The Brussels Bombing: Political Class Not Getting Message, Let’s Say It Again Louder: END MUSLIM (and other) IMMIGRATION!
Print Friendly and PDF Editor Peter Brimelow writes: Lydia and I nearly missed our redeye back East from San Diego last night, along with our two good little girls and one flight-phobic Baby Dragon (right) because of the immense security line. Did the TSA know something? It didn’t know enough to find the bottles—of medication, but it could have been gasoline—that we had forgotten in the diaper bag. We were also interested to note that one TSA agent was wearing a hijab.

The March 22 Brussels bombings are (apart from anything else) a disaster for the TSA, and for American travelers, in ways that don’t seem to have attracted much comment. It has always seemed to me that terrorists could cause just as much chaos by hitting airport crowds outside of the security screen as they could by actually getting on the plane. Now this has happened.  Rep, Janice Hahn (D.-CA), no doubt familiar with Israeli practice, has actually called for the TSA security perimeter to be expanded [LAPD steps up deployment, patrols in wake of Brussels attacks, by Jeffrey Thomas DeSocio,, March 22, 2016]. But the Israelis are allowed to racially profile. Does Hahn want Americans to go through a second hour-long line? My helpful prediction: next, terrorists are just going to shoot their way past the (unarmed) TSA agents and set fire to fueled-up aircraft.

The only way to reduce the terrorist threat (apart from an armed citizenry): reduce the number of potential terrorists—as the Israelis have already done with their border fence. Yet the Main Stream Media has reacted with its usual blatantly-coordinated horror to Donald Trump’s entirely sensible call for a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration e.g. After Brussels attack, don't be stupid: Our view| To defeat ISIL, enlist Muslims, don't smear 1.6 billion people, by The Editorial Board, USA Today, March 22, 2016:

Americans believe that this nation’s tradition of religious tolerance, and its history of integrating waves of immigrants into a vast cultural melting pot, makes the U.S. a different and safer place [than Belgium], and they’re largely right.

But a spate of xenophobic rhetoric threatens to undermine that advantage. The most prominent practitioner, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, was all over TV on Tuesday, peddling his usual venom against Muslims — unwittingly helping ISIL and other extremists sell their own claim that the U.S. and other Western countries hate Muslims and are united in a modern crusade against them.

It’s one thing to note — correctly — that the attackers in Brussels, Paris and elsewhere have all been radical Muslims…But it's quite another thing to smear the world's 1.6 billion Muslims with the implication that they’re so dangerous, they must be treated with suspicion and can’t be allowed into the country.

(Oh yeah? In fact, Americans tell pollsters they favor a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.)

And it’s important to note that unassimilable Muslims are different only in degree, not in kind, from the other unassimilable Third World immigrants allowed into America by the disaster of the 1965 Immigration Act and the simultaneous elite decision to stop resisting the illegal influx.

For example, just published a much-read Today’s Letter from a Mexican-American reader saying her “grandparents didn’t move here from Mexico and my father and uncles didn’t serve in the US Army so their descendants would end up living in Mexico again.”  On our FaceBook page, another Mexican-American commented: “Love this. Exactly how I feel. My ancestors didn't come to the US so their descendants would have to live in Mexico again.”

Right now, I’d say that no amount of facts or logic is going to get the Political Class—in the U.S. and throughout the First World—to change its mind on immigration. So I feel justified in reposting my thoughts after last December’s San Bernardino Muslim Massacre, with a few added links, and bold-faced to get the point through their thick heads. As Piers Morgan (!!!) just wrote in a remarkable piece: When it comes to terror, isn’t it time we started listening seriously to Trump? (Daily Mail, March 22, 2016)


San Bernardino: The Answer Is An Immigration Moratorium—And Muslim Expulsion

By Peter Brimelow

There is one indisputable fact about Wednesday’s shootings in San Bernardino: if the family of Syed Rizwan Farook had not been allowed to immigrate 30 years ago and if he had not been allowed to import his fiancée Tafsheen Malik from Pakistan in 2014 as part of the ongoing “family reunification” scam, they would not have been able to murder 14 innocent Americans in 2015.

There are, of course, plenty of native-born American criminals. But, ignored by the Mainstream Media, mass murders by immigrants have quietly but unmistakably become a real Trend. A quick count shows 60 cases in the last 30 years, for a total of 472 deaths, 183 wounded. (For example, see here and here). Maybe it's because some of these immigrant killers come from chronically violent parts of the Third World. Maybe, as our Brenda Walker has suggested, it’s because of the very real but rarely-discussed psychological stress of transcultural migration. We don't know. And nobody in the American elite is asking.

Indeed, to a remarkable extent, the Main Stream Media has succeeded in evading completely any connection between the San Bernardino massacre and the inflammatory word “immigrant”—in favor of its (and Obama’s) pet cause of gun control. As of the evening of December 3, a Google News search on “San Bernardino” + “immigrant” produced just 92,200 results, many of them unrelated. But a Google News search on “San Bernardino” plus “gun control” produced an amazing 3,600,000 results. And a Google News search on “San Bernardino” plus “immigration control” produced no mentions at all within the past 24 hours.

Americans know from bitter experience that, now that the immigrant non-whiteness of the San Bernardino mass murderers has been established, the whole episode will go straight down the Orwellian Memory Hole. If it is left to the American elite, nothing will change.

Thus my first three paragraphs above are, in fact, adapted (e.g. the Google news searches are new) from the first three paragraphs in Virginia Tech Massacre: Gun Control—Or Immigration Control? which I posted on on April 18 2007, after Korean immigrant Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people. On present form, I will be still recycling them in 2023.

For that matter, it’s more than fourteen years since I wrote The Role of VDARE.COM After 9/ll: It's The Immigration, Stupid. The Ruling Class’s response: the rate of Muslim immigration doubled—over 1.6 million have entered the U.S. since 9/11.

For example, “a source told CBS News that the pair were looking at ISIS propaganda online” [More details revealed about San Bernardino shooting suspects, December 3, 2015]. (How do they know?) But, of course, nobody seems interested in finding these online sources and launching the kind of witch-hunt directed at the Council of Conservatives Citizens because its—entirely factual—reports of disproportionate black-on-white crime were mentioned by Charleston Church killer Dylann Roof.

Points that don’t interest the MSM—but interest us at

Although with impressive discipline the MSM refers to the site of the killings as a “Holiday Party,” and I’m quite sure that’s what the liberal bureaucrats at the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health called it, of course it was actually a Christmas party. Indeed, NBC’s Kerry Sanders has speculated that an accidental reference to its true nature might have provoked Farook’s reported angry departure: NBC Journo Speculates on San Bernardino Shooting: Maybe ‘Christmas Party’ Was a ‘Trigger’, by Alex Griswold, Mediaite, December 3, 2015.

If Christian churches in the U.S. were not completely degenerate, they would be raising hell about Christophobia right now. Imagine the uproar if this was an attack on a Jewish gathering. (In fact, you don’t have to imagine).

Of course, NBC's talking heads probably think that further Christian self-abnegation would have made Farook happy. But “Holiday Party” already represents massive self-abnegation—and it didn’t work. My message to Christians: you can wimp, but you can’t hide.

  • Screening DOESN’T WORK

All too obviously, Farook and his wife flew under the security services’ powerful radar [San Bernardino shooting suspects raised few red flags before 'horrendous' crime, by Roy Carroll etc., The Guardian, December 3, 2015), This is particularly devastating because Tafsheen Malik came here on a fiancée visa which allegedly “has one of the more rigorous security screening processes — presenting far more hurdles than other avenues for foreigners to enter the U.S.” [This Is How Suspected California Shooter Used a 'Fiancé Visa', by Ari Melber, NBC News, December 3, 2015].

But this “rigorous security screening” failed too.

Which is very helpful information when assessing the Obama Administration’s lying claims that the Syrian “refugees” will be carefully “screened.”

Of course, what is needed, as Steve Sailer has long argued, is a National Immigration Safety and Quality Board, modelled on the National Transportation Safety Board.

Significantly, Senators Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz have just demanded that this immigration information be made public in the case of San Bernardino [Sessions, Cruz To Obama Admin: Release Immigration History Of San Bernardino Attackers, December 3, 2015.]

While we’re on this subject, Farook's brother, Syed Raheel Farook, reportedly served in the U.S. Navy from 2003 to 2007, attached to the crew of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, serving as an information systems technician. [Radicalized US Muslim was teased by colleagues about his Islamic beard and had clashed with Jewish co-worker over religion before he and Pakistani wife killed 14 at San Bernardino holiday party, by Ben Ashford etc., Daily Mail, December 3, 2015].

Does that make anyone feel better?

  • Assimilation DOESN’T WORK

Syed Rizwan Farook was reportedly born in Illinois, the son of Pakistani immigrants, graduated from college, had a career, and appeared (as the cliché has it) to be living “The American Dream.” Yet he still was overcome by “Sudden Jihad Syndrome.” Or, as Refugee Resettlement Watch’s Ann Corcoran puts it: Don’t get hung up on screening! It’s the second generation immigrant jihadists we must worry about.

A typically metaphysical MSM debate is currently raging as to whether the San Bernardino killings were “terrorism.”’s position: it doesn’t matter. Many immigrant mass murders are not by Muslims, but nevertheless reflect some profound alienation from American society. The answer: no immigration.

Tragically, even co-workers otherwise unsuspecting of Farook saw the symptoms:

Harrison described Farook as "very passionate" about his religion, and said that both he and his wife did not want to be in the United States.

"I know he didn't want to be here, his wife didn't want to be here (USA). She was a pharmacist in her country," said Harrison.

[More details revealed about San Bernardino shooting suspects, CBS News, December 3, 2015]

Not the least of immigration enthusiasm’s sins is that it has lured marginal people here, into these marginal lives.

  • Muslim alienation differs only in degree, not in kind, from other immigrants.

Immigration is not a joke, and the emotional effect can linger for a lifetime.

But so can the habits, and vices, of the Old Country. Here’s a report of Ann Coulter breaking the news to a thunderstruck KSAZ anchor Troy Hayden:

Different ethnic groups have sort of different predilections for crimes," Coulter told KSAZ anchor Troy Hayden in an interview to promote her latest book. "And I go through the various groups (in my book) and the various types of crimes."

Hayden then asked her: "You were quoted as saying Mexicans are more likely to rape children. Is that correct? Did I quote you correctly?"

Coulter said it was correct.

"That's a big thing," Coulter said. "You will find a lot of it. And you find the media, the main point I'm making in my book, is how the media hides it."

In addition to the crimes Mexicans are more likely to commit, according to Coulter, she listed other nationalities as well.

"With the Albanians, it's credit card fraud. Nigerians, credit card fraud. Russians, human smuggling," Coulter said.

"People might say that's very racist talk from you," the anchor pressed her. "You're basically saying this race of people or this nationality of people commit these types of crimes."

Coulter replied, "Well, a predilection, yeah."

Ann Coulter: 'Different Ethnic Groups Have ... Different Predilections For Crimes' by Caitlin Cruz,, [VIDEO].

(I’m happy to say I made this point in Alien Nation, p. 185)

“There are several such new "mafias," each with its own specialties: Colombians (cocaine); Mexicans (marijuana, auto theft, alien smuggling); Hong Kong Chinese (heroin, alien smuggling); South Koreans (prostitution) . . . and even lesser-known communities like the Chaldeans, Iraqi Christians whose heroically run convenience stores in the Detroit ghetto are reportedly centers of criminal activity (narcotics, gambling, coupon fraud). “

In the end, the question is: why take the risk?

And the immediate answer is: an immigration moratorium (Muslims first).

The ultimate answer must be: expulsion. This was the late Lawrence Auster‘s  proposal for dealing with Muslims in the West. He worked this out in considerable detail here; there’s a video version here.

Today, of course, the idea that any immigrant group should be expelled from anywhere in the West is simply unthinkable. But the unthinkable happens quite often

Peter Brimelow [Email him] is the editor of His best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, is now available in Kindle format.

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