Race-Realist GA Canvasser Speaks: I’m Doing This For Michelle Goldberg Too, Even If She Doesn’t Realize It
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I wrote two pieces about my time canvassing for Republican Brian Kemp’s gubernatorial candidacy in Georgia. (See Red, Blue, and (Ultimately) White: What I Found When Canvassing For Brian Kemp In Atlanta  and The Canvasser’s Tale: Kavanaugh May Be Helping GOP.) The CultMarx vigilante group Media Matters point-and-spluttered about the fact that a real racist was working on the Kemp campaign, and then Michelle Goldberg [Email her] emitted a New York Times column—literally titled “We Can Replace Them”—deploring my civic engagement. Having just finished a final push to reach 150 homes this last weekend, I’ll take the time to say a few things to my detractors, and comment on the election more broadly as well.

First off, the Georgia’s governor’s race is close. As I write, Real Clear Politics’ poll average puts Kemp ahead by 1.1 percent. While Kemp has consistently polled ahead of his black rival Stacey Abrams, he has consistently polled ahead of her by very little.

If I had to guess, I would say Kemp will win, but I am not sure. If I were sure, I would have dedicated my last few weekends to pursuits more leisurely and enjoyable than canvassing. This weekend, conversations between myself and Kemp supporters focused entirely over whether or not he will win—basically no policy matter was discussed, everyone is just nervous that he might not make it.

On to my detractors. The one sentence I wrote that both Media Matters and The New York Times’ Goldberg both quoted, with ostentatious disgust, was my rationale for wanting to keep Democrat Stacey Abrams out of office: “I know everything I need to know about what happens when blacks are in charge from Detroit, Haiti, South Africa, etc.”

This is not an unreasonable statement and I make no apology for it. Neither of my two detractors actually explained why this sentence is out of bounds. Both are invited to explain to me why I would do well to move to Detroit, Haiti, or South Africa. Both are invited to take a lie detector test as they look me in the eye and say, “Your kids would benefit from growing up in those places and attending their schools—I wish the same for my own children.”

Moreover, both my detractors removed the hyperlinks from this sentence, which had been selected carefully. My original sentence looked like this:

I know everything I need to know about what happens when blacks are in charge from Detroit, Haiti, South Africa, etc.

“Detroit” links to Gregory Hood’s review for American Renaissance of Paul Kersey’s book Escape from Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis. “Haiti” links to John Craig’s blogpost “What, Exactly, Is a Sh*thole?”. “South Africa” links to F. Roger Devlin’s review for American Renaissance of Ilana Mercer’s book on South Africa, Into the Cannibal’s Pot. “Etc” links to the very useful American Renaissance website tag, “blacks in charge.”

All four of these links were chosen carefully so readers interested to know more about why I fear black government are immediately provided with resources rich with explanatory detail. Gregory Hood and Paul Kersey are two of the best minds in America’s white identitarian movement. John Craig’s post about Haiti highlights a number of startling facts about the country. F. Roger Devlin, like Hood and Kersey, is one of our movement’s most interesting writers, and not only does he read extensively about South Africa, the book whose review I linked to was written by a Jewish woman who grew up in South Africa and saw its post-apartheid transformation firsthand.

Again, these links were chosen carefully. I invite my detractors to read through them and explain to me why either the facts they present are false, or why the situations they describe should be taken as an anomaly, not a warning.

On top of that, I ask my detractors to explain why they removed these hyperlinks when they quoted me. Were they afraid their own liberal readers might click them and be impacted by what they read?

I have a vested interest in keeping blacks (and any other hostile people unlike myself) out of power, for myself and my posterity.

But so too do my detractors, Michelle Goldberg at the New York Times and Eric Hananoki at Media Matters.

In the case of Miss Goldberg, who is Jewish, I ask that she take a look at how her fellow Jews are faring in France.

Jews were the target of 40 per cent of all racist crimes in France in 2013—even though they comprise less than 1 per cent of the population. Attacks on Jews have risen sevenfold since the 1990s… From being the largest Jewish community in the EU at the start of this decade, with a population of around 500,000, it is expected by Jewish community leaders to have fallen to 400,000 within a few years. That figure is thought by some to be too optimistic. Anecdotally, every French Jew I know has either already left or is working out how to leave.

Antisemitism in France: the exodus has begun, by Stephen Pollard, Telegraph [UK], January 15, 2015 

Does Miss Goldberg think this exodus is being fueled by anti-Semitic white Europeans? Electoral data demonstrates otherwise. The Jerusalem Post reported that in 2007, the French anti-immigration party National Front received a mere 4.3 percent of the Jewish vote. Seven years later, that support had jumped to 13.5 percent. That represents a more than threefold jump in Jewish support of a party widely smeared as anti-Semitic during a time when crimes against Jews and Jewish migration out of the country were both high. This would suggest that the ever-increasing numbers of Muslim immigrants just might be the cause of Jewish suffering and fear. Indeed, many of France’s foremost intellectual critics of Muslim immigration and the breed of liberalism that bows down to it are Jewish: Alain Finkielkraut, Bernard-Henri Lévy, and Eric Zemmour.

If Jews in France feel threatened and persecuted by a new and growing population group, to such an extent that they are leaving the country en masse, with those staying behind suffering regular violence, are they being “replaced”? If by the end of the century, France has only a paltry number of Jews and an enormous Muslim population, will that “replacement” be complete? Does Miss Goldberg think this replacement a good thing? Where does Miss Goldberg place herself on the binary of “we” and “them” when her phrase “we will replace them” is applied to France?

Finally, if she thinks it’s legitimate for the Jews of France to resist this replacement, why am I as a white American not afforded the same right to resist my replacement?

Eric Hananoki should think along similar lines. “Hananoki” is a very Japanese name, and he should ask himself why his interests, as an Asian, will be addressed or indulged by any black politico or group.

When I was going through my state’s racially-tense public school system, the Hmong and the blacks hated each other with a passion. I trust Mr. Hananoki has heard about Asian-black relations in Los Angeles as well, made crystal clear in 1992—and northern California has plenty of similar examples. Marion Barry, Washington DC’s beloved black crack-smoking mayor, once famously said, "We've got to do something about these Asians coming in, opening up businesses, those dirty shops. They ought to go, I'll just say that right now, you know." [Marion Barry’s racist remarks, Washington Post, April 5, 2012]

Mr. Hananoki should ask himself what he thinks would have happened to the Koreans who guarded their shops from blacks with firearms during the LA riots if Mr. Barry had been the mayor not of DC, but of Los Angeles.

Andrew Young, a former black mayor of Atlanta, agreed with the late Marion Barry, once saying, in defense of Wal-Mart closing down small businesses,

But you see, those are the people who have been overcharging us selling us stale bread and bad meat and wilted vegetables. And they sold out and moved to Florida. I think they've ripped off our communities enough. First it was Jews, then it was Koreans and now it's Arabs; very few black people own these stores.

Andrew Young resigns from Wal-Mart group, AP, NBCNews.com, August 18, 2006

Black hostility to Asians holds true even in Africa. Consider that the Japanese minority in South Africa was treated well during Apartheid, but when black supremacist Idi Amin took control of Uganda, Asians had their property confiscated by the state and were subsequently expelled from the country.

This is all part of the same pattern, the same impulse. The anti-Asian violence committed by blacks on the West Coast, the denigrating of Asian businesses by black mayors on the East Coast, and the ferocious anti-Asian policies of black dictators in Africa are all connected.

Meanwhile, what have President Trump or Brian Kemp ever said to denigrate Asians in America or Georgia?

Mr. Hananoki should give this a bit of thought. Surely he does not think his Asian children would be better off in a black school in the ghettos of Atlanta than a white Republican school in Valdosta?

All to say, yes, let us elect white Republicans who will stem the rising tide of color and reject any and every black who seeks elected office.

It’s not only in my interest, it is in the interest of my Main Stream Media detractors—whether they realize it or not.

Nathan Doyle is a Middle American Radical and occasional polemicist. See his earlier post on this race: The Canvasser’s Tale: Kavanaugh May Be Helping GOP.

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