James Edwards's Book RACISM, SCHMACISM Banned From Amazon TWELVE YEARS After Publication
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James Edwards broke the news to VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow in their Political Cesspool talk Saturday night that his book Racism Schmacism: How Liberals Use the R Word to Push the Obama Agenda, had just been banned from Amazon--twelve years after it was published.

Currently, its Amazon page has it as "no longer available".

As you can tell from the subtitle, it was about the Obama First-Term era, when anything you said about Obama himself was a gaffe, and McCain more or less threw the 2008 election to avoid being called racist.

Steve Sailer reviewed it here: James Edwards` Racism Schmacism—Combating PC Newspeak, August 1, 2010. Ironically, he felt it wasn't direct enough about  race and IQ. The book was also rather creepily "reviewed" by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which as I noted at the time is almost as good for sales as being Banned in Boston used to be.

The book is still available through The Political Cesspool's website. (Click here to buy it.)

Here are some samples of what's in it:

  • How John McCain pretty much “threw” the election, out of fear of being called the “R word”. There was one thing he could’ve done that would have assured him of victory, but he refused to do it because he was afraid liberals would call him a racist. So he lost—and liberals called him a racist anyway!
  • The shocking facts you haven’t heard about Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity United Church of Hate, and how they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that “racist” simply means “white person” in today’s America.
  • Why the same media that excused Jeremiah Wright’s raging and blatant hatred of white people as simply “exuberant preaching,” portrays patriotic Tea Party protests as lynch mobs just waiting to happen. Because Jeremiah Wright is black, and blacks can’t be racists, no matter what they say or do. Tea Partiers have never said a word against blacks or other minorities, but they’re still racists. Because they’re almost all white, and all white people are racists!
  • You’ll read the incredible story of how an actual criminal investigation for “hate crimes” was launched into a young schoolboy setting a ham sandwich on a school lunch room table. Why? Because the kid was white, and there were black Muslim kids at the table.
  • Ham sandwich hate crimes aren’t crazy enough for you? Then read about Obama’s Department of Justice actually launching a federal “civil rights” investigation into a kid eating a taco in Cincinnati!

While you can still buy it, banning it from quasi-monopoly Amazon is a significant upward move in the Tech Totalitarian attempt to ban all of WrongThink—which was what Edwards warned about in 2010.

Peter Brimelow spoke with James Edwards's TPC (The Political Cesspool) recently about our Colorado Springs lawsuit.

Listen here or below..on either TPC or VDARE.com because YouTube bans us both:


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