John Derbyshire On American Renaissance: Not A Conference Report
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I'd intended to post a second installment of Radio Derb after arriving home from the American Renaissance conference this evening; but after driving 960 miles from Middle Tennessee* to Long Island, I'm too punchy.

Sorry about that.  I shall incorporate some random reflections on the conference in the May 27th podcast.

As AmRen's own summary says, the conference was a terrific success, with record attendance and a high level of energy and enthusiasm.

And as the number of attendees rises, the median age falls.  This year's audience was, I am sure, the youngest ever.

Not just the audience, either:  Ruuben Kaalep of Estonia was the youngest person ever to address an AmRen conference.  Ruuben is 22.  The title of his address was: "A Call to Action from a Small White Country."

AmRen will post video of the entire conference on their website in the fullness of time.  I believe they intend to produce a DVD version too, as in past years.

In the meantime, make do with the celebratory video produced for the occasion by the satirists at Uncuck the Right.  It's funny; it's clever; it perfectly expresses the cheeky élan of the Alt Right; and I'm in it.

*A Radio Derb listener has scolded me for saying "Central Tennessee."  It's "Middle Tennessee," he instructed me.

So it is.  To stay awake on the long drive I re-listened to some of Prof. Gallagher's Civil War lectures, including those about Rosecrans' Tullahoma Campaign.  The Prof. says "Middle Tennessee."

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