Another Muslim Terrorist Attack Thwarted
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You gotta love how the AP tapdances around to avoid the "I" word (immigrant) in the latest terror arrests. But at least the story mentions straightaway that the perps are not Baptists.

Four Muslim men were foiled from carrying out a plot to destroy John F. Kennedy International Airport, kill thousands of people and trigger an economic catastrophe by blowing up a jet fuel artery that runs through populous residential neighborhoods, authorities said Saturday.

Three men were arrested and one was being sought in Trinidad on Saturday. In an indictment charging the four men, one of them is quoted as saying the plot would "cause greater destruction than in the Sept. 11 attacks."

One of the suspects, Russell Defreitas, a U.S. citizen native to Guyana and retired JFK employee, said the airport was a symbol that would put "the whole country in mourning." [Four Muslims charged in JFK airport terror plot, Associated Press 6/2/07]

Nice people they are letting in these days!

Say, didn't we just have another one of these terrorist plots uncovered recently? Oh, right. The Fort Dix Six, who wanted to mass murder American soldiers in New Jersey. The Six were similarly diverse foreign fellows with extensive mosque experience. Even Hugh Hewitt has noticed the immigration-national security connection.

Seriously, is there one good reason to allow Muslim immigration? Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims. What else do you need to know? The government is supposed to be protecting our lives, not engaging in a sociology experiment.

Franklin Roosevelt did not engage in touchy-feely "reaching out" to Nazis in WWII and this administration is crazy to think ill-considered programs like sticking thousands of Saudis in American colleges will turn back the jihadist tide. The 9/11 hijackers had plenty of exposure to western culture and were not dissuaded from their murderous plot.

But instead of taking the sensible precaution of ending Muslim immigration from terror-supporting nations at least, Washington has thrown open the door to more sons of Allah relocating to this country.

Not only is plain vanilla Muslim immigration on the increase, but the Iraqi refugees are about to arrive in the thousands. It hardly seems fair that Americans in uniform are dying in Iraq, while Iraqi citizens are escaping to the safety of Detroit.

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