Obama's Amnesty Climbdown A Triumph For Grass Roots, But Don't Let Down Your Guard: WE STILL NEED YOUR SUPPORT!
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 James Fulford writes: Obama's decision to back off on an illegal administrative amnesty until after the elections is a triumph of the American grass roots (aka VDARE.com readers) over the political class, but it doesn't mean the danger of amnesty has abated.

It will continue to loom in the Lame Duck session. WE STILL NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Give To VDARE.com While Obama Will Still Let You!

Peter Brimelow writes:

Peter BrimelowMany thanks to loyal VDARE.com readers for rallying to help our Fall Fundraising Appeal. In just over two days, we have raised over 10 percent of our $30,000 goal.

But now, as usual, the pace of donations has now slowed. Our advisers urge me make our Fall Fundraising Appeal block VDARE.com completely. But I hate to do that—there’s too much going on.

It’s this last story that, I believe, epitomizes VDARE.com’s role. The Rotherham Rape Scandal is now being suppressed and sanitized in the U.S. too, of course. No-one is pointing out that it’s the inevitable consequence of unassimilable—in this case Muslim—immigration.

But neither is anyone pointing out that it’s the inevitable consequence of Britain’s “anti-Hate” legislation—enacting which was one of the first priorities of the Obama Regime, exactly as VDARE.com predicted, and opposing which was one of our highest priorities (with absolutely no support from Conservatism Inc. mouthpieces).

And have you heard anyone else proposing that the so-called 2009 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd. Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act be repealed?

Hmmm funny thing. Why is that?

The Rotherham Rape Scandal—coming to an American town near you.

We’ve noted repeatedly on VDARE.com that Political Correctness is intensifying.

The reason is simple: the Cultural Marxist Left knows that, through post-1965 immigration policy, it is very close to its goal of Electing A New People—swamping the historic American nation with non-traditional immigrants.

But it also knows that American patriots could still easily prevent this. That is why any sign of dawning patriot consciousness is attacked with such hysteria.

That’s why, as a reader reported on VDARE.com last night, the Obama Regime, via its arguably unconstitutional Operation Chokepoint, is pressuring financial service providers to cut off legal businesses like gun shops, but also the publishers of “racist materials”—“racism” being defined, needless to say, by the Obama Regime.

I can only say: Please Give (Tax-Deductibly) To VDARE.com—while you still can!

On Labor Day 2014, Obama Touts “Immigration Rights”—Help VDARE.com Defend AMERICAN RIGHTS!

Atop her father at a 2014 New England Labor Day Fair, Karia Brimelow ponders her future, and America’s.

I begin VDARE.com’s Fall fundraising appeal on Labor Day, although the readership of all political sites tends to drop down dead on the last long weekend of summer, for a simple reason:

It has always really bothered me, as a long-time financial journalist, that the Main Stream Media completely ignores the impact of immigration (illegal AND LEGAL) on American workers.

We’ve been saying this in our annual Labor Day message since 2001.

The displacement of American workers is not at all hard to calculate from government data. VDARE.com’s Ed Rubenstein has been tracking it in detail for more than ten years. He will update again it this Friday. (Bottom line: Essentially all new jobs in the Obama years have gone to immigrants).

But the MSM, and even professional economists, for reasons I can only speculate about, simply won’t do it.

Only VDARE.com systematically covers this critical issue.

The years since the 1965 Immigration Act reignited mass immigration have been terrible for American labor. By some measures, median household incomes in the U.S. are no higher than they were in the late 1960s.

We’re not saying mass immigration is the only cause of this disastrous situation.

But we do say it is a cause—which the entire political elite seems determined to ignore.

Which is just one reason I must ask for your (tax-deductible!) support—now.

This Fall, of course, all immigration patriots are celebrating some miraculous news: the bipartisan political elite’s “immigration reform” i.e. the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill, which has been hanging over America since the 113th Congress began in early 2013, seems to have gone away.

Even Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) who was elected because he opposed Amnesty and promptly betrayed his voters to become a leading Amnesty advocate as a member of the notorious Gang of Eight that sponsored the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill, has now completed a 360-degree turn and says he opposes it.

Rubio hopes to get away with this without being labeled a “flip-flopper” because he has the support of the Main Stream Media.

But Rubio will find this isn’t possible any more—because of the alternative web-based media, which means VDARE.com. We need your help to do this.

Even more miraculous: the Treason Lobby’s Plan B—Obama’s announcement of massive Administrative Amnesty, rumored to cover as many as five million illegal aliens and due “by the end of the summer”—seems suddenly, just in the last few days, also to have gone away.

The most recent White House leak is that Obama will now announce his Administrative Amnesty after the November elections—a flagrantly unscrupulous move that he can only hope to get away with because of his uncritical support from the Main Stream Media (see above).

Both of these miracles have happened because of one single cause:

  • not Inside-The-Beltway maneuvering;
  • not expensive direct mail and TV advertising campaigns;
  • not principled leadership from elected officials (with a couple of heroic emerging exceptions, bless their hearts);
  • not support, or even fair coverage, from any part of the Main Stream Media or from Establishment Conservative pundits;
just intense, unyielding, Outside-The-Beltway grass-roots opposition from ordinary American patriots.

VDARE.com has a grass-roots strategy. We make facts and arguments available to American patriots for free. We are delighted to see them surface in Town Halls and on the comment threads. But we need your help to do it.

Needless to say, we don’t know if the President will change his mind, again, and go for an Administrative Amnesty in September—or if it will reappear, or even possibly some version of the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill rematerialize, in the “Lame Duck” session after the November mid-term elections.

And neither does anyone else. Nor does anyone know how bad the “unaccompanied minor” scandal on the southern border will get, or if there will be more Ferguson-style race riots, or if some totally new crisis (terrorism? disease?) will flare up. It’s been a wild year—in fact, a wild two years!

But, whatever happens, VDARE.com will be helping to answer it with more miracles—if we have your support.

Please help us now.

I (and Karia, above) will be most grateful.

Peter Brimelow

P. S. As I was writing this, I began to see reports of President Obama’s Labor Day address in Milwaukee in which he touted “women’s rights, and workers’ rights and civil rights and voting rights and gay rights and immigration rights.”

TIME Magazine, in its role as an Administration mouthpiece, suggests that including “immigration” in this typically divisive Cultural Marxist litany

…indicates Obama is laying the groundwork for unilateral executive action that could defer prosecutions for millions of illegal immigrants
So here we go again.

VDARE.com’s question: what about Americans’ rights?

Peter Brimelow [Email him] is the editor of VDARE.com. His best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, is now available in Kindle format.

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