A Pilgrimage to Chavez-land
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So the “Department of Homeland Security”—what a creepy title —“ has woken up to the Chicken Processing situation:

Pilgrim's Pride: Homeland Security Took 400 Wrkrs Into Custody CNNMoney.com April16 2006

Pilgrim's Pride Corp. (PPC) confirmed the Department of Homeland Security took 400 employees into custody at five processing facilities across the South...Officials from the Customs Enforcement division took into custody employees at plants in Batesville, Ark.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Live Oak, Fla.; Morefield, W.Va.; and Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

Pilgrim's Pride said it had terminated all employees who were arrested and would terminate employees found to have engaged in similar misconduct.

Charming to see how Pilgrim’s Pride, the world’s largest chicken supplier, stands by its employees in time of need.

But of course the company has the fine moral example set by one of their outside directors, Linda Chavez — no doubt there to sanctify treasonable employment practices.


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