New Jersey Conquistador-American/ Embezzler Jorge Rod Welcomes Unaccompanied Minor Compañeros/ Future Voters
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Even Chris Christie, New Jersey’s immigrant enthusiast Governor, is alarmed about the unaccompanied minor crisis. But for immigrant “Hispanic” ethnic entrepreneurs like Ocean County’s Jorge Rod—he’s white but don’t hold that against him—it’s just great.

New Jersey sources tell me Christie is in the dark about what is happening with Obama’s wholesale Federal distribution of illegal migrant children in his state. (The number is currently estimated at around 1500—more than any other state except Texas).

The governor does know that illegal minors are being released into the hands of relatives who are themselves illegally here. He realizes that these same relatives are unlikely ever to present their wards to the mandated immigration court hearings in a few weeks.

Christie seems to be getting his information from the newspapers rather than the President. The Obama Regime has been extremely secretive about its distribution of junior illegals around our nation.

But opportunistic ethnic entrepreneurs have provided more information as they go about their business undermining our historic American nation. Enter Jorge Rod, New Jersey’s first elected Hispanic Assemblyman (1981-1985) and now publisher of Latinos Unidos de Nueva Jersey. Interviewed by News 12 New Jersey, Rod boasted he knew families in Monmouth County and Ocean Counties who have taken in children of relatives: “Survival that’s what it is. These kids are trying to survive. I mean it’s a very dangerous situation.”

The News 12 story continues:

The families chose not to talk about their experiences. They are too afraid the publicity could hurt them, because some are in this country illegally. They are responsible for feeding, clothing, and making sure the kids attend immigration hearings, even if they themselves are undocumented [a.k.a. illegal].

New Jersey families caring for hundreds of undocumented children, July 25, 2014

So we hear from former assemblyman Rod what our own Federal Government refuses to admit: This is a deliberate scam effectively allowing a kind of family reunification program for illegals.

And the more the better for Hispanic community bosses like Rod.

So who is former Assemblyman Rod and how representative is he of the illegal Hispanic community? You be the judge.

According to his own bio, he was born in Colombia but was raised in Venezuela. His mother was from Cuba and his father was from Mexico. His family immigrated to our shores when he was fifteen.

Rod looks entirely European, as so many “Hispanic” advocates do—cf. Univision’s Jorge Ramos. Rod is in fact what Steve Sailer has called a “Conquistador-American,” like Florida’s Gangster of Eight Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

Rod even ran as a Republican for municipal office and then for an Assembly seat. He was in the NJ Assembly at the height of the Tom Kean era, when the GOP in NJ was in full Affirmative Action mode. Defeated in the GOP primary, Rod then ran as a Democrat, but lost.

Nowadays, when not publishing a Hispanic community newspaper, Rod serves as chairman of the board of Ocean Health Initiatives Inc., recipient of millions of dollars of Obama health center grant money. OHI Inc. is a heavily political low-income health provider in Monmouth and Ocean County NJ. [President Obama Announces Recovery Act Awards to Build, Renovate Community Health Centers in More Than 30 States, December 09, 2009]

Jorge Rod isn’t just a do-gooder, but a man with a plan: to leverage Hispanic population concentrations to political power.

That’s not my assessment. Those are his words. Speaking on a “The State of Hispanic New Jersey” panel, he said:

An organized minority is a powerful majority. We must unite and become a powerful majority. [YouTube Video, April 26, 2012]
Speaking of himself, Rod said, “Politics is always in your blood.”

Pumping ever more Third World Hispanics into Rod’s backyard can only help his low-income health care enterprise, his newspaper, and his “Community.”

And, like his community, Rod doesn’t always think the law applies to him. He was convicted of embezzling $12000 in public funds in the year 2000 and was reportedly sentenced to four years in prison. [Politicker NJ, December 18, 2000]. A Philadelphia Inquirer story quoted him as admittin, during a guilty plea, "I created some funny bills to defraud the township of Lacey." [Ex-Township Leader Pleads Guilty In Embezzlement, (Pay archive) September 30, 2000] But, as I’ve noted before, this doesn’t seem to bar immigrants from getting into the healthcare business.

What to make of all this?

The open violation of immigration law by Rod, and his “community,” abetted by our own government amounts, in Sam Francis’ famous phrase, to Anarcho-Tyranny. Words need only be twisted slightly to allow for the complete subversion of law. An immigration system designed to protect citizens from a flood of foreigners is turned like a fire hose, flooding foreigners back on taxpayers.

Another spectacle on view is how Chris Christie’s resolve to court Hispanic immigrant voters is thrown back in his face. Hispanic official greeters/enablers/ rent-seekers are already so embedded in our welfare state that any hope of turning them into Republicans is delusional.

Those of them who can read will be reading Rod’s newspaper, and others like it, for at least a generation. They will be going to Rod’s clinic and others funded by our already diverse welfare state.

Being introduced to American life by an embezzler will mean little to people who have ignored our laws just to be here. Indeed, perhaps it will help them adjust to the new America they are helping to create.

But it will reinforce the idea that the law is no barrier to self-aggrandizement in the face of Anglo foolishness.

Thomas O. Meehan (email him) is a free-lance writer and former government Senior Research Analyst and law enforcement official. A refugee from the People’s Republic of New Jersey, he now lives in Bucks County PA. He blogs from Odysseus On The Rocks.



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