Great Lineup For Upcoming AmRen Conference—Mark Your Calendars For August 11-13
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[ Editor Peter Brimelow writes: Lydia and I will be there! We look forward to seeing readers! In addition to the speakers below, of course, Jared Taylor of AmRen will speak, and will bring more than 30 years of conviction and dedication to a talk called “Why We Are Right.”

We are proud to invite you to this year’s American Renaissance conference. As usual, it will be in the beautiful lodge at Montgomery Bell State Park, outside Nashville, Tennessee. We have rented the whole place—it will be our own little ethnostate for the weekend.  

For the past several years, the authorities have ensured strict separation between conference attendees and any protesters. In the old days, the scruffies howled and pranced right in the parking lot; it was like a free ticket to the zoo. These days, it’s probably best to stay well out of smelling distance.  

We have a great program, beginning with three inspiring European nationalists. Back in 2016, when Ruuben Kaalep of Estonia first spoke at AmRen, he was the youngest speaker—going all the way back to 1994—ever to take the podium. He returned to Estonia and won a seat in parliament. His country is not committing suicide, and he will give us a great talk on what Estonia is doing right.

We are also delighted to present Dries Van Langenhove for his first American appearance. He is the founder of the youth movement Schild & Vrienden, and when he was elected to the Belgian parliament in 2019, he was the youngest Representative ever to take office. His talk, “The Greatest Time to Be Alive,” tells you what kind of man he is. 

Rounding out the European contingent is Keith Woods, from Ireland. He is very active on YouTube and Twitter, where he has attracted impressive followings with his sharp commentaries on Irish and world events.  

Gregory Hood is our star writer, and anyone who has heard him speak knows that he may even be more inspiring in person than in print. He is one of the key men in our movement; if only we had 100 like him. 

We are pleased to present Prof. Ricardo Duchesne, for his first time as an AmRen speaker. After teaching for 25 years at the University of New Brunswick, Canada, he was forced out for excessive truth-telling. Naturally, he took that as an opportunity to stand up even more boldly and fearlessly for our people. 

Many of you know James Edwards, host of The Political Cesspool radio program, now in its 19th year on the air. A proud and unapologetic southerner and white man, he is building a tremendous legacy of activism and inspiration. 

Stephen McNallen, founder of the Asatru Folk Assembly, will be addressing his first AmRen conference. The author of Being Viking calls him “a genuinely charismatic man who commands a presence.” 

And, of course, our closer will be Sam Dickson. If there’s a wiser, craftier advocate for our people, I’ve never met him. I doubt there could be one. 

But even the best speakers don’t make a great conference. You do. There is nothing like being in a room with 300 people who all get it. This will be a wonderful weekend of inspiration and camaraderie. 

Don’t miss it! Register here. 

Jared Taylor [Email him] is the editor of American RenaissanceYou can follow him on Parler and Gab

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