Loudoun County’s Revolt Against “Critical Race Theory”: Dems Should Worry, GOP/GAP Should Wake Up
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I’ve long been extremely pessimistic about the GOP/GAP’s ability to appeal to Loudoun County, my home in suburban northern Virginia. This once-rural, conservative and Southern county has become another Leftist Democrat enclave due to mass immigration of both Third World immigrants (mostly Asian and Hispanic) and liberal northern whites, working in government (Washington D.C. is about an hour away) or in the booming tech industry. So I am astonished, and delighted, by the genuine grassroots backlash against Critical Race Theory [CRT] indoctrination in Loudoun County’s public schools—by ordinary Americans who don’t want their children to be targeted by racism from the Ruling Class. Democrats should also be astonished, and dismayed, too.

Republicans held Loudoun’s congressional seat (VA-10) for 38 years. But it is now seems to be a very safe Democrat seat, held since 2018 by Jennifer Wexton, who has an F- grade with Numbers USA. (Of course, the blame ultimately lies with American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor, for disregarding VDARE.com’s Editor Peter Brimelow’s explicit instructions to run against the Republican who fumbled away the seat, Barbara Comstock, in 2016.) Remarkably, Comstock is now hectoring the GOP on what it needs to do to win elections [Barbara Comstock: GOP Will Pass the Trump 'Kidney Stone' Soon - He's 'Not Going to Be the Future of Anything,' by Pam Key, Breitbart, June 9, 2021]. This is like the Washington Generals instructing you on how to beat the Harlem Globetrotters.

Loudoun is not only the fastest growing county in the United States, but it also has the highest median income in the country. But whites are now down to mere 54% of the population. And they are getting a taste of what life is like for minorities under non-whites.

Being a racial minority under whites means getting Affirmative Action, Civil Rights, government handouts, open immigration and preferential treatment at every turn. But being a white minority under non-whites means getting your children targeted with explicitly antiwhite Critical Race Theory (CRT).

CRT’s proponents describe it as follows:

Critical Race Theory [CRT)] examines social, cultural and legal issues as they relate to race and racism. It is an academic discipline composed of civil-rights scholars in the United States who have examined how ostensibly colorblind laws may enforce societal or structural racism; and how transforming the relationship between law and racial power can achieve racial emancipation and anti-subordination more broadly.
[Wikipedia, June 16, 2021]

A more succinct and accurate description of CRT: anti-white racism [White-Out: Don't Cower From Calling Critical Race Theory 'Anti-White',' by Ilana Mercer, CNSNews, May 28, 2021].

Parents in Loudoun have organized a group called Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT) that has attracted national attention. The daily posts from the group are hard-hitting and leave no doubt as to the perniciousness and anti-white nature of CRT.

Scott Mineo, the man who started PACT, described what led him to start the group to the Daily Caller here.

It is likely a familiar story for many whites who begin to notice the reality of race.

Not particularly political, Mr. Mineo started noticing various “equity statements” from Loudoun County schools that spoke about things such as “dismantling white supremacy.” Puzzled about why the schools were railing against things that do not exist, Mineo started digging deeper into the activities of the school board and why local schools were teaching such lies.

The end result: within a year, Loudoun County parents are filing lawsuits, attempting to recall certain members of the school board, attending rallies and school board meetings, engaging in media campaigns and openly speaking out in defense of their children [Loudoun County teacher speaks out on critical race theory: 'This isn't what I signed up for,' Fox News, June 14, 2021]. Some of this activism has received national media coverage.

Needless to say, unlike BLM and Antifa, the parents involved are not funded by corporations or supported by the Regime Media. Indeed, parents standing up to the School Board have been targeted by pro-CRT supporters and teachers who want to dox them.

Mineo has received death threats. Undaunted, he is now recruiting teachers to fight CRT. Some have already risked their careers by speaking out[Loudoun County anti-critical race theory rally: Teacher says 'our student body suffers,' by Michael Ruiz, Greg Norman, June 12, 2021].

So, what is happening in Loudoun County is a genuine grassroots movement started by average residents who don’t want their children to be targeted by racism from the establishment.

Which sounds a bit like the “Middle American Radicals” or MARS that the late Sam Francis described and wrote about for nearly his entire career. This is from his 1997 book called Revolution From The Middle:

Middle American Radicals are essentially middle-income, white, often ethnic voters who see themselves as an exploited and dispossessed group, excluded from meaningful political participation, threatened by the tax and trade policies of the government, victimized by its tolerance of crime, immigration and social deviance, and ignored or ridiculed by the major cultural institutions of the media and education.

In fact, the Loudoun parents are more accurately described as upper middle class and economic issues do not figure much in their pushback—though they certainly resent their taxes going to defame and attack their own kids.

Francis not only foresaw the rise of MARS but also the spread of Anarcho-Tyranny and the expansion of what Paul Gottfried calls “The Managerial State.” I believe he was among the most important writers and thinkers of the last hundred years.

Perhaps his greatest strength was his unflinching focus on race and the reality of racial conflict in a now multiracial America. This is from a February 1998 column in Chronicles magazine:

Today, the greatest immediate danger to Middle America and the European-American civilization to which it is heir lies in the importation of a new underclass from the Third World through mass immigration. The danger is in part economic, in part political, and in part cultural, but it is also in part racial, pure and simple. The leaders of the alien underclass, as well as those of the older black underclass, invoke race in explicit terms, and they leave no doubt that their main enemy is the white man and his institutions and patterns of belief.

Race is, of course, the main dividing line in America and the battle over CRT is an obvious example of this.

I should note, however, the anti-CRT movement has several non-white supporters. They are and should be welcomed to the cause. In fact, one of the most eye-opening and instructive speeches to the Loudoun school board was from an immigrant who grew up in from Mao’s China, Xi Van Fleet. She noted the similarities between the anti-white nature of CRT and the Communist propaganda that she grew up with (and, ominously, was responsible for the deaths of millions).

But as videos show, most of the parents protesting are white.

And for good reason. Their children are being taught to hate themselves because they are white. Additionally, of course, non-white children are also being taught to hate and despise white children.

Still never about to let the chance for a grift go to waste, Conservativism Inc. has also waded into the CRT waters. Their main concern: CRT is being exposed as anti-white.

Thankfully, however, we no longer live in the era when poseurs like William F. Buckley and National Review could neuter and channel genuine dissent to our hostile elite. Smarter and braver men now tell Conservative Inc. gatekeepers where they can go:

Can't load tweet https://twitter.com/brandonorselli/status/1407329454184185862: Sorry, that page does not exist

Virginia has a gubernatorial election this November, so you would think the geniuses in the GOP would be all over this issue that has galvanized suburban whites, notoriously trending toward the Democrats. After all, this formerly deep red state has gone blue every statewide election since 2009.

The Republican nominee, Glenn Youngkin, did mention CRT in his runup to the GOP Convention (engineered by the state Republican elites to stop outspoken anti-CRT conservative Amanda Chase from winning the nomination via an open primary). He also put out a perfunctory statement in May that criticized Loudoun County schools for firing a gym teacher who had refused to call “trans” students by made up pronouns [WATCH: Glenn Youngkin Calls on Loudoun County Public Schools to Reinstate Teacher Tanner Cross, Youngkin Campaign, May 31, 2021]. Chase had campaigned on defunding schools who promote CRT but was badly outspent by Youngkin, who has a net worth of $300 million and self-funded his own campaign.

But it doesn’t look like Youngkin’s handlers will let him propose this idea in the campaign against former Governor Terry McAuliffe, a CRT supporter. His first campaign ad dropped earlier this month and focused on economic issues and on his being a businessman.

This boilerplate might have worked in 1982 but those days are long gone.

For some reason, GOP consultants still get paid lots of money to lose elections.

While CRT doesn’t appear to interest Youngkin much, there are some racial issues that do move him. This is from his press release celebrating the latest black nationalist holiday of “Juneteenth”:

We celebrate Juneteenth with great joy, commemorating the emancipation of slaves in America more than 150 years ago. Slavery is the worst stain on the United States’ history, and ending this evil began a new chapter for our country, one that has aspired to equality and justice for all even as injustices remain. We must come together, as one country and one people, to unwaveringly pursue those truths that have always been self-evident, but not always honored. Every member of our American family should fully enjoy the opportunity to live freely and achieve their full potential. Let’s stand together for a better tomorrow!

Here's Youngkin pandering on Twitter

In May 2020, while CEO of The Carlyle Group, Youngkin sent a letter to his employees urging them to donate to anti-white outfits such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the NAACP—two of the main boosters of promoters of CRT [Woke Capital? GOP Candidate, Ex-CEO Once Urged Employees To Donate To The SPLC, by Emily Jashinsky, The Federalist, March 25, 2021]. He claimed the letter was an oversight but it is looking more and more like it is an accurate statement of his views on race.

Of course, Youngkin is just following the lead of national Republicans like Rand Paul, Mike Pence and John Cornyn—racial trucklers to a man—who each tweeted out a black power fist to celebrate Juneteenth.

Fortunately, a handful of Republicans still seem to care about the Historic American Nation (not to mention the people who actually constitute the base of the GOP).

A heroic 14 Republicans voted against the Juneteenth holiday. One of them, Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale, penned a column noting why Juneteenth as a holiday is a terrible idea:

Practically speaking, we live in a political environment in which leftists are eagerly preaching the gospel of America’s evil. They have commandeered school curricula and corporate boardrooms in the service of the ideology of critical race theory, the core holding of which is that key constitutional features (e.g., due process of law) produce unequal outcomes and are therefore the product of white supremacy.

[What to the conservative is Juneteenth? Washington Examiner, June 24, 2021].

To me, the pushback in Loudoun County, and from white parents around the country, is as welcome as it is unexpected. As shown by the examples above, they should not look to Republicans for much help. But perhaps this message from MARS will create new leaders—like Scott Mineo and Matt Rosendale—and propel them to the forefront of American politics.

The hour is getting late, and we cannot afford politicians who ignore what is being done to whites. Anti-white racism infests every single institution in the U.S. and gets worse by the day. Racial attacks and murders of whitesincluding white children—by blacks are now common. Some of the killers of whites are set free by black juries.

The Chinese immigrant who spoke out to the Loudoun school board meeting can tell naïve U.S. whites exactly where this is all headed.

If CRT supporters manage to impose even more anti-white racism into our society it will be because they do not hesitate to speak power to truth. The white parents fighting back so passionately for their children will have to reevaluate their status in both their local communities and the U.S. as whole.

Do whites have a future in such a polity?

Eric Sievers [Email him] writes from increasingly vibrant Loudoun County.


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