WSJ, Univision, And "Latino Elected Officials"
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The Wall Street Journal reports on Spanish-language TV network Univision's televised citizenship drive - uncritically, of course. Population replacement is always pleasing to the WSJ, as we march happily forward to the great one-world mongrel mega-market of Bob Bartley and Peter Kann's dreams.[Univision Gives Citizenship Drive Unusual Lift May 10, 2007 By Miriam Jordan]

Univision's management is encouraging Latin Americans resident in the United States to get U.S. citizenship as quickly as they can, so they can have a say in the running of "their" country. This "Ya Es Hora" (the WSJ translates it as "It's About Time"; "It's Time, Already" or "Now Is The Hour" would be closer) drive is a perfect example of the convergence of dollar-driven disloyal business types and the ethnic fifth-columnists who have inserted themselves into American public life:

The citizenship drive is the brainchild of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund, a nonpartisan outreach group known as NALEO. Last year, NALEO officials gathered representatives from Univision, Spanish-language newspaper La Opinion, Spanish-language radio, unions and dozens of community groups to hatch a plan for drawing more Hispanics into the U.S. political process.

The result is the largest campaign ever to convert eligible Hispanics into citizens and, ultimately, voters. "This is about increasing the participation of Latino immigrants in U.S. civic life," says Marcelo Gaete, a senior director of NALEO. "They can change the political landscape." Naturally, instead of safeguarding the value of American citizenship, those charged with that mission are abetting this tactical dilution of our citizenship:

"I have never seen anything like it in my career. It's big," said Jane Arellano, a 39-year veteran of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services who is district director in L.A. According to a person close to the situation, the initiative was a factor in the agency's decision to extend the terms of 40 immigration adjudicators in the district whose contracts were due to end in January.

Call me racist if you must, but am I the only one who is nervous that we are entrusting citizenship matters in Los Angeles to someone named Arellano? It is hard not to notice one strange and very doubtful by-product of federal affirmative action: almost everyone in CIS and the Border Patrol, the very people charged (on paper, at least) with resisting the Latin American invasion of these less-and-less United States, are almost all Latin Americans, or of Latin American origin, themselves. Imagine the Israelis hiring Palestinian Arabs as their border guards, or Her Majesty's Government hiring Moslem Pakistanis to police Heathrow (eh, that, I'm sure, is already happening), as a rough analogy to show how stupid - in terms of Americans' interests, not that anyone in the federal government cares about those - this is.

Univision is another fine example of how, in pursuit of profit margins and market share (even if, as here, they manufacture their own market by flooding the country with their consumers), big businesses abandons any loyalty to their home countries and any sense of duty to the countries where they make their money. Univision's former Chairman and CEO is Henry Cisneros, former mayor of San Antonio, Clinton cabinet member and convicted felon. What Americans need to wake up and realize is that networks like Univision and revolving-door Hispanic apparatchiks like Cisneros are agents of influence of the Mexican and other Latin American governments that want to influence the U.S. government by making American voters ever more Latin American. About America and Americans, they care not a whit.

The short term goal is to make America even more available than it already is to every surplus Latin American who wants to come squat here. The long term goal is...there isn't one. When one thinks about it, the short-sightedness of the Latin American—especially Mexican—oligarchs and politicians who want an open-border America as a demographic safety-valve is quite something. As soon as they achieve their goal of "Latinizing" (apologies to the Romans for using the term in this context) the United States, no Latin American in his right mind will want to come here. This place will be just as squalid as the place he's leaving - ever-growing stretches of it already are - and colder to boot. There goes the safety valve, and out may come the machetes for the oligarchs. It has happened before.

As for Cisneros, Univision's management and NALEO's membership, maybe we should give them credit for loyalty to their ancestry. We shouldn't forget, though, their loyalty to that ancestry leads to treason against America. And, we must reject the multicult dispensation that makes loyalty to one's ancestry streng verboten for most Americans.

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