July Fourth Weekend May Bring More Black Violence—Suppressed By The MSM’s Reverse Trayvon Martin Scam
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My message to Americans as the July Fourth weekend looms: keep John Derbyshire’s iconic essay “The Talk” firmly in mind. The black violence over the Memorial Day weekend that I recently reported wasn’t just limited to “Black Beach Week” in South Carolina – that was only part of a wave of holiday weekend attacks against whites. But even that just was just a small glimpse of the slow-burning continuous race war against the historic American nation. And the Main Stream Media (and the Obama administration) are on the other side.

Take Miami Beach. Its Memorial Day holiday “Urban Beach Week,” aka “Hip-Hop Weekend” or Black Beach Weekend, has come to mean anarchy in the city, and this “tradition” has been going on for ten years. Up to 300,000 black “hip-hop” fans, many intent on wreaking havoc, descend upon a city with fewer than 90,000 residents, only four percent of whom are black. The fans assault and intimidate people, block traffic, blast music 24/7, steal food and drink, trash restaurants, urinate on police vans, and fondle every woman who tries to walk down the street.

This year, the Miami Beach PD reported 225 arrests during the extended holiday weekend. During the Dark Ages of the 1950s, such anarchy would have branded Miami Beach as a must-avoid pit. But in 2014, that was good news. The previous year had seen 414 arrests! [South Florida channel WSVN has since gutted its own story: 225 arrests made during Urban Beach Week, WSVN, 27 May 2014. I had to find WSVN’s story at New England affiliate WHDH.]

Miami Beach PD spokesman, Sgt. Bobby Hernandez, explained the change in terms that sounded like a passive aggressive mix of de-policing and hyper-policing, appropriate to an age of rubber truncheons:

"We've changed our strategy slightly in that we're a little less 'zero tolerance' than in years past… Quite frankly, that approach just doesn't work."

Hernandez says that crowds were similar in size to last year's holiday weekend but that word has spread about MBPD's traffic loops and routine license plate checks on the causeways leading to the Beach.

"The traffic strategies do cause a backup, but the benefits outweigh the problems. There isn't anyone left in South Florida who doesn't know that there will be a lot of traffic and a lot of cops. If you're a troublemaker, you know you'll probably go to jail."

[Memorial Day Weekend Arrests Down by Nearly Half in Miami Beach by Tim Elfrink, Miami New Times, May 27, 2014.]

Hundreds more of blacks apparently avoided Miami Beach and headed to Fort Lauderdale, where they rioted on Memorial Day. According to news accounts, “dozens” of rioters were arrested during what the MSM euphemistically described as a “ruckus.” Although witnesses sent the local media photographs and videos of the rioters, the MSM refused to show them, and instead showed only amassed policemen in riot gear (see here, here, and here).

Det. Deanna Greenlaw (email her) is the public information officer for the Fort Lauderdale PD, and she and I played telephone tag as I attempted to get more information. In a message, the detective directed me to a press release saying that 42 people were arrested in the city during the May 23-26 period, but she did not respond to my telephone message asking how many of those were arrested on May 26.

But she did talk to CBS Miami:

"We had several reports of individuals who were reaching into vehicles, striking drivers. We have reports of individuals who were jumping on top of taxicabs. This was something that was planned through these individuals, and they were coming to Fort Lauderdale Beach Park for this purpose, to cause a problem."

[Fort Lauderdale Beach: "A Police State," "Riot," and "Gang War" on Memorial Day, According to Twitter Reports by Kyle Swenson, browardpalmbeach.com, May 27, 2014.]

There was another outbreak of violence in Clearwater FL. In that city, there were two shootings on Memorial Day. Two people were wounded, and four arrested. One of the shootings involved members of two black gangs. Police arrest 4 in connection with Clearwater Beach shooting,WFLA News Channel 8, May 27, 2014]

And this is only the beginning.

In previous years—2011 in particular—there were widespread reports (most notably from Matt Drudge) about mass black violence nationwide on Memorial Day Weekend.

But reports this year were muted. One of the few exceptions: Colin Flaherty, author of White Girl Bleed A Lot, who reported on black mob violence in Cincinnati, Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Memphis, Baltimore, Erie, Buffalo, Rochester, Providence, Michigan, Myrtle Beach and Clearwater. [Widespread Memorial Day Black Violence Ignored by National Media by Colin Flaherty, American Thinker, May 30, 2014.]

Overall, the MSM now apparently considers it immoral to actually report the news. For example, when Drudge merely posted links to local articles about black mob attacks on Memorial Day 2011—not specifying race—various leftwing media enforcers declared war on him with titles like Matt Drudge Using Urban Beach Weekend to Stoke Racial Flames, Matt Drudge’s disgusting race war awareness campaign, Matt Drudge Launches Black Teen Crime News Service, etc.etc.).

Under the Obama Regime, most of the MSM has become an unofficial arm of government, aggressively imposing its racial fairy tales on the public. Fortunately, local media are not as completely under monolithic propaganda control… yet.

America is in the grips of what the late Sam Francis called “anarcho-tyranny,” where the government gives license to lawless members of protected classes while oppressing law-abiding members of non-protected classes. This is now being taken to new levels, as the political class manages impressions in order to protect this system. The result: a complete discontinuity between reality and the official story.

During the 1960s Americans, and even the MSM were initially shocked by black urban race riots, which were covered in great detail. Eventually, the liberal Establishment came up with the racial fairy tale known as the Kerner Report[PDF] whereby the black rioters were responding to white “racism,” particularly “police brutality.”

However, as blacks have so routinely brutalized whites in recent years, it is impossible even for today’s PC MSM to sell the “fighting against the man” fairy tale. Instead, they resort to non-reporting, reverse reporting, (where a minority atrocity makes the news, and the MSM says it really never happened) and killing the messenger.

So it is with Memorial Day. On a day when Americans are encouraged to remember the fallen, the MSM does its best to make sure white victims of crime are never known. In effect, what we see is a reverse Trayvon Martin scam—instead of blowing a trivial incident out of all proportion, the MSM is moving rapidly to make very real and serious events “unfit to print.”

In Occupied America, the MSM doesn’t exist to proclaim the truth—but to protect the lie.

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.


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