Still No Mention of Murder of Cannon Hinnant in NYT or WP
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Cannon Hinnant was a five-year-old white boy playing outside in North Carolina last Sunday, when the adult black man living next door walked up and shot him in the head point blank in front of neighbors looking out their windows with horror. The suspect has been arrested but no motive has been released.

So far, 96 hours later, neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post has deigned to run even the Associated Press’s brief wire service account of the event.

Obviously, if the races were reversed, this would be this year’s Crime of the Century. As it is, it’s just another dog-bites-man local police blotter item of no interest to national newspapers.

But is it such an extreme dog-bites-man story (or, in this case, dog-bites-child) racially that it would be a reasonable exemplar to ask a question that the media haven’t wanted anybody to think about: Has the mainstream press’ furious anti-white agitation of 2020 about how blacks should be enraged at whites led to more blacks lashing out violently against whites?

Certainly, black on black shootings are way up since the death of George Floyd on May 24, 2020. But what about black on white violence? Anecdotally, it would seem as if random punch-an-old-lady-with-a-walker black-on-white violence is up: e.g., an acquaintance’s girlfriend was slugged in New York City last week for the crime of being white on the sidewalk.

Is there any way to tabulate black-on-white violence for this summer vs. last summer?

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