Today's Letter: Sam Dickson Writes On The The Heaphy Report And Charlottesville Narrative Collapse
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Re:  Charlottesville Narrative Collapse: Heaphy Confirms Sam Dickson–Police Told “Let Them Fight It Out”

From: Sam Dickson [Email him]

The report solicited by the City of Charlottesville ( published my written testimony) is now out.

Diogenes unsuccessfully sought an honest man in antiquity.

It is even rarer to encounter honesty in public life in modern America.

The report is largely quite good.  It did not exonerate the authorities from the failures that led to the widely publicized—and greatly exaggerated—melee in the course of the rally planned in front of the statue of Robert E. Lee.

There are parts of the report that ought to raise the reader’s eyebrows.

It cites an incident in which a policewoman called her supervisors to say that she was alone and that things were so out of control that she was fearful of her safety.

What did the police authorities do?

They told her to leave!

Chief-Al-S-Thomas-Jr-1-1Likewise, it quotes the (African American) chief of police— Chief Al S. Thomas Jr, right—as saying that the police should just let the fighting go on.(See THE SYSTEM REPUDIATED: City’s Own Report Confirms Charlottesville Police, Politicians Conspired To Suppress Unite The Right Rally)

This does not fit the narrative of The New York Times, National Public Radio and other mainstream media, a narrative in which those coming to Charlottesville to support retention of Lee’s statue erupted onto the city in a kind of spaghetti western “we’re gonna take this town” scenario.

I was (mildly) flattered that the report includes a non-hostile reference to me relating that the police refused offers of cooperation.

The Charlottesville matter has other “consciousness raising”  effects.

The reaction of “our elected officials” should dispel any further naïve notions that the System is anything other than fundamentally unfair to White European Americans.

The Republican “conservative” Senator, the Cuban Marco Rubio of Florida, described the violent attacks on Americans exercising their First Amendment rights in Charlottesville as justified.

We are accustomed to hearing the mantras about the evils of Southern segregationists back in the bad old days of the 50s and early 60s.

We are told how Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett, Alabama Governor George Wallace, Sheriff Bull Connor of Birmingham, for instance, are to blame for violent attacks on African American civil rights activists.


One can search in vain throughout the entire history of the desegregation era to find any statement by a White Southern elected official equivalent to that of the “conservative” Senator Marco Rubio condoning and commending violent crimes.

The mainstream media has given Rubio a pass.

Imagine what the media would have said if Trump made a statement like that of Senator Rubio saying it was justified for his White supporters to commit crimes against their opponents.

Nor is Rubio an isolated, sole example of just how squalid the elected nomenklatura of America is.

The United States Congress passed by unanimous vote a resolution condemning the White Nationalists whom they blamed for all the violence that took place at Charlottesville.

435 Congressmen and 100 Senators!  All in row!  Little Sir Echoes!

The resolution also stated that the alleged murder of Heather Heyer was a "domestic terrorist attack".

The accused defendant in this case has not been tried.

He is awaiting trial.

There is considerable reason to believe that it is possible that he is innocent.  After all, it is undeniable that he was fleeing an attack with a baseball bat on his car window by a masked sympathizer with the Antifa when the collision occurred.

Most reasonably educated Americans are aware that a defendant is considered under Anglo-Saxon, and hence American, law to be “innocent until proven guilty.”

They also know that one is not supposed to make statements prejudging the guilt of a person who is awaiting trial.

Probably around half of the 535 Congressmen and Senators who endorsed this resolution are attorneys.

It is part of the most basic legal ethics that one does not refer to an accused person as guilty until the verdict comes in.

All of the lawyers among the ranks of the Senators and Congressmen unanimously voting for the resolution didn’t give a fig for the ethics of their profession.

They scrambled all over each other in their rush to please their owners by issuing the statement given to them prejudging the guilt of the defendant in Charlottesville.

When Nixon referred to Charles Manson as a “murderer” before Manson was tried, he was quite properly rebuked in many quarters for this unethical departure from the norms of respectable behavior for public officials.

And Manson was a case in which there could hardly be any doubt of his guilt whereas James Alex Fields’ guilt is not certain.

Even the self-lauded “libertarian” Rand Paul of Kentucky did not hesitate to throw basic American law and the rights of the accused out the window in order to position himself among the ranks of those for whom Whites have no constitutional rights.

How can any sensible, thoughtful American citizen regard “our elected officials” with anything other than a fully justified contempt after witnessing their disgraceful performance in passing the resolution condemning only one side—the largely innocent but pro-white side—for the violence at Charlottesville?

Diogenes would once again search in vain if he were to roam the corridors and chambers of our national legislature.

Sam Dickson (email him) is a lawyer and activist.

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