Curtain of Lies: How the Treason Lobby Seeks to Lie the American People into Oblivion
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Why has the Main Stream Media suddenly been reporting that Americans favor Amnesty? The answer is simple—they’re using phony poll results to support their preferred policy.

Pollaganda, along with pseudo-scholarship and phony government statistics (also here), has become an important tool of the bipartisan and totalitarian system that is pushing open borders.

People used to criticize Bill Clinton for following poll results rather than leading. [Leaders As Followers, By Maureen Dowd, New York Times, January 12, 1997] Political consultants have since solved the problem of the invertebrate pol: Manufacture a fake public opinion that supports the politician they’re working for.

The basic form of pollaganda questions goes something like this:

  • If I told you that there’s a mayonnaise that tastes every bit as delicious as Hellman’s, but has zero calories, would you buy it?

This is the sort of “polling” for which the Gang of Eight’s paymasters have paid millions of dollars, within a $1.5 billion lobbying campaign, in order to ram Amnesty (along with a logically-unrelated but donor-enriching increase in legal immigration) through Congress.

The result: “findings” about public opinion that insult the intelligence. Anyone who has followed the immigration debate knows that while a majority of Democrats support Amnesty, approximately 70 percent of the American public have long opposed Amnesty, with overwhelming opposition by Republican voters (as opposed to the traitors leading the Party). (See Poll Exposes Elite-Public Clash On Immigration, By Sam Francis, October 24, 2002.)

Recently, however, apparently believing that the American people will swallow anything, the Slave Power and its hired lobbyists began promoting frankly incredibly claims about public support for amnesty.

Last spring saw a flood of phony polls, national polls on April 25, and then on June 13, a Super Tuesday-style blowout of pro-amnesty poll results from allegedly 29 states: Idaho, Utah, Illinois, Maine, Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Wyoming, Kansas, Idaho, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, New Jersey, Tennessee, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota and West Virginia. (The foregoing list, actually of 31 states, is from Politico, which did not explain the discrepancy.)

The pollsters behind the April 25 national push poll putsch asserted no fewer than 78 percent of Republicans supported amnesty. [Attitudes on immigration reform: an analysis of research, Research conducted by The Winston Group for: Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), the National Immigration Forum Action Fund and the Partnership for a New American Economy, April 25, 2013.]

The June 13 state polls asserted that an average of just under 68 percent of all voters for all 29 states polled supported the Bill.

In other words, Resistance Is Futile!—only the lunatic fringe supports patriotic immigration reform!!

The April 25 national push poll was conducted by the Winston Group on behalf of Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), the National Immigration Forum Action Fund and the Partnership for a New American Economy. [Poll: Two-thirds of Republicans support immigration reform bill, Matt K. Lewis, Daily Caller, April 25, 2013]

The June 13 state push polls were conducted by Public Policy Polling and Harper Polling, on behalf of an evil/stupid coalition: Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch’s Partnership for a New American Economy; Republicans for Immigration Reform (Bush II Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez); and the Reconquista/racial socialist Alliance for Citizenship (La Raza, SEIU, etc.). [POLL: Voters Overwhelmingly Support Senate Immigration Reform Bill by Kirsten Gibson, Think Progress, June 13, 2013.]

A typical report:

In a polling memo set for release Thursday– and shared early with POLITICO—Democratic pollster Tom Jensen and Republican pollster Brock McCleary reveal that their surveys found “overwhelming, bipartisan support for the bill” across 29 states.

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen a country increasingly polarized across party lines when it comes to almost all attempts to move legislation. Yet, the compromise that’s been crafted on immigration reform is a rare exception to that rule. The bill that’s been constructed has broad support with every segment of the electorate in every part of the country,” write Jensen, who heads the firm Public Policy Polling, and McCleary, of Harper Polling.

[Polls: Huge support for immigration reform by Alexander Burns, Politico, June 13, 2013]

Of course, if true, this would represent an absolute reversal of decades of consistent findings about public opinion on Amnesty. And the Gangsters would not be lying that what they are trying to do is anything other than Amnesty, nor hiding behind bland blather about “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”

A casual examination of the methodology reveals what was afoot—these aren't scientific polls. They are “push polls” designed to manipulate respondents.

The Winston Group’s April 25 poll asked this “question”:

“A bipartisan group of senators recently introduced legislation to reform the immigration system. The plan establishes border security measures focused on high-risk areas of the Southern border, requires illegal immigrants to pass multiple criminal background checks, pay fines, learn English and pay taxes before getting in line for citizenship, makes E-Verify mandatory for all employers, and creates a new work visa program that regulates immigration according to unemployment. Would you say you support or oppose this plan to reform the immigration system? (ROTATE) [Note: "Rotate" means ask them in different orders to avoid bias.]Would you say you strongly (SUPPORT/OPPOSE) or only somewhat (SUPPORT/OPPOSE)?”

[Attitudes on immigration reform: an analysis of survey research (pdf).]

The June push poll question differed little from the April version. has exposed the lies contained in the poll “question” again and again and again. The plan “establishes” nothing, and “requires” nothing of the illegal alien invaders to be amnestied.

An even more ludicrous poll was published in mid-July.

A Gallup survey released on Monday finds 48 percent of respondents say the Democrats come closer to their views on immigration, with 36 percent picking the Republican Party. Seventeen percent said neither party spoke for them on the issue. 

[Poll: More align with Dems than GOP on immigration reform by Meghashyam Mali, The Hill, July 15, 2013.]

Of course, since the leadership of both parties support unconditional amnesty, how could a respondent feel that one party comes “closer to” his views on immigration?!

Significantly, other polls conducted since last February show results precisely opposite to the pro-amnesty pollaganda, even within the same states. These polls were conducted for the leftwing cable news channel CNN, and patriotic immigration reform groups the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

In February, Pulse Opinion Research conducted a public opinion poll for CIS which showed strong opposition to an illegal alien amnesty. [Americans Prefer Illegal Immigrants Head Home: Results of a National Survey by Steven A. Camarota, Center for Immigration Studies, February 2013.]

CIS/Pulse question:

Would you prefer to see illegal immigrants in the United States go back to their home countries or be given legal status?

(All likely voters)

Go back to their home countries: 52%

Be given legal status: 33%

Not sure: 15%

Neil Munro reported on this poll for  The Daily Caller

Gallup poll of adults released Feb. 5 showed 72 percent approval among respondents when they were asked “Would you vote for a law that would allow undocumented immigrants living in the United States the chance to become legal residents or citizens if they meet certain requirements?”

But such loose questions — which includes two options, as well as a profusion of vague words, such as “undocumented,” “chance” and “certain requirements” — encourage Americans to express their normal sympathy for immigrants, said Steven Camarota, the research director at Center for Immigration Studies.

“Once you peel that stuff back,” he told The Daily Caller, “what the public generally wants is for illegals to go home and for the law to be enforced.”

[Immigration reform group says polls showing support for pathway to citizenship are all wrong , February 7, 2013.]

FAIR’s state polls, which were also conducted by Pulse, and showed strong majorities against the Bill, were released on June 10, just three days before the massive pro-amnesty push polls. [New State Polls: Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Amnesty by Adrienne Royer, Immigration Reform, June 10, 2013.]

When respondents were told what was actually in the bill, the result was solid anti-Amnesty majorities. For example, the FAIR June poll asked:

If the bill passed, about 12 million current illegal immigrants would become permanent legal residents—green card holders—within ten years. The bill would also double the number of new green cards we issue to other people over the next decade, to about 22 million. Do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose provisions of the bill that could add 34 million new permanent residents and workers to the United States over ten years?

9% Strongly support

23% Somewhat support

11% Somewhat oppose

53% Strongly oppose

4% Not sure

[Arkansas Survey of 500 Likely Voters, Conducted June 3-4, 2013

by Pulse Opinion Research [for FAIR]

My view: even these polls don’t really ask fair questions—for example, they never use the entirely accurate term “Amnesty.” This is what a fair question would look like:

If you knew that the Bill

Would you support it?

Bottom line: The MSM doesn't report the facts. It tries to shape them. Only truly independent media like stand with American people and oppose Amnesty.

So don’t let the Treason Lobby demoralize you. Tell them, regarding the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Bill they have designed to break America…Nuts!

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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