Defining America Down—Jose Antonio Vargas (Yech!) And What's At Stake In The Latest Amnesty/ Immigration Surge War
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The great Amnesty/ Immigration Surge battle of 2013 is about to begin. (Maybe).  What's at stake is not simply policies or regulations. Congress is in effect about to determine what it means to be “American.”

If this year's treason has a multicultural mascot, it's illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas. As a coveted diversity “twofer,” both non-white and gay, Vargas (a Filipino not a Mexican, as Steve Sailer  has pointed out—but hey, what can you do?) is a hero to his friends and colleagues in the Main Stream Media, many of whom actively assisted in his law-breaking.

Note: Vargas is not called a hero because he served America in war, or rendered some public service. Objectively speaking, it's doubtful that the real problem facing the United States is a critical lack of homosexual journalists who think America is “racist.”

No, Vargas is a hero to Obama’s America precisely because he despises it—and wants to remake it.

Vargas’ law-breaking has been both blatant and public. In 2011, the New York Times published his lengthy description of his illegal activities. [My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant, By Jose Antonio Vargas, June 22, 2011]MSM reaction was ecstatic. Since then, Vargas has spoken before television cameras, college campuses, and even Congress. TIME magazine has put him on its cover. And, needless to say, there has been no attempt to enforce “strategic deportation” against this astonishingly arrogant criminal.

In a typically overwrought and verbose article, Vargas even attempts to answer the obvious question of why he hasn't been deported. After a few thousand words of moralistic hectoring, he recounts that he personally contacted Immigration & Customs Enforcement to ask what ICE planned to do with him. Astonishingly, even though Vargas's illegal status had been quite literally broadcast across the entire country, ICE said they had no record of his existence, even as an ICE agent spoke on the phone with him about his criminal status. [Not Legal, Not Leaving,, June 25, 2012]

As Vargas himself asserts, the “game changer” in the immigration debate has been the “coming out” of illegals around the country. Of course, such a tactic is only possible precisely because of the federal government's treasonous indulgence of illegals. It is the federal government's treasonous indulgence that allows what the Israelis would call “criminal infiltrators” to complain, in America, about “oppression.”

This is not to say that the Obama Administration does not practice strategic deportation. The Regime has been notably energetic in seeking to deport a German family who claimed asylum in the United States. The family's crime: being evangelical Christians who practice homeschooling. The Obama Administration believes that homeschooling is not a “right,” and the German government's threats to seize the children apparently do not constitute repression.

Michael Farris of the Home School Legal Defense Association, which is representing the family, contrasted Obama pursuing Amnesty for tens of millions of illegals while the Romeike family is to be deported, protesting “It just doesn't make any sense.” [Obama Admin. Trying to Deport German Evangelical Family Seeking Asylum Over Homeschooling. By Tiffany Gabbay, The Blaze, March 15, 2011]

But of course, it makes perfect sense. What Sam Francis called “Anarcho-Tyranny” is a perfectly consistent policy. The traditional American nation is specifically targeted for dispossession, and the law is simply redefined to assist in whatever furthers this goal.

Of course, as of now, the law is still on the side of immigration patriots. In theory, a patriot President or governor (such as Jan Brewer) could easily reverse these anti-American policies.

But if Amnesty is granted to tens of millions of illegals, it will be much harder to go back. If Amnesty passes, the government will be permanently and actively aligned with the likes of Jose Antonio Vargas, who seek to make America into just another Third World dumping ground.

Vargas is actually quite forthright in his ideological defense of this process. As shown by his unfortunately (but predictably) successful lobbying to force AP journalists to stop using the term “illegal immigrants,” the heart of Vargas's case is that illegals are “human beings.” Vargas's challenge to the country he seeks to subvert is to “Define American”—asking what American identity really means.

Vargas’ definition: anyone who “works hard” and “isn't a burden.” Needless to say, as aliens are enjoying the vast largesse of the debt financed American welfare state, this definition (if he actually meant it) would exclude many millions of the criminals to whom Vargas and the Obama Regime seek to give citizenship.

However, in a deeper sense, what Vargas means is that anyone who “works” and participates in the economy is an American. As he put it in Not Legal, Not Leaving : “We are working with you, going to school with you, paying taxes with you, worrying about our bills with you...when will you realize that we are one of you?”

Of course, actual Americans know that our national identity is not an economic input. “American” refers to a specific cultural context and to institutions created by a specific people from a specific background. This was essentially defined for us by Samuel Huntington's seminal book Who Are We?which identified the “Anglo-Protestant culture and political values” as key determinant of American identity—the default culture that each new wave of immigrants must assimilate to in order to be “Americans.”

The problem: conservatives lack the vocabulary (and the courage) to define American identity in common-sense cultural terms. Even Ann Coulter, whose masterful address redeemed the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference, seems to believe that Americans have an obligation to be replaced by foreigners who are “better than us” in terms of economic output. [Coulter, Norquist spar over immigration reform, By Jeff Poor, The Daily Caller, April 13, 2013]

Current mass immigration will indeed damage the economy, the cause of limited government, the existence of the conservative movement etc. But all of this misses the point.

Americans are a people. And the national government is designed to be the political expression of that people—in the interests of “ourselves and our posterity.”

But instead, all too many conservatives now think the nation is designed to serve the economy, rather than the other way around. It's no surprise that quasi-Americans like Marco Rubio clearly believe American citizenship is a product, to be purchased for less than the cost of a high quality PC.

The result: “Define American” is actually a cunning trap by Vargas and his supporters.

Ordinary Americans know instinctively that they are losing their country. However, because their self-appointed leaders can only speak in economic terms, they are sucked into an argument about economic wonkery rather than developing a movement to ensure national salvation. This leaves the field to Vargas and his compatriots to redefine what America actually means.

Conservative Inc. thinks that they can simply get “beyond” immigration, and get back to profitable corporate logrolling. Consequently, questions of identity are never truly settled. Vargas gloated in his Congressional testimony that “diversity is destiny”—but whose? If America is simply defined as “diversity,” than it only exists as a geographical expression, as Metternich once said of Italy. Rather than gratitude, illegals look at America with contempt. Perhaps they should. It is hard to respect a country that doesn't even respect itself.

But of course, millions of real Americans do still believe in their country. And they are ready for the fight.

If Amnesty is defeated, it means that America still exists as a real nation waiting for patriotic leadership to deliver it.

If Amnesty passes, it means that the polity formerly known as the “United States of America” is on the verge of definitive deconstruction.

As shown by the contrasting treatment of the Christian Romeike family and the pervert Jose Antonio Vargas, the newly-enshrined Permanent Cultural Marxist Majority will aggressively punish those who can assimilate to the core American culture. And, increasingly, there will be no appeal possible through electoral means.

At this point, the historic American nation must consider itself occupied by a hostile power—as surely as if it had been invaded (which, of course, it has).

That is what's at stake.

We've been here before, and we've won before. But they only have to win once. And if they do, then America isn't “America,” but just another Third World country.

Patriots will be forced to ask: “What next?”

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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