Media Snoozes While Jihadi Terrorists Infest America
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Because of the usual Main Stream Media malfeasance, you may have missed the excellent news Thanksgiving week: one of the most important terror trials since 9/11 went well for the side of civilization against barbarism. It was a notable setback for terrorist financiers and a success for the Justice Department that was years in the making.

The Dallas trial unmasked one face of the Islamic fifth column in America by showing the largest Muslim charity in the United States—the Holy Land Foundation—was actually a front group that illegally funneled more than $12 million to support Hamas, the Palestinian terror group.

Despite the usual complaints the accused Muslims of "Islamophobia", the prosecution got guilty verdicts on all 108 separate charges—an outstanding result.

All five of the guilty HLF officials are Muslims born in the Middle East who set up their Dallas-based terror-financing organization to use America's wealth and freedom to fund Islamic murderers.

There is general agreement that this year's trial was more streamlined than the 2007 prosecution that ended in a mistrial. Many observers thought the earlier case overwhelmed the jury with details. The recent one focused on the headlines and didn't pursue the HLF's peripheral activities.

The 100 percent conviction rate proves the wisdom of that strategy. And while terror funders might not have the dramatic cachet of bombers, a lot of evil can be done with $12 million.

Attempted terror incidents across the country are largely ignored by the MSM, in much the same way that the press neglects crimes committed by illegal aliens against Americans. Jihadist activity is reported locally only, and their overall criminal pattern is not examined. (A map of terrorist cells in the United States from the Investigative Project shows the bad guys are spread all over the country.) Violent acts committed by immigrants either for personal gain or to promote jihadist philosophy are given short shrift by the press so the illusion of happy diversity won't be disturbed by the unpleasant truth.

For example, a search of CBS News turned up zero coverage of the Holy Land trial's verdicts, though the network did carry an AP report of the October 2007 conclusion [Mistrial In Muslim Terror-Funding Case, October 22, 2007].

But a victory for Bush's Justice Department? CBS did not consider that worth reporting.

In 2005, the Washington Times reported that numerous terrorists had been thwarted since 9/11

"Criminal Division prosecutors and investigators, working with state and local authorities, have disrupted more than 150 terrorist cells and threats from Portland, Ore., to Lackawanna, N.Y., incapacitating more than 3,000 known operatives. They also have charged 375 persons in terrorism-related cases, 195 of whom already have pleaded guilty or been convicted, and removed from the country more than 500 people linked to September 11.

"The targeted terrorists have included members of al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas as part of an effort to prevent and prosecute those who commit or intend to commit terrorist acts against the United States." [Terrorists will fail, official says, by Jerry Seper, May 3, 2005]

The DOJ Fact Sheet, Justice Department Counter-Terrorism Efforts Since 9/11 , didn't have a total number of terror convictions or prosecutions since 9/11.

However, the paper did note "more than 800 incidents involving violence, threats, vandalism or arson against Arab Americans, Muslims, Sikhs, South Asian Americans or other individuals perceived to be of Middle Eastern origin" and 35 convictions to date on those cases.

Judging by DOJ's own publication, assuring easily miffed Muslims that pursuing so-called "hate crimes" is more important than apprising citizens of terrorist activity in their own country.

Fortunately for inquiring minds, more current information is available in the 2008 Terrorist Trial Report Card, compiled by the Center for Law and Security at the New York University. That study counts 418 defendants in the total convicted category since 9/11.

That number's significance stands out when you consider that only 19 Muslims were able to kill nearly 3000 on 9/11.

The MSM narrative that underlies today's terrorism coverage: "9/11 was a lucky, one-time shot—we Americans don't have to worry about Muslims living in the United States because they are assimilated and don't want to blow anyone up."

Actually, a 2007 Pew poll found that a significant portion of the younger generation of Muslims is hostile to Western values. For example, 26 percent of young Muslims believe that suicide bombing against infidel targets is acceptable. (See Muslim Fifth Column Polled for more.)

The signs of a vibrant terrorist community in America are there to see if you lift the rock up (or read

Over the past few years I have used these pages to spotlight terrorist arrests and convictions that the MSM ignores:  

Other cases include likely instances of "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" where Muslims apparently acted in violent, Islamic ways.

  • Afghan immigrant Omeed Aziz Popal went on a murderous driving rampage on August 29, 2006, killing one man in Fremont, California, and attempted to kill 16 people in San Francisco by running them down with his SUV. In May of this year he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.
  • An 18-year-old Bosnian Muslim refugee, Sulejman Talovic, killed six people in a Salt Lake shopping mall shooting spree in February 2007 before he was shot by an off-duty policeman.

Far from being an assimilation paradise filled with cheerful Muslim immigrants achieving the American Dream, this country is fraught with jihadist violence and terrorism prevented by diligent U.S. authorities.

Significantly, there is another important terrorist trial occurring right now: the Fort Dix Six jihadists who planned to enter that military base and murder dozens of American soldiers. Local newspapers, particularly the Star-Ledger of Newark, NJ, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, have provided extensive reporting.

Here's a December 2 snippet from the Star-Ledger that paints a clear and disturbing picture

"In one conversation, Eljvir Duka told the others he wanted to become a sniper and 'die fighting.' His older brother, Dritan, told another friend that he had 'three or four months' to decide whether or not to join a jihad.

"Prosecutors played the tapes for jurors in Camden, where the Dukas, their brother Shain, and two others, Mohamad Shnewer and Serdar Tatar, face trial on conspiracy and weapons charges. Authorities say the men, all Muslim immigrants, were plotting an attack against Fort Dix or another U.S. installation." [Fort Dix trial recordings talk of sniper training, martyrdom, By John P. Martin, The Star-Ledger Tuesday December 2, 2008,]:

When a half-dozen Muslim immigrants plan the mass murder of American soldiers in order to pursue jihad and martyrdom—that's newsworthy in my book. And it merits more than local press coverage

The argument can be made that big media doesn't want to affect the verdict in a highly charged trial. However, there is no shortage of daily news reports from courtrooms where the latest celebrity trial is playing. Take a look, for example, at the O.J. Simpson trail.

America is overrun with would-be terrorists, thanks to multicultural immigration. Rep Ed Royce (R-CA) noted another indicator of terror cells taken down by US authorities. He appeared at a Nov 15 forum at the Restoration Weekend and referred to Osama bin Laden in the following quote:

"Now, we know the reality of where he's going in terms of his efforts to obtain WMD, and his focus on putting cells into the United States. We have knocked down 13 Islamic cells in the U.S. effectively. And this is the reality of where we are in the world, and we have effectively stopped attacks in Israel and effectively stopped most of the attacks in Britain through the use of our electronic surveillance and other methodologies like this."

My emphasis. When do you ever see any mention in the MSM of terror cells operating in the United States?

You don't.

The government and the media don't want citizens to know that terrorist activity is actually quite common. Furthermore, the nature of the enemy—Islamists who desire their own martyrdom in the murder of infidels—make them different from our earlier ideological foes. The wise and prudent course is to keep them out of our country, not welcome them.

If the people knew the extent of the danger, and how the government has not done what is necessary to protect the country, then Americans would demand adequate safeguards—above all, an end to Muslim immigration.

Brenda Walker (email her) lives in Northern California and publishes two websites, and She misses the good old days of American jurisprudence when traitors and terrorists went straight to Old Sparky after a proper trial.

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