The Fulford File | Communism, Socialism, Cultural Marxism, Democratic Hegemonists, Crony Capitalism, Ethnic Agendas, Treason Etc.—The “Ugly Roots” Of Immigration Enthusiasm
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A number of “Hispanic Republicans” a.k.a. professional ethnics/ Treason Lobby shills recently launched what is obviously an orchestrated guilt-by-association smear of CIS, FAIR, NumbersUSA and immigration patriots in general on the grounds that that they are all secretly eugenicists, pro-abortion, “nativists” etc. etc.

Ms. Chavez, a former member of the Young People's Socialist League, is at best a neoconservative but she gets to lay down the law.

  • Bob Quasius [Twitter] the white guy at “Café Con Leche Republicans” is attacking Ann Coulter with many references to dead nativists, and makes a drive-by attack on Charles Murray, who is allegedly “hardly a credible source on demographics” because of the familiar accusations of racism which are (a) unfounded, and (b) irrelevant to credibility since Murray doesn’t just assert demographic facts, but always provides data.

Of course, this is an old, tired argument for Conservatism Inc. immigration enthusiasts—for our Washington Watcher’s documentation and debunking, see here. Even National Review’s immigration beards have been induced to whimper—see Krikorian and O’Sullivan here and here.

All the current smearers are Hispanic, even Quasius. (Well, actually he’s married to a Hispanic woman, and makes a living, GOP-campaign consultant style, by running Café Con Leche Republicans and whining about “Hate.”)

They apparently are Republicans. And they say they’re conservatives. But they’re favoring radically transformative levels of legal and illegal immigration, a program supported by the worst elements of the hard Left—including the current President of the United States.

So, if we’re looking at motives, here are the “ugly roots” of immigration enthusiasm:

  • Communists

The 1965 Immigration Act replaced the 1952 McCarran-Walter Act, which was an anti-Communist bill. The breakdown of the McCarran-Walter Act was a major objective of the Communists, as Congress heard in testimony in 1965, and pro-Communist writers are still gloating over its defeat. See, more recently, Communist Party Resolves: Immigrant rights is a struggle for democracy, CPUSA website, May 27, 2010.

  • Socialists

Mexico is a much more socialist country than the United States, and more immigration will tend to make the US more socialist. American socialists know this [ Socialism and Immigrants’ Rights, By Teddy Shibabaw, SocialistAlternative, June 22, 2010] and perhaps, once again, we should include the current President of the United States in their number. Elected with the votes of many Hispanic legal immigrants, he’s the man who installed socialized medicine in America—which is also, contrary to advertisement, being provided to immigrants.

  • Cultural Marxists

Cultural Marxism, the opportunistic mutation of generic Leftism especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, explicitly seeks to exploit racial antagonism—a strategy dating back to Trotsky. For example, Cultural Marxists are currently using the arrival of immigrants and their “cultures” to suppress the inculcation of American patriotism in public schools.

  • Democratic Hegemonists

Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party said in 1995: "Remember, [Proposition]187 is the last gasp of white America in California. Understand that.”

He wasn’t fired for this racist remark. He was still Chairman in 2009 when Paul Nachman quoted him here.

And Fabian Nunez , Speaker of the California Assembly, proposed a threatening million-person march on Washington, DC so that "those rednecks that are out there making decisions for the betterment of their communities will think twice before they push forward anti-immigrant legislation against our community."[Listen to both clips here.]

Non-Hispanic Democrats also gloat over what they’re doing to America. For example, in 2007, Journolister Ezra Klein wrote on his personal blog that

I'm at a panel on immigration and American politics that is really quite convincing on how screwed the Republicans are. In a couple of decades, Hispanic immigrants will make up almost a quarter of the country. Even now, 70 of the 100 largest cities are in the South and the West, and are that large because of Hispanic immigration. [Links added by]

Democratic National Committee Chairthing Debbie Wasserman Schultz has also publically boasted about establishing a Democratic hegemony by displacing the historic American nation. She has described the partisan conflict in explicitly racial terms:

Just look at the chamber at the State of the Union. Look at the side of the chamber that the Democrats sit on and the side of the chamber that Republicans sit on. And you can notice a dramatic difference in who chooses to affiliate as Democrats and who chooses to affiliate as Republicans...

...the Democratic Party is…the natural home, politically on major issues to Hispanics, to women, to Jews, to Asian-Americans, the diverse spectrum—to African Americans.

Of course, the Democrats have good reason to think that immigration will deliver them hegemony.

And this is the world into which the GOP campaign consultants, and their “Hispanic” mouthpieces, wish to lead us.

  • Crony Capitalists

Crony Capitalism, in the form of Big Business seeking favors from government, usually at the expense of American workers, is an even bigger influence on the American political process than Communism or socialism. I don’t know where Mario H. Lopez and Bob Quasius get their funding, but I noted in 2002 that in a full disclosure statement, Linda Chavez had thought it necessary to mention that

Linda Chavez serves on the board of directors of ABM Industries, Inc., a publicly held company.

She’s still there, ten years later. [See picture.] ABM Industries, Inc is a janitorial company, and the janitorial industry is totally dominated by illegal labor.

Chavez was also for many years a director of Pilgrim’s Pride, the world’s largest chicken producer—as Patrick Cleburne noted in 2008 when Homeland Security arrested 400 illegals working at Pilgrim’s Pride plants nationwide.

There’s a lot of capitalist money in promoting immigration enthusiasm. Tamar Jacoby’s ImmigrationWorksUSA gets millions from its “Trade Association Partners”—the employers of cheap, illegal, labor that displaces American workers:

[Click to enlarge]

  • Ethnic Agenda-Mongers

Leonard Glickman, president and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and formerly a spokesman for the U.S. Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement, was quoted here on in 2003 as saying

"The more diverse American society is the safer [Jews] are." [Community Questioning 'Open Door', by Nacha Cattan, Jewish Daily Forward, November 29, 2002.]

This seems to be the same idea that Earl Raab expressed, the first time the Census reported that whites would become a minority in America:

We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.

We [Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible—and makes our constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever."

[Earl Raab, San Francisco Jewish Bulletin, July 23, 1993]

Emanuel Celler, a Jewish Congressman from Brooklyn, made his first ever speech in the House of Representatives against the massively popular and extremely necessary Johnson act of 1924. Celler, who served in the House for over 49 years, was able to reverse this success with the Hart-Celler Act, which was to become the Immigration Act Of 1965. His biography in the Jewish Virtual Library makes it clear that he opposed immigration restriction and endorsed mass immigration for ethnic reasons. As the JVL puts it

Today, nearly 75 percent of American Jews descend from immigrants from Eastern Europe. In this season in which we celebrate the ancient Hebrews' exodus to freedom, it is fitting to recall Emanuel Celler's efforts to make America a promised land for Jewish immigrants, and for all victims of persecution.

Teddy Kennedy, on the other hand, was the floor manager of the same law in the Senate. Kennedy was no 40 year veteran, but elected on pure nepotism, and less qualified than Senator Barack Obama. But he was Irish, and apparently full of Irish resentment at Anglo-American immigration restriction. He even used to say that he’d seen (mythical ) signs saying “No Irish Need Apply” as a young man. ["No Irish Need Apply": A Myth of Victimization, By Richard Jensen, Journal of Social History 36.2 (2002) 405-429 ]

Neither Celler nor Kennedy seemed concerned with the effect of wide-open immigration on the rest of America. And neither of them predicted that both Irish and Jewish immigrants would be displaced by the massive Third World influx.

  • Homosexual Activists

For reasons best known to themselves (or their backers),

…[L]esbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocates here in Washington and across the country are bringing new energy and momentum to another thorny social issue: immigration. [ note: i.e. illegal immigration]

In a way, their involvement is one of reciprocity— an acknowledgment of the broad support by immigrants of same-sex marriage last November. But it also reflects the overlap of two big political movements with shared constituents, whose struggles have often been cast in terms of human and civil rights. [ note: Needless to say, no mention of the fact that California’s gay marriage judicial ukase was overturned in 2008 disproportionately because of black opposition.]

An estimated 5 percent [ note: how can they possibly know this?] of undocumented immigrants [ note: i.e. illegal aliens] are believed to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, and tens of thousands of gay Americans have foreign-born partners….

And gay-rights advocates are bringing more than just momentum — they’ve also put money on the table.

A coalition of three dozen national advocacy groups, including the Pride Foundation and the Gay City Health Project, established a $100,000 fund to help young LGBT undocumented immigrants pay the application fees for a federal program, which grants them relief from deportation and issues them a work permit.

Gay-rights movement’s new focus: immigration, by Lornet Turnbull, Seattle Times, March 7, 2013 is a single-issue, forum site focused on immigration and the National Question. It takes no position on issues like gay marriage (beyond observing that, notwithstanding their supposed “family values,” Hispanic immigrants are not necessarily opposed to it) and it has gay readers AND DONORS.

But the undeniable fact is that many Americans, and all traditional Christians, regard homosexuality as an abomination and a sin. This additional “ugly root” of the political class’s immigration enthusiasm could only give them pause—if they were made aware of it.

In fact, the Seattle Times’ Turnbull belatedly concedes this tension:

Immigration benefits for gay couples have been included in proposals set forth by President Obama, with some Democrats and gay-rights advocates—including those on the Washington Immigration Reform Roundtable—also pushing for them to be included.

But some Republicans have warned that provision could derail or at least hang up legislation that already promises to be divisive.

That same concern has also been raised by some of the more conservative faith-based groups at the Roundtable, which fretted over signing a letter to the Washington congressional delegation that listed benefits for LGBT families among the provisions they want to see in an overhaul bill.

What’s particularly hypocritical here is that other Main Stream Media template reportorials are whooping up the alleged new enthusiasm of religious leaders for “immigration reform” a.k.a. amnesty—see, for example, Faith Leaders to Obama: "Time Is Now" for Immigration Reform, by Jordan Fabian, ABC News, March 8, 2013.

What do the gay militants think of their (putatively) anti-gay Christian fellow travelers? What do the Christians think of their often-Christophobic gay (so to speak) bedfellows?

And why didn’t the Seattle Times’ Turnbull (email) and ABC News’ Fabian (email) ask?

  • Reconquistas

Reconquista is a special case of the ethnic resentment motives shared by a Celler, Kennedy, and to a certain extent by capitalist Tamar Jacoby. You see, there’s a whole country to the south of the United States called Mexico. They learn in school that the United States stole a large part of their country in the Mexican War.

Their desire to move in, settle down, and take over is not pretty.

Here’s a sign from an Arizona rally:

"To the diplomats in Arizona talking of illegal deals, why R U so hipocratics [sic] when we know that almost 1/2 of what it was Mexico, was bought illegally by the US. Santa Ana was a conquestee from France, he was not the president of Mexico or Mexican. 1845-1847 we were fighting our own independence with their own people and also fighting the French. The US took advantage N offered Santa Ana money for the Mexican's land. Do U call this legal?"[Reconquista Is Real, By Michelle Malkin on May 2, 2006 ]

This is exactly what the Main Stream Media claims we are: semi-literate, with conspiracy theories, hating the government, made-up history—and a potential for violence.

In fact, off course, immigration patriots are usually peaceful “middle-aged men in suits” as Jared Taylor put it once. But the Mexican Reconquistas are indeed like that, and they get a good deal of intellectual support from the Left—tenured professors of ethnic studies and so on—and also from “Hispanic Republicans.”

In contrast, Hispanic  “hate crimes” against whites and the deliberate, ethnic cleansing of blacks from what are now Hispanic neighborhoods is not part of the MSM narrative. But it’s much, much larger.

  • Conquistador Racists

Mexico is dominated by white Mexicans, not by its Indian and mestizo majority. This is partly due to racism—Mexican racial attitudes are quite old-fashioned:

Similarly, many “Hispanic Republicans” are white Cubans—for example, the American Conservative Union’s Al Cardenas...or Marco Rubio. Their sense of arrogant entitlement has led Steve Sailer to dub them “Conquistador-Americans.” And they seem to be bringing it here.

  • Anti-White Racists

While immigration enthusiasts are wont to suggest that immigration restrictionists “hate brown people”, it’s a fact that many on the immigration enthusiast side hate white people. Examples: Tim Wise, the anti-hate crusader who was inspired by the 2010 election to an anti-white polemic so vituperative that he had to apologize.

"[Y]our kind—mostly older white folks beholden to an absurd, inaccurate, nostalgic fantasy of what America used to be like—are dying. …”An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum,, November 3, 2010

See also Racism, Right-Wing Rage and the Politics of White Nostalgia, by Tim Wise,, August 17, 2009, in which nostalgia for the past is represented as evil, because the past is another country, and it’s much whiter there.

  • Traitors

It may be that the desire of Ted Kennedy, Ezra Klein, or even Barack Obama to change the ethnic composition of the United States for their own political benefit could be called treason—and we have said so at—but in many of those cases it would be hard to say what country they’re betraying the United States to.

But in the case of many Mexican-American politicos, who belong to a National Association Of Latino Elected And Appointed Officials, the answer is: “They’re betraying their country to Mexico.”

Thus this picture of Speaker Of The California Assembly Fabian Nunez, saluting the Mexican flag in the Mexican manner while listening to the Mexican national anthem in Mexico City, Mexico on Friday August 26, 2005.

 El saludo civil a la Bandera Nacional ("The Civil Salute to the National Flag")

My conclusion: if immigration enthusiasts want to talk about the “ugly roots,” of patriotic resistance to their ambitions, well—to quote George W. Bush at an unfortunate but typical moment—

bring it on.

James Fulford [Email him] is a writer and editor for

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