Bryanna's All I Want For Christmas List!
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It appears I have a thing for "lists" such as my Favorite Men List…I guess it just helps to keep my messy, jumbled mind a bit more well, organized.

Well here's another one for you: 

1.   First (and absolutely foremost) I want Elvira Arellano deported.

You might remember this little pixie! She's the twice-deported social security fraud convict who holed herself up in a Chicago church to avoid her latest deportation.

Her first run-in with La Migra was in 1997 when she was deported back to Mexico for trying to enter the United States with fraudulent documents.

The next deportation order took place in 2002 when she was busted working at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, again for using fraudulent documents.

(Apparently, she blames increased post 9/11 security for the bust as opposed to…I don't know…the fact she was breaking the law by even being here.)

NOW THEN…in spite of her previous criminal behavior, some Congressman intervened on her behalf and somehow got an order delaying her deportation.

Apparently, her 7 year-old anchor baby son has Attention Deficit Disorder and needed medical care here in the U.S.

(Talk about attention deficit…sounds like mom has a pretty hard time paying attention to things like…rules.)

Her legal reprieve was temporary (of course) and Arellano was ordered to appear in front of a judge last August—she decided to seek out some type of medieval sanctuary in a local church.

Then she held myriad press conferences in which she bad-mouthed the United States and Americans for being unfeeling, unsympathetic pigs…more or less.

For this alone I wanted to chuck her out, although my exact words were a tad harsher! Something about tackling her and tossing her over the fence…(Here)

But then this whole wacky situation took a HUGE turn for the worse and became down right insane.

Elvira Arellano sent her child—a seven-year-old boy—to Mexico in an attempt to persuade them to take up her cause!! While he was there, he spoke to the Chamber of Deputies. Asking them, in Spanish, to

"[T]ell President Bush to end the deportations so that my mother and other families can stay together in the United States." [Boy Fighting Mom's Battle To Stay In U.S., CBS News, December 18, 2006]

She also sent him to Washington D.C. to do the same.

And yes, the pro-illegal immigration lobby is of course calling him an "activist" and the poster child for immigration reform.

For these reasons (and more) the deportation of Elvira Arellano tops my 2006 Christmas List.

And speaking of young, fake activists who can barely manage declarative sentences but nonetheless possess the magic ability to appear on FOX News as "commentators", we come to my next wish:

2.   I want Jarrett Maupin to cut his hair and get a real job.

Jarrett is the little pompadour-wearing mini Al Sharpton I wrote about in February 2005. (Here)

A teenager from Arizona, Maupin has accomplished absolutely nothing aside from graduating from high school and even that was done with special help from his teachers and administrators.

By "special help" I mean he didn't actually have to attend class or take exams the way mere mortal children did at his school—he only attended classes that fit around his activist schedule.

In short, if there was an opportunity to walk around town carrying a sign accusing somebody of racism, little Jarrett was not going to be found in homeroom.

Then the other night I was watching FOX News (O'Reilly Factor) and there was discussion about the recent traffic stop involving two black men and a White cop.

One of the black men was accused of littering and when the White cop asked him what he did for a living; the black man told him he was a rap musician.

The cop then told him he could avoid a ticket if he made up a little rap song (to be video-taped) advising people not to litter in Arizona.

Of course, the Black man agreed and the tape was really quite funny.

Nobody had a problem with it, least of all the Black man who got out of a ticket—well, nobody except for the professional race racketeers.

As I watched this show, I thought "Just wait…any minute now we'll have Al Sharpton's goofy mug on here talking about racism".

But I was wrong. And the truth was worse then my imagination.

Instead of Al Sharpton, we got his protégé: Jarrett Maupin.

There he was, in the spotlight on The O'Reilly Factor…the number one-rated cable news program in the nation.

You might ask: why?  Seriously, why was this kid with no discernable accomplishments to his credit being interviewed and treated as some sort of expert on civil rights?

(Yeah and just like his mentor Sharpton, Maupin listed his title on the Factor as Reverend Jarrett Maupin…I wish I was kidding.)

In short, because my once-beloved Billy O'Reilly is a sell-out (but that's another story!)  The truth is Maupin was awarded this grand opportunity because nobody wants to call him out for what he is:


To be somewhat serious for a moment, I DON'T THINK I CAN HANDLE SEEING HIM ON THE NEWS AGAIN!

So please, do what you can to get Fox (and the others) to quit promoting him!

(Personally, I just won't watch O'Reilly until I know it's safe—which is a wrench for me considering I've watched him for years!)

Finally, and not in general but for the purposes of this column or more specifically the length, we come to my final wish…and it's a biggie!

3.   I want Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Julie Myers fired.

Now that I look at it, I put the deportation of Elvira Arellano first but really, the sacking of Julie Myers could top my wish list just as easily.

Here's the low-down:

At the height of Bush II's cronyism, he made several monumental blunders, such as appointing John Bolton as the U.S. ambassador to the UN…(as opposed to pulling out of the UN altogether but, again, that's another story).

There was also the Harriet Miers debacle in which he tried to appoint a woman with seemingly no credentials to the Supreme Court—that was a lot of fun.

It was during that thoughtless phase of his tenure (which lasted roughly seven years and counting) that he appointed Julie Myers to the top immigration enforcement post in the country.

He took a long hard look at the facts:

  1. We have between 12 and 20 million illegal aliens running unchecked across the land
  2. We have virtually no fence on the border with Mexico
  3. We spend billions and billions of dollars subsidizing illegal immigrants via education, medical care and welfare
  4. We have prevented our local law enforcement agencies from detaining or arresting illegal immigrants—all under the guise that it is "a federal issue".
  5. We have essentially no federal enforcement of immigration law for reasons that have yet to be explained

Indeed, the mess was plain to see; we were in trouble and only swift action at the hands of competent people could save us.

So Bush II appointed…a 36 year-old woman who lacked any immigration, border patrol or customs experience.  In fact, her strongest asset according to her resume was her marriage to Michael Chertoff's Chief of Staff.

Yeah…Michael Chertoff would be the current Secretary of Homeland Security and yet another bizarre, cronyism-driven appointment.

This brings me to my final Christmas Wish:

4. I want everybody to give money to

All joking aside (which is difficult for me) there really is only one way to achieve the aforementioned goals:  To keep fighting the fools who make it all possible.

(Not necessarily the Jarrett Maupin wish…he just drives me bonkers and if you keep VDARE.COM going then I get to keep picking on him…and he really does need a haircut and a job. Elvis Presley couldn't pull off that style which means nobody can.)

As for Elvira Arellano, she just represents the 20 million illegal immigrants we're fighting to get rid of.  She also represents the 20 million more we're trying to stop from coming over tomorrow.

People like Julie Myers are the ones letting it happen—and nobody is stopping them but give us the chance and we will.

Can a simple webzine make a difference?

Of course we can! But not without your help!

So, dear Santa, here's my list:

  1. Deport Elvira Arellano
  2. Make Jarrett Maupin get a haircut and a job…and for the love of creatures great and small, take him off the news
  3. Fire Julie Myers
  4. Give lots and lots of money to

That's not much to ask, is it?

And to my blessed family: Thanks for all of your support and, regardless of what tomorrow holds, I have loved spending the last three years with you.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: is the best place to work, the best job I have ever had. And it is all thanks to you guys!

Merry Christmas!


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