A Reader Writes On Eisenhower And The White Working Class Vote
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Re: Steve Sailer's article: Trende: “The Case of the Missing White Voters, Revisited”

From: The Ghost of Henry Cabot Lodge [Email him]

I came upon this piece by Sean Trende, who pointed out the problem of the missing "Perot Voters" in the 2012 election that cost Romney the election (among many other failures).[The Case of the Missing White Voters, Revisited, RealClearPolitics, June 21, 2013]

The "Eisenhower coalition" he describes shows the way the GOP of the past and GAP of the future may yet be able to save this nation from subjugation. The white working class, which doomed Romney in 2012, and failed Chamber of Commerce nominees like Tommy Thompson (WI), Dennis Rehberg (MT); was the key ingredient to the success of Eisenhower's victory.

  • "Eisenhower did one other key thing: He won over the white working class. White ethnics had actually been a modestly Republican constituency after the candidacy of William Jennings Bryan and Woodrow Wilson’s politically disastrous peace accords at the end of World War I. But Al Smith’s candidacy and the New Deal had swung them strongly toward the Democrats."
  • "Interestingly, under this narrative, Ronald Reagan does not represent the birth of a substantial Republican majority, but rather the beginning of its decline."

The Underrated Eisenhower Coalition, By Sean Trende, Sabato's Crystal Ball, November 20, 2014

Trende doesn't openly mention it, but we know the decline began with the 1986 amnesty.

Senator Henry Cabot Lodge was a 19th and early 20th century immigration restrictionist and patriot. Can you prove the reader isn't his ghost?

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