Malaysian Air Disappearance: Why Do Immigration Enthusiasts Sabotage Identity Security?
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As I wrote in a recent letter to the editor, Malaysian Air flight MH370 has literally disappeared into thin air. The most seasoned aeronautic veterans are scratching their heads and wondering how an apparently well-maintained modern jet airplane can just up and vanish when it has reached cruising altitude in untroubled clear blue skies. They all seem to agree it must have been something fairly sudden and catastrophic because no communication has been detected by authorities, which one would assume would happen given something like a jammed jack screw.

No, something more sudden seems to be the consensus, it’s increasingly pointing into the direction of murder most foul. Investigation into the passenger manifest has revealed two people traveling with stolen passports. Which of course makes us all suspect that perhaps one of both of these people boarded the plane under-cover with a bomb with the intention of meeting Allah in a hurry. [Passport Theft Adds to Mystery of Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet, By Thomas Fuller And Eric Schmitt, NYT, March 8, 2014]

Malaysian  FlagBut it is odd, if that is the case, that they would target a Malaysian airline. It is a Muslim country, after all. But maybe they saw Malaysia’s candy-striped flag (right) and said to themselves, “Close enough, I want me my 72 virgins, Allahu Akbar!”

Given all this hand-wringing and speculation, it’s a wonder that the Main Stream Media has not picked up on the deplorable state of U.S. identity security. Here in the U.S., any attempt at improving the security and validity of identification is met with full-throated defiance by the usual suspects, who happen to run the country. We are meant to believe that asking for basic forms of identification routinely needed for something as simple as renting a movie is tantamount to poll-taxes and Jim Crow.

This mentality can be seen in the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill being pushed by the Great and the Good. It actually has a provision that makes it illegal to “forge, counterfeit, alter, or falsely make 3 or more passports”.

See? The first two are free! [Rubio Didn't Know His Own Bill Allows Someone to Forge 2 Passports Before It's a Crime,By Alissa Tabirian,, July 19, 2013.]

But honestly, what is the thinking behind this? Why on earth, given our apparent state of perpetual war against whole swaths of mankind, would we attempt to lay avenues of attacks unobstructed to foreigners whose designs may be anywhere from rudely imposing to murderous? I mean, what’s that point of having an official document if in fact the law actually has provisions allowing it to be counterfeited?

I’ll answer my own question: it’s because the person(s) who wrote this bill are wild-eyed Open-Border Treason Lobby fanatics. They don’t want ANY form of identification that hinders the absolute free-movement of people.

This Gang Of Eight bill was written by the likes of Sen. Schumer aide and immigration attorney Enrique Gonzalez III who I’m sure knows the ins and outs of immigration law and practice better than anyone.

You’ve heard of poachers being the best game-wardens because they know all the tricks played? Well here we have a poacher in charge of setting the game-warden’s schedule, pay and taking away his rifle.

It’ll be game-set-and-match if Enrique and his amigos get their way.

After all, his whole professional life has been dedicated to subverting any obstacle to his clients’ access to the U.S. This includes valid and secure documents (i.e. passports). That’s why the immigration amnesty bill has provisions making it legal to forge or alter them.

I’m sure during his practice he has had clients who have run afoul of the law and been caught by trying to sneak into the country on a fake, stolen or altered passport. Of course under current law this is a serious crime. It carries a maximum sentence of 15 years and a $250,000 fine. How unfair!

I’m sure the thinking was, “What’s a little document fraud between amigos?” And so it was included in the amnesty bill.

It all raises the question: what else is buried in this bill that we won’t find out about until there’s a smoking hole in the ground? Are we supposed to surrender our faculties and be like Nancy Pelosi who said of Obamacare, "We have to pass the  bill so that you can find out what's in it. "

This is what has happened in the U.K. The Labour party gained ascendance and decided to flood the country with people more amenable to their politics. Britons are starting to realize all too lately that their country has been irrevocably changed due to the fleeting ascendance of one faction. They have persons literally baying for blood for their own soldiers in the name of Islam.

The U.S. is headed in this direction all too fast as it is. Do we really need the Immigration Acceleration bill of 2014 to put the final nail in our national coffin?

Being the simpleton that I am, I have an impertinent idea: let’s enforce laws on the books. Let’s make sure passports are secure and valid. Let’s mitigate our exposure to wide swaths of humanity who wish us ill.

Let’s also examine why so many wish us ill.

Hopelessly romantic, I know, but that’s just way I roll.

Ryan Kennedy (email him) has written us many letters. He lives in Anchorage, Alaska.

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