Memorial Day Meditation: Obama Creating A New “Hollow Army”—But Many Servicemen Still Want To Defend The Southern Border
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When I was deployed in Afghanistan in the late 2000s, I served with several reservists whose full-time job back in the U.S. was law enforcement. They had all also served in Iraq, and they were generally hawkish. But almost all of them would regularly say that the U.S. military belongs, not in the Middle East, but on our southern border.

Thus, from personal experience, I know that many American service members believe our country is being invaded—and they use the word “invasion.”

And, along with many other veterans, Memorial Day is an occasion where I wonder why I fought. Different veterans will give different answers, but I can safely say what all of us did not fight for: we did not fight for multiculturalism or mass immigration.

Yet, judging from the official U.S. government PR verbiage, you'd think that multiculturalism was a sacred military value. Of course, those pushing this propaganda are non-essential, rear-echelon personnel. But they are increasingly setting the tone of the Obama-Era armed services. Those who stand up for traditional Christian teachings are treated like pariahs. And, as recent events show, high-ranking officers can be fired for the slightest offense against Political Correctness:

  • Air Force Major General Michael Keltz
A racially charged comment forced Maj. Gen. Michael Keltz to resign last week, according to Air Education and Training Command.

While serving as the convening authority at a company-grade officer's Article 15 hearing April 9, Keltz said the accused and another officer looked "drunker than 10,000 Indians" while referring to a photograph of the two officers.

[Racist remark ended general's career, by Stephen Losey, Air Force Times, May 5, 2015.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Downey
Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Christopher Downey is an American hero who has devoted 24 years of his life to serving our country and the Army he loves.

But as you’ll see, he’s the latest victim of a social agenda being imposed on the military by the White House.

He flew over 1,000 combat hours supporting our ground troops during three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Army awarded him 3 bronze stars and 7 air medals, including one for his heroic actions on May 25, 2011 when, as a helicopter pilot and air commander, he saved the lives of many soldiers on the ground by initiating multiple attacks against the enemy in complete disregard for his own safety…

[But] Brigadier General Mark Milley found Lt Col Downey guilty of violating the recent repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT). This finding was based on Lt Col Downey’s request to two lesbian officers that they stop engaging in excessive displays of public affection while in uniform at a formal military event. As you may know, that repeal of DADT now allows open homosexuals to serve in the military. Lt Col Downey was also wrongly found guilty of assault consummated by a battery after lowering the camera of an enlisted soldier that was directed at the French-kissing female officers.

As a result, this exceptional combat leader was relieved of his command, removed from the attendance list at the National War College, effectively barred from further promotions, and placed in danger of being separated from the Army.

LTC Christopher Downey? – An American Hero Sacrificed by Yet Another Gutless General, Subservient to Homosexual Lobby, by Richard Thompson, Restoring Liberty, May 23, 2015

Officers are also being persecuted simply over professional differences:
  • Major Matt Golsteyn
Golsteyn, a highly decorated officer, has undergone years of harassment after being quoted making critical remarks about the Afghanistan strategy. [Afghanistan War Hero Stripped of Silver Star, by Aaron MacLean, Washington Free Beacon, February 6, 2015]

All of the social engineering and witch hunting are causing morale to plummet. A survey last year found that only 27% of active-duty troops felt “The senior military leadership has my best interests at heart” vs. 53% in 2009. [America's Military: A Force Adrift, by Hope Hodge Seck, Military Times, December 7, 2014]

Of course, the armed services really just reflect American society. In the Obama Era, that means social engineering, racial bean counting, tribal corruption. I served during the Bush II era, and it is safe to say that under Obama all of these problems have become worse. Now we have rape hysteria and transsexual worship to add to the mix.

When I was in basic training in the early 2000s, some privates would talk about wanting to transfer into the infantry, or go into Special Forces. A couple of the drill sergeants would always reply, “That Hooah shit will get you killed.” In other words, the drill sergeants were saying that they themselves would not want to serve in front line combat units. Without getting into details, I’ll just say that those particular drill sergeants were not what anyone would call yokels. They were of a certain minority group.

Later in my career, I learned that Congress and the military’s top brass were anguishing over the lack of minority officers in front line combat units. In the infantry, Special Forces, and Navy Seals, there are just not many minorities. The top brass could have just spoken to the drill sergeants I heard saying that the combat units will get you killed. There’s the explanation, right in front of our faces.

Of course, the top brass could never go to Congress and say: “Minorities do not join dangerous branches because that is their set preference.” So there are efforts to encourage minority recruits and young officers to change their specialties to front line units. There is no telling how much money is wasted in these efforts—or how many qualified service members are displaced.

Affirmative Action is alive and well in the military, and so is the steady employment of welfare mothers. During morning physical training (“PT”), this particular type of soldier stands out: usually overweight, often sullen, no military bearing, and never actually doing PT. I have heard dozens of non-commissioned officers complain that it is nearly impossible to punish or discharge this type. So they are just shuffled around through various support units.

That’s the welfare mentality working its way into the military. This is certainly not the mentality of many service members, but it is something that you constantly run into. And now we can add to their ranks the fine martial contributions of the Religion of Peace, as well as the gallantry of transsexuals.

You’ve read about the post-Vietnam “hollow Army” that had trouble drawing talented patriots, had little discipline, and served as a jobs program for otherwise unemployable young men. If the military continues to serve as an extension of the welfare state, we could easily get to a new hollow Army.

Through it all, the American service member still stands out as an example of traditional America. This Memorial Day, thank a veteran for keeping the American way of life alive. We may not agree with every mission the service man and woman are sent on. But we should all be grateful that there are still young men and women who are dedicated to maintaining the best that America can be.

This Memorial Day, remember the countless young Americans who volunteered to serve, especially the grunts in infantry and combat arms units. These young men (there are few women in combat arms units) don’t fit the mold of typical young people today. For them, playing the victim is an act of cowardice. Taking responsibility for one’s actions is a mark of pride, rather than something to be avoided.

The American service member in the infantry or combat arms includes the patriot, the redneck, the jock, and the loner. The poor, working-class, and middle class patriotic white is the natural enemy of multiculturalism. He is the despised white yokel who never catches a break. He loses out on immigration policy, loses out in the job market when he leaves the service, and loses out in the Affirmative Action spoils system. Yet he keeps giving to his country. Why?

Not so that his country can betray him over and over with anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-citizen policy.

People like this do not generally look at liberal pandering favorably. As a result, liberals look down on the service members, and obsess over rape hoaxes and diversity numbers.

We're seeing the crusades in reverse. The traitors who govern this country are literally welcoming in the opposition. Speaking as a vet, I can say that most members of the officer corps and the enlisted ranks would take great pride in deploying to the southern border to protect our sovereignty. I heard numerous experienced service members say, “We should be patrolling the Mexican border.” has reported on veterans who propose exactly that.

Tell your representatives to send our military to the southern border. The proudest service we can do is to stand tall on the southern border. That would be the epitome of protecting the nation.

Joseph Swing [Email him] is a military veteran.



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