okla.: Aug. 20, 1986. Post Office Massacre, Gun-Free Zone, US Postal Service policy
  7. San Bernardino, Calif.: Dec. 2, 2015. Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, Gun-Free Zone, Inland Regional Center Policy
  8. Fort Hood, Texas: Nov. 5, 2009. Nidal Hasan, Gun-Free Zone, US Army Policy

By contrast, in the Texas Tower shooting of 1966, before gun control and gun-free zones had been thought of, Texans retrieved rifles from their vehicles and fired back at Charles Whitman, saving lives. One of them, UT bookstore employee Allen Crum (wearing necktie and pocket protector, right) climbed the tower with Officer Ray Martinez to stop him. [The Armed Civilian Who Helped Stop UT’s Tower Sniper 50 Years Ago, by Matthew Watkins,  July 26, 2016]

I doubt if MarketWatch knows anything about that either.

James Fulford [Email him] is a writer and editor for


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