Church Squat Must Stop
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It's understandable that ICE is hesitating to deport obnoxious church squatter Elvira Arellano. The sob-story potential is high for a much photographed Elian-like scene of armed agents physically grabbing the camera-hogging illegal alien and her son. (See Elvira mugging it up here, here, here and particularly here.)

I'm sure that little Saul is being taught even now that he should cry when the police come.

Nevertheless, the church sanctuary trick should be swatted down immediately. Otherwise, criminal aliens facing deportation may begin to take up residence in other nitwit churches, like Muslims have in European cathedrals.

Brussels Journal has documented the shocking sights of magnificent churches turned into disgusting squatters' camps, complete with tents pitched in the sanctuary.

Such is the skewed moral compass of churches these days. The disturbing European example should not be a preview of our own future.

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