Wm. F Buckley And The Cuckservatives - Narcissistic Personality Disorders?
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H/T Pic Kevin MacDonald
Just as the gangsters in The Godfather reassured each other that their bloody clashes were just business, not personal, I'd say that my disagreement with Buckley was fundamentally political, although I do consider his character to have been among the most contemptible I have encountered in public life. However, in Buckley's case, the political was personal and vice versa.
So wrote Peter Brimelow in William F. Buckley, Jr., RIP—Sort Of on February 28, 2008 the day after Buckley’s death. Over subsequent years VDARE.com has received much praise for this obituary, widely regarded as the definitive anti-Buckley statement.

In 2009 in Bill Buckley, Chris Buckley, And The American Conservative Movement's Missing Second Act Peter utilized son Christopher Buckley’s commercially convenient memorialization of WFB’s foibles to amplify his analysis of the interplay between these and Buckley’s policy positions:

I have often wondered if money played a role in some of his editorial decisions. Thus patriotic immigration reform was always opposed by Dusty Rhodes, the former Goldman Sachs executive whom WFB, with his snobbish weakness for the wealthy, installed in a vague (probably power-balancing) role at NR.
Frankly I had thought the subject of Buckley fully ventilated but today I learn of William F Buckley – A Case Study In Narcissistic Personality Disorder Anonymous Conservative September 28, 2016. I do not know this blog, which bills itself as being about "Understanding Political Thought Through Evolutionary Psychology."

This devastating and highly sophisticated essay is imperative reading for serious students of Buckley, and indeed for the all too many people who have to deal with similar personalities.

Narcissists are forever trying to find tangible measures of the fact that they are smarter than other people…That insecurity… is a core feature of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Notice the analogies between the narcissist’s behavior, and that of the modern Cuckservative right. People are happy in America. Things are good. What do the Cucks innocently support? Importing floods of 69 IQ foreigners into the nation, who have no hope of ever assimilating. Importing people who cannot create even a semblance of freedom in their home countries, let alone protect it from leftists here. People who come from cultures where nepotism and corruption are so endemic to their culture that even if the US artificially imposes democracy and freedom in their home nation, they have no ability to maintain it themselves. People who come to the US in search of free resources, provided by government. People who vote by margins of 70 or 80% for the liberal’s promises of free resources provided through theft from the productive. People who kill innocent Americans and destroy the nation’s unity through divisions of language, and culture, and moral philosophy.

You know this will end badly. It is too obvious. They should know this as well…The only thing which can throw them up in arms is the Donald seizing the remote, smacking them across the face, and telling them that now we are watching a single f—— channel that climaxes in American greatness, and that is that. Their response? Exactly as Buckley would. Pouting, whining, rage, and an angry search for covert ways to thwart everyone and screw everything up.

I last had occasion to write about Buckley in Conrad Black: Trump Stood By Me When Needed (Unlike Wm. F. Buckley) which documented exactly the type of behavior Anonymous Conservative would have expected.

This summer I was in the presence of more than a score of recent graduates from an elite American Boarding School. For a certain reason, the subject of William Buckley was raised. None had ever heard of them.

Of course, they knew nothing of America either.

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