Can Banks Profiteer From Illegal Immigration with Impunity?
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An Open Letter From D. A. King

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Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Customer assistance group 1301 McKinney St. Suite 3450 Houston, Tx. 77010 U.S.A. Phone 800 613 6743

[email protected]

To whom it may concern:

As instructed by your office, I write to file a complaint against EL BANCO DE NUESTRA COMUNIDAD ["The Bank of Our Community"] a "bank" that is openly profiting from the act of aiding, assisting and encouraging illegal aliens in the Atlanta area. [One of many.] Please see USC section 8, 1324.

The above bank is involved with a scheme to accept a Mexican voting ID, as well as the Matricula Consular ID, as valid source documents to then file for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number [ITIN] for the obvious illegal alien. Upon aiding the applicant to receive that document, BANCO DE NUESTRA COMUNIDAD then uses that ITIN as valid ID to open a bank account, obtain a credit card, and originate a loan, including a mortgage loan, for that illegal alien.

This is not only encouraging and assisting, but indirectly providing shelter to, the illegal alien, and just as importantly, is also in direct violation of the IRS guidelines, which clearly dictate that ITIN is not to be used as valid ID, and is for tax-filing purposes only. The ITIN  is obtained through the mail, and is not a secure document.

I am curious to know whether this bank also employs illegal aliens in addition to the above criminal action.

A short read through the recent Atlanta Journal Constitution article "The bank with the non-bank feel," (By Aixa M. Pascual [Cached version] June 3, 2004, Business section) will show you the quotes from the owner-operator himself, a Mr. Drew Edwards.

It would seem that Mr. Edwards is so confident that we do not apply our laws to illegal aliens or those who assist them that he has no fear of being quoted in the local press.

I will pursue this matter to a lawful conclusion. I hope and trust that your office will treat this as seriously as it would any other potential violation of our banking and Homeland Security laws. While his offices use Spanish as a primary language, the national origin or the intent of the illegals does not seem to matter to Mr. Edwards… or his profit margins.

There is nothing to stop a terrorist from gaining the same illegal foothold in our society or the same illegal help in getting a loan or a credit card.

When I was in a branch of this bank here in several weeks ago, a manager told me that they, as bankers, "hated the IRS". It would seem that they have no fear of the IRS, or your office.

I will be grateful for the promised acknowledgment of this letter, and the news of its follow up. I am making this complaint public. I am an American citizen expecting that the law be enforced.

Thank you for your kind attention. I have spoken to "Sandra" in your office, [June 22, 2004] and was given a case #...498313

I am sending this to your office via e-mail and fax as advised, and will mail a hard copy through the U.S. Mail system as agreed.

Please see attached copy of flyer and photo of bank in attachment to e-mail version. I am happy to send you hard copies of flyers and booklets from the bank itself.  [Click here for flier.]

I hope that this information will be passed on to all federal agencies charged with our Homeland Security, as provided for in the Patriot Act.

[VDARE .COM note: Banco De Nuestra Comunidad doesn't seem to have a website but its part-owner is National Commerce Financial, which can be emailed here].

D.A. King [email him] is an active member of Georgians For Immigration Reduction and proprietor of

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