The FBI Still Doesn’t Get Hate Crimes, Especially Anti-White Ones
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The anonymous reader who wrote the letter A Reader Reminds Us Hispanics Are Counted As White When Committing Hate Crimes, As Minority When Victims is wrong, though he can be forgiven, because the FBI just changed their hate crimes reporting guidelines.

Under the old Hate Crime Incident Report (pdf, skip to page 23) Hispanic was listed as a victim group (or to be more precise, “bias motivation,” more on that shortly), but not as a perpetrator.  However the ne new Hate Crime Incident Report added an ethnicity section for the perpetrator, in addition to a race section, with the options of a check list for Ethnicity which includes "Hispanic or Latino" "not Hispanic or Latino" multiple ethnicities, or unknown. They also added “Anti-Not Hispanic or Latino” as a bias motivation category.

Presumably if George Zimmerman were arrested they would check off both white and Hispanic, and if Sammy Sosa were arrested, the police would list black and Hispanic.  

However, this does not completely solve the problem of whites being counted as perpetrators, but not victims. The issue is that they don’t technically list victim’s race, they list the bias motivation of the perpetrator.  I actually spoke to officials at the FBI, prior to them adding the Hispanic ethnicity to the perpetrator section, to complain about the double standard. They gave me the example that if a black person hated Italians and beat up a Mexican, thinking he was an Italian it would be listed as an “anti-White crime.” (Of course, this probably never happens) Presumably, even under the old hate crime collecting standards, if one of Al Sharpton’s mobs decided to lynch George Zimmerman while yelling “Pussy Ass Cracker” that would be an anti-White hate crime, regardless of whether Zimmerman is “White” or “Hispanic.” However, I doubt the Holder-Obama Justice Department would treat it as a hate crime at all.

Even if this solves the Hispanic problem (and this assumes the police accurately record the data), there are other victim groups/”bias motivations” that would still be counted as white if they were perpetrators.  For example “anti-Muslim” and “anti-Jewish” are listed as bias motivations, but not listed under perpetrator. So if an Arab Muslim planned to burn down a synagogue it would be listed as anti-Jewish attack, perpetrated by a White. Similarly, if the JDL planned to blow up a mosque, it would be listed as an “Anti-Muslim” attack perpetrated by a white person.

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