Britain: Deliberately Destroyed
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Brenda Walker's important blog yesterday on the U.K.'s Daily Mail bombshell Migrant cover-up: Reports kept secret by Labour show mass immigration cut wages, raised tensions and that too many stayed too long By James Chapman 1st March 2010 deserves amplification.

First of all, a Thought Experiment: the story has arisen because the incoming Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition has published studies commissioned but suppressed by the previous Labour Government. What are the chances of a new Republican Administration doing the same to the Obamacrats?

Answer: As things stand at present, Zero.

Obama is never going to be found in the posture of the current U.K. Labour leader:

Yesterday, Ed Miliband admitted the Labour government's open door policy towards immigration from Eastern Europe had "put pressure on people's wages" by bringing about an influx of cheap migrant labour. He also conceded that Labour ministers had been "wrong" to say that a maximum of 13,000 migrants a year would come to the UK from Eastern Europe following EU enlargement in 2004. In the event, more than 600,000 arrived in the following two years. And he warned that immigration had helped widen the gap between rich and poor by piling pressure on those in lower skilled jobs.

But there is a further aspect which should not be missed: this inundation did not just happen.

It was not just chance.

The Tony Blair Labour government of 1997-2007 deliberately opened the floodgates, which had been effectively closed since the UK Establishment got scared of Enoch Powell in the early 1970s.

This has been in the public domain since it was  blabbed out by speechwriter Andrew Neather in 2009, as noted by Brenda here and by myself in Andrew Neather and the 1965 Immigration Act: I get it.

There is only one word to describe this atrocity, in the UK or the US: Treason

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