Obedient Fabian hails Mexican symbols
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Do click on this link to see a fascinating photo of California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez as he visited Mexico a couple days back. He appears to be making a rather curious salute, an action explained unclearly in the AP caption:
California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, left, salutes towards the flag while listening to the national anthem as he stands with Beatriz Paredes, who hopes to become the candidate for Mexico City Mayor under her party, the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, in Mexico City, Mexico on Friday Aug. 26, 2005.
Nunez's fascist-style salute makes it obvious that he is not saluting the American flag but the Mexican one; however AP confuses the issue by use of the word "the" (as in "the" national anthem). Nunez's unAmerican gesture reveals an agenda inappropriate for an important elected official from the state of California. Imagine the outrage if an American politician used the Nazi salute in Berlin in the mid-1930s. But visibly disloyal behavior is normal among many California elected Hispanics, whose allegiance has gone south, if it ever left.

Fabian Nunez Salutes The Mexican Flag

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