Bill Owens` Guide For Illegal Aliens: Cash In On Colorado!
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[Recently by Terry Graham: Mexicanizing Martin Luther King]

Mexico's comic book The Guide for the Mexican Migrant has received a lot of press lately.

But this wasn't the first how-to guide issued to help illegal aliens acclimate to living in the United States.

The Colorado Department of Education has posted a 56-page, Spanish-language Survival Guide For Recent Arrivals to Colorado (scroll down page). [ note: now removed, thanks to us, see update here.]

The short title is "Enterese!" or "Inform Yourself."

Funded by the notorious open-borders profiteers at First Data/Western Union Foundation, this slick guide (copyright 2003) predictably features an introduction celebrating its publication by Denver's Mexican Consul General, Leticia Calzada.

Most disturbing, Colorado Governor Bill Owens' gushy welcome to Spanish-speaking "recent arrivals" appears just below that of Mexico's Consul:

"As governor of Colorado, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our great state, which appreciates recent arrivals and your contribution to our economy and culture."

Putting out the welcome-to-welfare mat, Owens continues:

"I also want to recommend this Guide to you, so that it will help you to adapt successfully to Colorado, whose institutions and agencies exist to help its people and families."

Reading the document makes it plain that "recent arrivals" includes illegal aliens.

Owens' signature makes it official: Illegals from Mexico—cash in on Colorado!

Enterese was published only in Spanish. I have translated into English these excerpts:

  • "Private organizations such as clinics (medical) or schools by policy do not ask about the immigration status of persons who attend. They do not report them to immigration authorities either."


  • "Some public (i.e. tax payer funded) institutions have the obligation to report illegal aliens to the ICE... the Social Security office is obligated to report people who do have the right to work [legally] in the US. The Department of Human and Social Services (DHSS) must report persons only when they have committed a crime such as domestic violence or child abuse." [p. 12]


  • "You have the right to remain silent when you are arrested by the police or an immigration agent. Your answers can be used against you during a criminal, civil, or immigration trial". [p.12]

(Hmm, this sounds just like the Guide for the Mexican Migrant. Perhaps Enterese was the original blueprint for Mexico's design?)

  • "The job of the police is not to report you to Immigration. Always carry the name and phone number of an attorney who will take your calls. If you do not have [immigration] papers, you also have the right to remain silent or call a lawyer." [p. 13]


  • "The Mexican Consulate will help you protect your rights as a citizen." [Of Mexico, of course!]. [p. 14]


  • "Many businesses employ illegal aliens without papers, or without verifying that papers are legitimate since they do not have the responsibility to investigate the legal status of employees or contractors, or to report them to the ICE. All workers, regardless of their legal status, have the same rights—the right to work—regardless of your nationality or legal status, includes..." [p. 15]


  • "If you need help to assert your rights, you can obtain the help of an attorney or an organization. Some lawyers help illegal aliens for a very low price." [p. 15]


  • "If you have a low income and various people depend upon you, you may apply for a refund, called Credit Income Tax at the end of the year. If you do not have a Social Security number, you can get a Tax Identification Number from the IRS." [p. 17]



  • "There are various ways to send money to Mexico: electronic transfers, money orders, check or automatic deposit. There are various companies that transfer money electronically, such as Western Union." [p. 20. Included in the guide was a "sample budget" for Jose and Ana Maria which shows $200 per month allocated to "family in Mexico." )


  • "There are some clinics who serve people without insurance and without enough money to pay. It is important to bear in mind that you can apply for Medicaid or Child Health Plan Plus for your children if they were born here or are residents even if you are not a permanent resident." [p. 22-23]


  • "Regardless of your economic or immigration status, you have the right to receive medical attention if you go to the ER." [p. 23]


  • "You can receive medical services at the community clinic closest to you. Doctors do not deport." [p. 22]


  • "The Mexican Consulate has a lot of information about resources, jobs and the laws." [p. 35]


  • "Here, they feed [your children in school]...If your child's school does not have a program for students who are learning English, the district must provide transit services to a school that does. The fact that your children do not speak English should not be a reason for them to stay behind in their abilities or knowledge. Ask that your children be evaluated in Spanish..." pp 38-40

And in large type backed by bright green, the Enterese assures illegals that:

  • "Regardless of your immigration status, it is possible to go to the university. There are scholarships for Hispanics, legal or illegal aliens. The financial aid offices for colleges and universities can help students find the best options to pay, as well as to find and apply for these scholarships." [p. 41]

Enterese advocates the insecure, unverifiable Matricula Consular ID Card as the preferred ID for new Coloradoans.

Governor Owens is rumored to have forced the gutting of a 2003 Colorado Assembly bill that would have prohibited government agencies from accepting foreign ID's.

The multimillion dollar bill for Gov. Bill's larcenous largesse goes to his constituents: Colorado's citizens.

That Gov. Owens would endorse this treasonous tome highlights his utter failure to appreciate his constituents and to uphold his oath of office.

He owes an apology to Colorado citizens for abusing his power by sanctioning a guide that promotes the invasion of Colorado and the United States.

He must retract his inappropriate support for this and all efforts to help illegal aliens to enter, live, work, and use public services here.

Don't forget, Bill—you work for us.


P.S. In 2002, National Review named Owens "America's Best Governor" in a cover story written by arch-immigration enthusiast John J. Miller:

("A growing number of talent-spotters on the right agree: Owens is America's best governor. His instinctive conservatism on everything from taxes and education to guns and abortion has served him well during his first term, and also has set him apart from an older wave of Republican governors whose reformist impulses have waned." Blah blah.)

It figures.

Terry Graham [email her], an American Citizen, was assaulted by a Mexican immigrant while participating in a public forum on immigration sponsored by First Data Corporation/Western Union in Denver on July 22, 2004. She has filed a civil lawsuit seeking damages from her attacker and First Data/Western Union.

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