RNC, McCain Prioritize Hispanic vote
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Quite possibly the Republican National Committee thinks only immigrants and their cheerleaders can speak Spanish. According to Boston.com, they intend to run a Spanish radio ad this week which I estimate is capable of turning off 20 GOP voters for every Hispanic it attracts:
The Republican National Committee unveiled a Spanish-language radio ad today that it plans to run during next week's Democratic convention that promotes John McCain's support for comprehensive immigration reform, while deriding Barack Obama as all talk and no action.

…"How do you know someone is a friend? You know because they stand up and defend you when it is hard. When Hispanics needed a friend in Congress during the immigration debate, who stood up? Who spoke out? John McCain," the announcer says, according to a translation by CNN.

”…only McCain demonstrated a real commitment to reforming immigration in a way that honored our laws as well as our immigrants and traditions," the announcer continues….Obama supported measures designed to insert a deadly 'poison pill' to kill the immigration legislation. If Obama didn’t even have the courage to stand up for immigrants, how can he claim to have the strength to change the way Washington works?"

GOP courts Latinos on immigration Posted by Foon Rhee August 22 2008

If taken seriously — and why not? -this means we will be back in the trenches next year.

This slimy piece of treasonable sycophancy is more or less what can be expected from the RNC, which as VDARE.com has noted before, is a comtemptible bunch of unprincipled hacks and too much influenced by Hispanics.

However the reader responses are valuable. It appears there are a few patriots in the Boston area:

1. What has happened to the Reagan Republicans...remember them...those who represented decency and respect for the human race, family values, and morals. Who are these new Republicans? Why have loyal Republicans allow an ugly and unfamiliar decay and decadence an opportunity to destroy the once pride and sturdy foundation the Republican Party!

Posted by Dee August 22, 08 03:42 PM

3. McCain really threw his conservative followers under the bus on this one.....If he is friends with illegal aliens then he must be an evangelical conservative's adversary. Make up your mind, Mr. McCain.

Posted by jm August 22, 08 03:45 PM

4. That's it. The last straw. Anybody But McCain. Email this news item to all your friends so they can know what McCain has in store for them. A New America filled with New American that all us Old Americans can take care of for generations to come with free medical care, free college education, free tutoring, and worst of all free lessons from our betters for all eternity on how evil and hateful we are and how we are not dying out fast enough and being replaced with better people from anywhere else but here.

Posted by Ted Strickland August 22, 08 05:04 PM

And more important in terms of illumination the destructive stupidity of the RNC/McCain approach, an honest Hispanic has surfaced:
7. I am hispanic and and no matter how many ads they have in spanish or whatever this former republican will never vote republican again. And to all of you demagogues and xenophobes....karma baby, karma. All of your hate and narrowminded thinking will never reward you, it will bite you back in the end. You and all of your right wing rhetoric........defeated in the Civil war.....defeated during the Civil Rights Era.....defeated in court (antiimmigrant ordinances found unconstitutional). Whatever you try to do to stifle hispanics and other immigrants...you wil fail. I've ran into a lot of rednecks who think of us as dumb mexicans but you know what...keep thinking that(your doing me a favor)....it will ensure us victory in the end. Posted by David Hernandez August 22, 08 05:10 PM
Abraham Lincoln, who orchestrated and won the Civil War to his eternal shame, was of course the first Republican President. But in clearly stating that he sees the immigration issue as a matter of racial conquest, our Hispanic friend (and implausible Republican) is doing his (no doubt forcibly) adopted country a favor. Unless the native-born wake up to the fact this view is widely held Hernandez has it right
it will ensure us victory in the end.
Thanks, RNC
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