Two Devastating Analyses Of Gang Bill (Bring Blood Pressure Meds).
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Treason Gang

H/T One Old Vet

I commend two excellent Gang of 8 Bill demolition kits.

Over at Powerline, John Hinderaker, who has been so little involved in the issue that we have only once referenced him in all these years, has produced the terse, penetrating, and extremely powerful  Why the Immigration Bill Can’t Be Fixed May 2, 2013. An extract:
...In my view, the bill is flawed at its core, in multiple ways, and efforts to improve it are misguided. It cannot serve as a template for workable legislation. Here is why:

1. No bill that contains the word “comprehensive” in its title should be enacted.

...The 844-page “comprehensive immigration reform act” cannot be read and understood by anyone...

(Hinderaker is a practicing lawyer).
2. The bill does nothing about the central problem in our immigration system.

America’s most vital immigration issue relates to legal, not illegal, immigration. That is the insane policy of “chain immigration” that has been the law for several decades now...

3. “Triggers” are worthless.

…Can anyone name a statute in which such far-off triggers have been employed successfully? I can’t.

4. The bill puts vast discretion in the hands of Janet Napolitano and people like her.

… Why on Earth would Republicans agree to repose vast, unfettered discretion in the likes of Janet Napolitano, who have already publicly announced that they only intend to enforce the portions of federal law with which they agree?

5. Border security is irrelevant.

...First, the influx that will result from the Gang’s plan without bringing in any new illegals–30 million or more–would devastate the existing American working class and put an intolerable strain on our welfare system. It would bring about profound demographic change and would ensure Democratic majorities for the foreseeable future.….

The real issue is interior enforcement, not what happens at the border.

This is hyperbolic about border security in’s opinion – but the conception about the effect of accelerated immigration is absolutely accurate

Hinderaker concludes

So conservatives should forget about trying to fix the Gang of Eight’s bill, and instead drive a stake through its heart.


Daniel Horowitz has posted the fruits of I shudder to think how many hours work:  Gang Immigration Bill (S.744) is Comprehensively Flawed Madison Project Wednesday May 1st, 2013.

This is an exhaustive deconstruction. Highlight discussions-

  • No Fence
  • Internal Enforcement This plan does nothing to force the hand of this administration or future administrations on enforcement. In fact…it explicitly preempts states from enforcing immigration laws.
  • No real triggers
  • Encumbering future deportations
  • Almost Immediate Amnesty
  • Background check: No government documents are required to identify these people during background checks
  • Public Charge: … RPIs [ Registered Provisional Immigrant) are completely exempt from public charge (tests) when initially applying for RPI status…This legal status will also allow them to immediately collect welfare benefits in many states, which award benefits to anyone lawfully present.
  • Criminals:...allows many criminals to get legal status
  • Social Security: The bill would waive prosecutions of those who have used fraudulent Social Security numbers to get jobs when they were illegal,
  • Dream Act: The dreamers (aged 16-and above with no maximum) and the Ag workers will get immediate blanket amnesty, green cards in just 5 years, and in the case of Dream recipients, immediate citizenship… Moreover, spouses and children can be brought in immediately, obtain green cards in 5 years, and citizenship 5 years later.
  • Invites in Deportees: Not only will deportations be suspended for everyone here, the bill invites thousands of people who have already been deported
  • Wage Controls: ...this bill increases the number of visas exponentially for both high and low skilled immigrants. Then, in order to stave off the inevitable depressing of wages, this bill proposes new wage controls for H1-B visa workers. It even establishes an entire new agency
  • Diversity Agenda: …Under the new points system… applicants from those countries on the diversity visa would be granted extra points, almost as much as those who hold master’s degrees.
  • Prioritized H1-B Expansion
  • Defacto Permanent Guest Workers
  • Chain Migration: The same provision that grants an unlimited number of visas to family members of citizens is extended to family members of LPRs ( Legal Permanent Residents). Given that this bill creates millions of new legal and illegal LPRs, the family-based immigration would explode over the next decade

I cannot see how Daniel Horowitz can have slept much since this atrocious Bill was published! So much work is involved here. A careful reading of his essay will be tantamount to mastering what should simply be called the "Open Borders Act of 2013".

The question which comes to mind of course is what did the GOP members of the Gang of 8 NOT give away? Were they working exclusively for their Slave Power/Cheap Labor Lobby paymasters? Were they working aka reading the bill at all?

John Hinderaker and Daniel Horowitz have done their countrymen a great service.

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