John Derbyshire: The U.S. Needs MORE Incarceration. The U.K., Surprisingly, May Already Have It
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

Earlier, by Ann Coulter: Mass Incarceration Saved Black America

This headline from The Spectator, August 29th, naturally caught my eye: If anything, America has an under-incarceration problem. The byline is Pedro L. Gonzalez, a name not otherwise known to me; [ Note: Read Pedro L. Gonzalez at American Greatness and follow him on Twitter at @emeriticus] but if Pedro is ever out Long Island way, I'll be glad to buy him a drink.

He takes us through some recent cases: John Marvin Weed, the 59-year-old white man beaten to death at Maryland State Fair last year by two young black brothers—I mean, they are actual brothers—aged 16 and 15.

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Motions to try them as adults were denied. The older brother got probation; the younger is in a juvenile detention facility until he's completed a behavioral modification program [Teen charged in deadly Great Frederick Fair assault to serve probation, by Jeremy Arias, Frederick News-Post, August 12, 2020].

Then Pedro tells the horrible story of five-year-old white child Cannon Hinnant, shot dead while riding his bike in his front yard by 25-year-old Darius Sessoms, who is black.

That was just last month so there's no result from the courts yet; but we have learned that Sessoms is a felon with a long rap sheet.

And then, Joel Francisco, below, who got early release from jail last year under Jared Kushner's First Step Act.

Shortly after his release, he stabbed a man to death [He was released early from prison in February. Now he’s wanted for a murder on Federal Hill. Providence Journal, Oct 4, 2019].

And so on. This kind of thing is all too common. If you pay attention to your local news, you don't have to pay attention for long before you read about someone on early release, or probation, or with outstanding warrants—someone who should really be locked up—who's committed some new felony.

Pedro Gonzalez crunches the numbers and makes a good case. Just one short quote:

Most of what Americans have been told about mass incarceration is untrue, or takes half-truths and tortures them into whole lies.

A lot of that lying is in support of race denialism, our great National Lie. The stupendous differences in criminality between blacks and non-blacks must at all costs be kept hidden from the peasants, or else we'd be marching on the palace with pitchforks.

I once, in a scholarly discussion group with some quantitative social scientists, posed the question: Suppose we locked up black people at higher and higher rates until the level of black crime in society outside prisons and jails was equal to the nonblack rate? What proportion of incarcerated people would be black?

I couldn't get an answer out of them, and wasn't invited back to the group.

Now for the situation in the U.K. It has some similarities—and some differences.

Dame Cressida Dick, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in London, gave testimony this July before the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee. That's equivalent to an American big-city police chief testifying to a congressional justice committee. Eye-stopping quote, from psychologist James Thompson's excellent coverage of this story:

Dame Cressida Dick fielded questions about how the police were dealing with the lockdown, and with knife crime and crime generally, with a focus on racial differences, particularly on the numbers of people stopped and searched.

British Justice, British Version,, September 9, 2020


Yes! Incredibly, Dame Cressida was open and forthcoming about race differences in crime!

She wasn't as open and forthcoming as we are here at, needless to say; but for a person in her position, in a country as thoroughly race-cucked as Britain, she was remarkably frank:

You are four times more likely to be a victim of homicide if you are black and eight times more likely to be a perpetrator.[PDF]

If, in defiance of all the efforts of the U.S. Main Stream Media to keep the facts hidden from you, if you know American crime statistics, that eight times figure for homicide will be familiar. It's more or less the same as the corresponding figure for us.

How odd.

James Thompson says it better than I can:

The figure is roughly the same as that for homicide for African Americans, despite their different histories. US Police and UK Police differ considerably, in that the latter are not usually armed. That does not appear to make a difference in the ratio of black to white offenders. Black British were originally from the West Indies, and after 70 years in the UK, whatever their experiences, they were not subjected to possibly 500 years of life in the US. It is either a coincidence that both homicide rates are equally raised, or it suggests that the US experiences are not a unique cause of Black homicide rates.

Surprisingly, in at least one crime statistic the British black-white disparity is actually greater than ours. Here’s the far-left British newspaper The Guardian reporting on a speech by a black socialist Member of parliament, David Lammy, complaining about what he says is anti-black bias in the criminal justice system.

The MP highlighted the fact that there was "greater disproportionality" in the number of black people in prisons in England and Wales than in the US. Black people make up 3 percent of population in England and Wales and 12 percent of the prison population, compared with 13 percent and 35 percent respectively, in the US.

Exposed: ‘racial bias’ in England and Wales criminal justice system, September 7th, 2017.

So on those numbers from three years ago, British blacks are imprisoned at four times the nonblack rate, while in America it's only 2.7 times.

And that was before Javanka got to work.

Ah, these racial gaps: When shall we ever see the end of them? Fix the schools! Defund the police! No justice, no peace!

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