Elian Gonzalez Part Two: Sanctuary In Chicago
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Her name is Elvira Arellano and she is an immigrant rights activist living in Chicago...she is also an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

I should elaborate...

Ms. Arellano is a previously deported fugitive who illegally entered the U.S. ten years ago and—after several extensions—was supposed to report to immigration authorities yesterday to be deported to Mexico...again.

In 1997, Arellano illegally entered the United States, was apprehended and deported. A couple of days later, she snuck back in.

Then she spent about two years in Oregon before heading for the Windy City. In 2002, she was busted for using a fake social security card while working at O'Hare International Airport.

At some point during the journey, she had an anchor baby...I mean a son. Then she started an organization called United Latino Family—a pro-illegal immigration group in Chicago.

As recently as July, she was part of a vigil or protest...you know, one of those situations where a gaggle of illegal immigrants gather in some busy downtown area and disrupt the convenience of everybody else in a vain attempt to convince immigration authorities not to deport somebody.

In this case it was 26 illegal immigrants but in any event...during the blessed event she made this comment:

"We want these workers to stay in the country legally," said Elvira Arellano, president of United Latino Family, which works with families potentially split by deportation. "They have every right since they have worked hard, paid taxes and contributed to this nation's economy." [Vigil slated to halt deportations—26 immigrants caught in sweep are focus Chicago Tribune 7/28/06]

Then it was her turn to be deported...(eh-hem)again.

BUT...instead of reporting to immigration authorities Tuesday morning as ordered, Arellano and her son decided to seek refuge in a local church.

Although holed up in a church, supposedly shielded from the outside world or more specifically La Migra, she has managed to hold several press conferences during which she has made some rather interesting remarks:

From Church shelters immigrant; feds vow to arrest her by Esther J. Cepeda and Kendrick Marshall Chicago Sun Times

"We'll stay here as long as necessary, until Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Dick Durbin introduce my private bill and approve my extension."

Ooh...her private bill. What a nauseating (but typical) sense of entitlement!

Then she said:

"This village is raising its voice and making itself heard," said Arellano. "Our people are not the same as they were before — we put [legislators] in office and the registered voters of this community can take them out."

Oh no she didn't!

She breaks the law (several times) and yet somehow feels that her position is righteous enough to issue threats?

Good grief, you would think she would have enough sense to at least try an appeal for sympathy—mouthy garbage like this just makes me pray for a heavily armed S.W.A.T team to storm to church, throw her to ground with as much force as possible, gag her, cuff her and physically toss her over the fence back into Mexico.

Ooh, here's my favorite quote from our damsel in distress:

"I'm strong, I've learned from Rosa Parks — I'm not going to go to the back of the bus. The law is wrong."

I love it—LOVE IT—when illegal immigrant rights people compare their plight to the days of slavery and/or Black segregation!

Yep, a group of White Americans went down to Mexico and rounded up 20 million people against their will and forced them to relocate to the United States where they received excellent educational opportunities, free medical care and tax-free income.

That's exactly what happened with African Americans, right? Just ask them...

Finally, Ms. Arellano tossed out this zinger:

"If they come for me in this place they'll have to face God. We have video cameras and we'll show how the federals violate the house of God."

Oh yeah, and I'm sure God just loves it when people use Him (or His name) to further their criminal activity...I hear big favs include Jim Bakker and Charles Manson.

Federal authorities have been working with her attorney for quite some time to organize a civilized removal process but Arellano had a different plan...she made it clear in that last comment:

If she is to be deported, she is going to make our feds look as bad as possible. You know, hide in a church of all places and force them to come in and get her.

She'll probably stage a giant boo-hoo scene (in front of her well placed video cameras) so the MSM can plaster photos of her and her son crying and clinging to a priest a la Elian Gonzalez.

I know I'll want to see the video—but only because it will give me hope.

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