Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty Expands
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Given that Republicans have not stood up to the first and continuing manifestations of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty first identified by my blog, the lawless Regime, a regime in every sense of the word as the rule of law has been absent from this Regime from the beginning, the Regime has expanded its amnesty in two important areas.

First, the Regime has re-instituted "catch-and-release" on the U.S. borders and at Ports-of-Entry (POE). But it is more than just "catch-and-release." Previously under Jorge Bush "catch-and-release" was the policy by which illegal aliens were arrested and processed, but released with hearing dates before the Executive Office for Immigration Review, commonly called immigration courts, and, of course, most of those aliens were never heard from again. Their cases were then assigned to the legacy INS Office of Detention and Deportation, later U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Removal Operations, to become additional statistics of no-shows and absconders added to their backlog of millions of illegals to be found and arrested.

The Washington Times June 14, 2012 by Stephan Dinan

Secret Report: Catch And Release For Low-Priority Illegals Proposed

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the agency charged with guarding the U.S. borders, has written a secret draft policy that would let its agents catch and release low-priority illegal immigrants rather than bring them in for processing and prosecution.

The policy, which has not been signed off on, would be the latest move by the Obama administration to set new priorities for the nation’s immigration services, and would bring CBP in line with other Homeland Security Department agencies that already use such “prosecutorial discretion.”

The policy was detailed in an internal memo obtained by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith and reviewed by The Washington Times, which confirmed the document.

According to the memo, the draft policy “provides circumstances when to pursue enforcement actions … and includes detailed discussion of several factors CBP personnel should consider when exercising discretion.”

However it is not just a return to "catch-and-release." Now U.S. Border Patrol agents will no longer process the aliens caught, but just release them into the United States with out any removal proceedings at all.

That policy, which lets the agency decline to prosecute or deport some illegal immigrants, has received mixed reviews. Crackdown supporters say it’s too lenient, while the immigrant advocates say it’s not applied fairly.

The new draft policy detailed in the memo would apply similar rules to CBP, and the chief effect could be to give Border Patrol agents discretion not to turn over illegal immigrants for prosecution.

CBP generally operates at official points of entry and along and near the U.S. borders, with authority stretching as much as 100 miles away from an international boundary. ICE is responsible for the interior, and for most deportations.

Furthermore, the policy will be extended to illegal aliens discovered at Ports-of-Entry. Those aliens with fraudulent documents, stolen documents, fraudulently obtained documents and those without documents will be released into the United States.

The draft policy also might help those trying to enter the country legally at a port of entry who may have some red flags with past immigration violations. The new guidelines could let officers look past some minor problems.

The memo said factors agents and officers could consider would include “the alien’s immigration and criminal history; claims of family, business or property ownership, ties to the community and educational background; likelihood that the alien will be granted temporary or permanent status or other relief from removal; an alien’s age and health (both physical and mental), as well as the age and health (both physical and mental) of alien’s immediate relatives; whether the alien is in the U.S. military or is the dependent of such a service member; and the alien’s length or presence in the United States and the circumstances of his/her arrival in the United States.”

This represents a radical expansion of the amnesty, once just for illegal aliens already in the United States, but now for aliens not yet here. Now aliens will be encouraged to come the the United States by any means knowing that if they are not an already identified terrorist or have a felony conviction, they will be released into the United States.

The Regime has also announced that it is expanding the Administrative Amnesty to all illegal aliens brought to the United States at or under the age of 16 and will grant them work authorization.

Yahoo! News by Liz Goodwin June 15, 2012

White House To Halt Deportation Of Young Illegal Immigrants

The White House will halt the deportation of as many as 800,000 young illegal immigrants and in some cases give them work permits, in a sweeping new initiative announced by the Department of Homeland Security.

People under 30 who entered the country illegally or overstayed their visas when they were under the age of 16 will be immune from deportation if they have not committed a significant misdemeanor or felony and have graduated from a U.S. high school or joined the military. They can apply for a renewable two-year work permit that won't provide a path to citizenship but will allow them to work legally in the country.

The question is will the Republicans take up the challenge and immediately impeach Janet Reno Napolitano and begin impeachment proceedings against Barack Hussein Obama? They failed to challenge the first manifestations of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty and consequently the Regime has continuously expanded the amnesty.

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