Tennessee’s Rep. Diane Black Shows Immigration Patriotism Taking Hold In GOP
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A hopeful sign in the Trump Era: some (but of course by no means all) mainstream Republicans have been emboldened to fight against the pro-immigration received wisdom of the Bush/Kasich/Rubio/McCain Axis of Evil. Case in point: Chair of the powerful House Budget Committee, Diane Black (R-TN) has broken with the Open Borders wing of her own party—particularly significant because she’s the undeclared front-runner in the race for governor and her main rival is temptingly vulnerable on the immigration issue [How The Debate Over Health Care In Washington Is Affecting The Governor's Race In Tennessee, by Chas Sisk, WKNOfm.org, July 12, 2017].

Nashville, Tennessee evokes images of country music stars like Johnny Cash and George Jones, and the honky-tonks on Broadway. The MS-13 gang warfare of California and much of the East Coast in minimal in Tennessee.

But it might not have stayed that way unless patriots had mobilized. Like many state capitals with lots of public employees, Nashville is a dot of blue in an ocean of red. The Nashville city council would have enacted legislation to make it a “Sanctuary City” and so steadily destroy its schools, hospitals, and public spaces—if it had not been stopped massive opposition by citizens and by politicians like Black. [Nashville immigration proposals dead as council members plan withdrawal, by Joey Garrison, The Tennessean, June 28, 2017]

Tennessee has a super majority of Republicans in state government and Congress, and both U.S. senators are Republicans. With Governor Bill Haslam term-limited at the end in 2018, patriots are hoping for a candidate who will uphold the rule of law and prevent Tennessee from turning into another magnet for illegal immigrants.

High-roller Establishment Republican Randy Boyd has already thrown his hat into the ring, and on his website has denounced sanctuary cities. But it recently emerged that Boyd’s record on illegal immigrants is by no means pristine. [Gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd Okay With Helping Illegal Aliens in Tennessee Start Their Own Business, by Chris Alto, The Tennessee Star, July 5, 2017]

In September 2016, Boyd and his wife donated $250,000 to a Latino advocacy group called Conexion Americas, which is headquartered in Nashville. The organization’s website is mysteriously silent on the issue of the legal status of those it seeks to empower, dubiously using the term “residents.” But one of its co-founders, Renata Soto, maintains that the legal status of its participants is not relevant, and the Conexion Americas website is full of advice for the "undocumented." Her rhetoric isn’t surprising considering Soto is the chair of the National Council of La Raza, which means “the race.” Heavily funded by George Soros, the NCLR lobbies for racial preferences, bilingual education, Amnesty, and mass illegal immigration and supports state and federal legislation that would enable illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition for college [Soros Boasts of Spending $100 million on U.S. immigration reform push, by Mike Ciandella, CNSNews, October 24, 2013]. Conexion Americas is a NCLR affiliate.

A letter signed by Soto described Boyd’s donation to Conexion as “the single largest individual gift” to her organization in its fourteen-year history.

So Randy Boyd says he is opposed to Sanctuary Cities, and maybe he is, but it is clear that he is more than comfortable with giving a quarter of a million dollars to a group whose goals are suspicious at best.

The great news for Tennessee is that Congressman Black (she’s one of two women in Congress who prefer that title) has taken a remarkably strong stand against sanctuary cities, denouncing the Nashville city council on the floor of the House. (Links added by VDARE.com)

Mister Speaker, across the country, more than 300 municipalities have adopted policies to limit local law enforcement cooperation with federal authorities, making it harder to keep our families and our communities safe.

Back in my home state of Tennessee, the Nashville City Council has recently been advancing legislation to become a sanctuary city.

Giving federal funds to sanctuary cities defies logic, and it demands action.

Yesterday, I offered an amendment to expand the bill before us today, so that sanctuary cities would no longer have access to Community Development Block Grants and certain other economic development grant programs that send more than $3 billion taxpayer dollars a year to local communities.

You see, it’s not only the Justice Department and Homeland Security grants this bill would block that support local law enforcement and public safety.

On its website, the Community Development Block Grant program says its purpose is to provide services to vulnerable communities and address issues that “pose an immediate threat to the health or welfare of the community.”

What population is more vulnerable than the six-year-old girl in Lebanon, TN, who was sexually molested while she was sleeping?

Just last month, charges were brought against a criminal illegal immigrant [Guatemalan Edwin Velasquez-Curuchiche, right] for repeatedly breaking into her room at night and making videos while he assaulted her. This evil individual had been in police custody before.

For Kate Steinle, who the House is also remembering today, her killer had a criminal record of not one, or two, or three, but SEVEN felonies.

He had been deported not once, or twice, or three times, but FIVE times!

Is that who liberal legislators around the country want to give “sanctuary?”

We need more communication and cooperation between local, state, and federal law enforcement officers who are trying to keep our communities safe, not less.

It’s time to stop giving tax dollars to these cities, and I’m voting for this bill today to do just that…”

VIDEO: Rep. Black Urges Tough Action on Sanctuary Cities, June 29, 2017

Congressman Black has also sponsored a bill to stop the Library of Congress from changing “aliens” and “illegal aliens” to “noncitizens” i.e. she recognizes the power of words and combats the slow creep of Big Brother-style thought police. And Black was one of the shamefully few Congressional Republicans who defended Trump’s original “Travel Ban” Executive Order [Coffman, Gardner join Republicans against President Trump’s travel ban; here’s where the rest stand, by Aaron Blake, The Denver Post, January 30, 2017]

It is a tectonic shift that Republicans are increasingly sounding like Kris Kobach and Tom Tancredo instead of John McCain and Lindsay “Grahamnesty” Graham. Patriots are realizing that with Trump’s win, restricting immigration is now within the Overton window.

Congressman Black does not want Tennessee to become California, Ground Zero for America’s post-1965 immigration disaster. Along with a gorgeous coastline, perfect weather, and swarms of celebrities, most California cities now feature the “vibrant contributions” of the multicultural immigrants from south of the border: emergency rooms packed with people using them as free clinics, high schools that have race riots most Fridays, MS-13 gangland atrocities, and even sporting events marred by the most vile and disgusting behavior. When the U.S. plays Mexico in soccer, the Mexican fans shout “Osama, Osama” (2005), throw containers of urine and vomit at U.S. players (2009), and boo the national anthem (2011 and 2017). And all of this happens within America’s borders.

Long gone are the days when immigrants sought to leave the “old country” behind and assimilate into our American culture. Tens of millions of people settle here to enjoy our free schools and taxpayer-funded social programs but staunchly maintain their allegiance to “the race.” Republicans are realizing that demography is destiny.

Diane Black represents the future of the GOP/ GAP. And it is not a moment too soon.

Jeremiah Cicero (email him) is a very disgruntled native of California

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